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- Disgusted businessmen write...   Misery loves company it seems.  At first I thought they were just a poorly run company.  Now, I firmly believe that Countrywide fraudulently and purposely creates late fees to bolster its income.  I hope enough of these stories come out so that they will finally be caught.  My partner and I renovate and rent houses.  Unfortunately, Countrywide has bought approx. half of our mortgages.  Since that time, they have generated multiple late fees through their multiple errors.  Most of the errors involve not sending statements or sending statements to the wrong address, thus causing us to lack coupons to pay the mortgage, thus generating hefty late fees for them.  You would think they could read the billing address off of the closing statements since that is the business they are in.  Or perhaps since we have multiple mortgages with them, they could cross reference our address with some of our other loans.  Of course, then they would not be able to generate those late fees.  One other particularly lucrative way they have generated late fees, is to apply all our payments on our multiple loans to only one of our rental properties, thereby creating a huge surplus on one of our properties, and multiple defaults/late fees on our other properties.  Despite literally dozens of calls and letters to them, they still have not been able to fix the mess they have caused.   This has caused our credit rating to be lowered.  Now we are no longer buying properties to renovate.  We are simply going to save until we can afford the next property with cash!  That way, we will be spared the time, expense and anger of Countrywide buying one of our mortgages!

- A disgusted customer writes... 

My loan is a 2nd mortgage and Countrywide is the 3rd company that has owned it.  The previous loan owner went bankrupt and Countrywide "bought" the loans.  I NEVER had any problems before Countrywide entered the picture.  Since, I've had nothing but problems.  From the very beginning it's been one big mess.  I received a "goodbye" letter from the previous mortgage company (First Plus Financial) but didn't receive a payment address or any other communication from Countrywide for almost two months.  When I did, it was via phone.  (I've learned since then to get names of anyone I talk to - for all the good it does me).  At any rate, the day after the phone call I sent in my payment.  I've gotten threatening phone calls and form letter after form letter.  I've written volumes of letters and only receive form letters in return.  I send the payments in plenty of time to meet the due date, "they" take their sweet time in processing and then say I was late.  I don't think their way of doing business is legal but what is the average person who lives from pay check to pay check to do?  Their late charges are a way to make extra money off of people.  I have never been in arrears on this loan and the property was a gift from my parents in 1975, I'm not about to lose the property so this harassment is doubly frustrating to me.  I feel like Countrywide is dangerous.  I checked it out on-line with the BBB and the report was not representative of what I'm experiencing, why is that?  People should be warned about Countrywide.  I stumbled on your site and I'm glad I did.

- An angry customer writes... Hello, First, let me say I love your site! I too, have been ripped off with Countrywide. Do you know of any class action suits we can join? If you don't my husband will search the country till we find a lawyer to take our case. Countrywide has to be stopped.

- A cheated customer writes...Your story sounds like the problem I'm having. Since 11/99 when I began with countrywide ever year I've gotten an letter from my city/county tax department saying  my taxes haven't been paid. I contact countrywide and they managed to resolve it the 1st time, the 2nd time it appears they paid my property taxes double the correct amount. The next year they raised my escrow payment by $300 to correct their mistake, of course they didn't pay the taxes this year either. I have gotten 3 or 4 very nice identical form letters saying sorry and won't happen again, etc. I suspect from the form letter that I can't be the only one having this problem.

- A disgusted customer writes... I have been paying online for quite sometime where my bank would send the payment electronically to Countrywide. All of a sudden Countrywide claimed they did not receive the Feb 2002 payment. When confronted by me and the bank they said they will do research which would take two weeks to find out what happened to the payment. Come March 2002 with no resolution to the Feb 2002 payment problem. This time Countrywide claimed that the March 2002 payment was not received either and they will also do the same useless research. Meanwhile my bank has been working with Countrywide sending them pertinent evidence of payment. After two missing payments I decided to hand carry a full monthly payment check to one of their local payment centers on April 16 just on time to avoid paying the late charge (so I thought). On May 7, 2002 I received my May 2002 mortgage bill with a late charge of 10% because the May 2002 bill falsely claims that they received the April 2002 payment on April 17, 2002. Now would you call that honest or sleazy? They are a bunch of slick operators. The Receipt that they provide in their local payment office, Branch #5?, are in triplicate that contains spaces for Loan No., Payment Amount and Today's Date. Notice they do not have any space for Countrywide people to sign for receiving the payment. Did their lawyers advise them to design a receipt so they won't be answerable to anyone or are these some of their arsenal of devices to rip-off the trusting, the innocent and the naive to generate late charges to buttress the company bottom line  thru fraud, deceit and whatever  else they can get away with. These people don't seem to run out of seamy ideas. Let me know if anybody has started a class action suit against these fraudsters or of any lawyers who can help or anyone or group who are effective against this monster.

