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CONSUMERS NOTE: It is your CHOICE not to get cheated or ripped-off. ALWAYS specify in your loan documents, that Countrywide and its associates are NEVER  to service or be involved with your loan in any way!

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I would like to let the world know that my mortgage company, whom I did not chose to be my lender, lacks credibility and common sense.  Furthermore, they are sloppy, lazy and they conducted themselves in a very unprofessional manner in the handling of my home loan. 

       All of Countrywide's employees and so-called managers I contacted by telephone lied and misrepresented their ability to resolve the problems they caused with my loan.  They misappropriated my funds and then stole the monthly payments.  They then harassed me with over twenty phone calls threatening me with foreclosure and the loss of my credit power, while possessing the monthly payments I had made to them. 

During these harassing phone calls, I was instructed to give the account numbers on the back of my copy of the cancelled checks to the representative.  These were verified to be Countrywide accounts.  I then sent them the copies of the cancelled checks (via certified mail) including return receipts, so that they could post the credits to my account.  However, to my surprise each of the four times I sent copies, (I sent copies to two offices; Van Nuys & Simi Valley), I continued to receive threatening phone calls from Countrywide stating that my payments were never received and that I had not made any effort to send them copies as promised.  I tried to handle the situation professionally; however, I was not treated with the same courtesy and respect by Countrywide. 

Countrywide Home Loan makes a claim that they are number one in customer service and will handle your needs professionally.  However, the clear facts are that their company and its employees lack integrity and are not credible in dealing with the public when it comes to a home mortgage loan and the proper accounting of such a loan.  They have simply swept my problem under the rug and after all was said, I have still yet to receive an apology for all their mistakes and the valuable time they wasted in resolving this simple matter.   

I had made over fifteen phone calls, written nine letters, (besides the four certified letters I already sent) and not once did I get a response from anyone from Countrywide to help resolve this nightmare.  Therefore, in January of 2000, I filed a small claims action to get a fair hearing to resolve the matter of my lost monthly payments, six late charges, and my escrow deposit.  It was not a surprise to hear from them until the day before my hearing on or about February 10, 2000.

I received a call from an employee who said that a vice president secretary wanted to know about my figures in relation to my small claim action to be heard the next day.  Once again the conversation fell on deaf ears and I heard nothing about Countrywide’s mistakes or for that matter an apology. 

When indeed I met the representatives at the hearing, the conduct of their head accountant and VP adviser reinforced my previous experience with Countrywide; none caring, lacking common sense, no integrity or credibility.  These two employees informed me at the hearing, that my payments, six late fees, and escrow account had been credited to my home loan a few days prior.  I stated to them they had wasted my time and money in reaching a final and fair solution and their actions had also caused me to lose several days’ work.  Their answer to that was a generous offer of $100 for all my troubles, totally disregarding what their company had done to me as an individual with all of their lies, disrespect and abuse.  They did not show good faith or a sincere effort to correct their mistakes regarding my account.  The hearing went no where, since I, according to the judge needed certified accounting of my figures.  The case was dismissed in favor of Countrywide Home Loan.

I have congratulated Countrywide and their so called legal team on their skill in winning this case since now they can legally steal mortgage payments and misappropriate other funds with no worries or concerns for the rights of individuals.  

Here you can see as the borrower, that this giant company will have no regards for you.  They cannot fix a small common problem with a click of their computer mouse, yet they were willing to squander time and money to send three loafers on a 140 mile round trip to court costing them hundreds of dollars.

It is clear what Countrywide has accomplished with their unethical and dirty business practices.  They have lied and misrepresented their so-called knowledge of handling simple home loans and displayed a gross disregard for the truth.  Instead they will go to great lengths, including wasting manpower, time and money to cover up their mistakes.