- A disgusted customer writes... After fighting with Countrywide for 2 weeks over my lost my payment check and lost fax ,Countrywide finally admitted they have had the check and the fax all along ???When I ask to speak to a supervisor 3 different times I called ,each agent said there is no supervisor in their Plano Dallas, TX.  Office??? Now they  say I am $351.00 short on my payment for May due to foreclosure fees ????? I have never seen any foreclosure fees on any of  my statements I told Countrywide ??They  told me Countrywide doesn't put foreclosure fees on their statements?? Well , what do you know 2 days letter I get a May statement with foreclosure fees on it for $351.00 ??Then I asked about my certified letter with 2 payments in it?? Countrywide said they don't take certified letter at their Dallas payment address ,I ask them then way do I have a United States  postal receipt from Countrywide signed by them that they received it??? Now they tell me I have to call their foreclosure dept. in California , which I did and the foreclosure dept. tells me there is no fees due now or in the past and their record show  I'm paid in full until next month payment??? While I held on the phone the foreclosure dept. sent an E-mail to the Dallas Countrywide office which they read to me what they sent saying that there is and was no foreclosure fees due??? Foreclosure dept. in California told me to call Countrywide in Dallas and talk to a supervisor only, every one of their offices has them they said?? In 2 days  I did, at first the supervisor   said I owed fee and need to call the foreclosure dept. in California, I said OK , then give me your name so I can tell them that your office says they didn't  send the E-mail ...He said just a minute and put me on hold ,when he came back what do know he found the E-mail ??After some more waiting he tells me everything is OK with my Account and says  all I have to pay is just next months payment with no fees or late payments ,but he said it will take 24 to 48 hrs for the changes to get in the system .Oh, he says call back next week and check....Ok, we will see . I  had to solve their mistake if it really is solved ?? With Countrywide you never know what's going to happen next.

- A disgusted customer writes...

I am having a problem with Countrywide and flood insurance. They claim I live in a high risk flood area, as I stated to you in my last e mail. I obtained the proper document from FEMA, with still no results. I did a little checking (after a tip from someone in the real estate business) and it's interesting to know that the insurance company that Countrywide deals with when they illegally take money from their customers' escrow accounts for flood insurance is none other than Balboa Insurance.   This insurance company is OWNED by Countrywide. Countrywide acquired Balboa Insurance in 1999. Interesting, huh?

- A disgusted business owner write...  I found your website when I logged onto Countrywide to try and find the name of someone there who would be interested in knowing that they have unhappy customers.  I got my best laugh of the day when the title of your site came up at the top of the list.  After reading the comments, I can see that I would be wasting my time in writing to them, but instead I will advise my customers who have loans there to log onto your site and read this information for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I am especially appreciate being able to validate that it is not I who have screwed up their accounts. I own a property management company and among the hundreds of mortgage payments I have made on behalf of my customers over the years, Countrywide is the only one who has ever posted payments to the wrong accounts, and they have done so with 100% of their mortgages that I represent.  And, if you folks think it is hard to get someone to talk to you, try being the agent for someone else.  My poor customers can't give them any helpful information, since they are not privy to the information on the other person's account to whom the payment has been credited, so they have to send them written permission to even speak with me.  OK, I can buy that, but then the person I speak with and who assures me that the correction has been made, doesn't do it and then can never be found again.....and says he/she cannot send the owner anything in writing to verify that the correction has been made.....and 6 months later when the owner applies for credit, up jumps the devil on his credit rating!  I would hope that someone is successful in putting together a class action suit, because  individuals are going to do nothing but waste precious hours of their lives trying to find anyone in this corporate structure who gives a rat's ass.

- A hard-working employee writes... Where should I start?  I have worked at Countrywide or CHL for over a year now and could not be less satisfied with the company.  I am sickened at how they treat their employees and customers.  I will start with my story. I have been bending over backwards to do the best job that I can to help out in the payoff department where I work. I do this because I truly believe this company needs someone working hard for the common well-being of the customer.  I have been told several times by management that I am doing an exceptional job and am a true asset; however, I have still yet to receive my first raise.  The topic has been brought up numerous times.  The employees are forced to do mandatory overtime and are harassed when needing to call in sick - my supervisor will not even speak with the employee for a few days after having called out. 

My serious thoughts of leaving CHL have been temporarily set aside due to the fact that they do not pay well enough to where I can afford to go a few weeks without a paycheck, as people often do when they switch companies.  For a while I was having severe problems getting my pay checks.  It would take up to a month to get them and I was told that I was lying.  When I wrote a complaint to Human Resources, the only response they could give me was that "not everyone in the world is going to be nice to you."  

As far as customers are concerned, I think it is far worse.  There is a fee assessed to some loans called a prepayment penalty.  This is agreed to by the homeowner when they sign their loan docs.  Now, I understand charging something if the homeowner has signed it.  Even though I think the wording of these penalties is sneaky and misrepresented, as long as CHL is being legal I am fine with it.  My problem comes in when we (the employees) are advised not to let the homeowner know if we see a waivable clause.  This can happen in certain instances.  For example...if the borrower signs something saying they will not have to pay it if they sell the home.  I have seen these penalties range up to $25,000.  We are told "if the customer doesn't dispute it then charge it".  I'm sorry, but I am human before I am a CHL employee!  That is just outrageous.  
Well, after my year of working for this company I assure you I could go on forever, but I think I have given you the list of my feelings.  My only advise, as an insider, I would NEVER GET A LOAN THROUGH COUNTRYWIDE!!!!!

I am tired and about to go to bed so I hope this all makes sense:).  Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.  My appreciation goes out to you for building this web page.  If only one person is saved from signing their loan docs with company, it has done its job!

- A smart employee writes...

I work for Countrywide and I am soon quitting.  I work in the Payoff area and the things that that department does is not only illegal but scary.  First, for all of you homeowners out there who think they have loans with American Wholesale Lender's, Landsafe, Full Spectrum, Texas Bank (Riverway), Alaska US think again.  Countrywide, lies to the customer and even goes as far as to print escrow refund checks, demands, and anything else on that logo.  Second, when you do request a Payoff Demand, almost all of the customers are faced w/ the "Statement fee".  This statement fee is a bunch of crap.  $6 to fax something?! If you are in CA each time you order a demand it's a $30 statement fee!  I swear they only do this to get more money!!!  They don't even pay us enough!  Most of the time we have to take half hour lunch, and we are not allowed to place this on our time cards?!  Third, the infamous Pre Payment Penalties!!!  A high up co-worker of mine slogan  is "If the customer doesn't fight it then we'll charge it!" In reality you could be charge 3 times more than you are supposed to!!!!  Read those loan files!!!!!
    Countrywide's Human resources is a joke!  They screwed up my paycheck for an entire month!!!!  And the payroll Specialist was calling me a liar!  It's all about sitting on their lazy asses not worrying about anything!  When you do call HR they refuse to talk to you! Some HR!  They also made me pay for two months of benefits which I never saw!  The CEO is some old Italian man who I'm convinced is part of the Mafia!  He had the audacity to send all of CHL's employees this "kind" email after 9/11.  It stated that we should not take off time and to be ok?!  What the hell?  My advice is never go w/ CHL!  And one ,more thing.... Countrywide doesn't care about feelings, all they care about is damn profit margins!!!!!!!!!! Damn those Bastards!

- A watchful consumer writes... 

Love the web site, and everyone that has written is correct, they SUCK. I work for a Real Estate Office that sells lots of Foreclosure house in Michigan, and we have gotten several Countrywide foreclosures. But the problem is, they don't understand the rules. In Michigan when you are foreclosed on you have 6 months to redeem plus multiple court dates...this can be a pain but its the law. Banks/lenders hire us to watch the house for 6 months, contact the owners and advise them of their rights and try to get them to pay or take a cash for keys deal to move out. Countrywide follows none of these avenues. They want to know if its occupied, if not (weather redemption is up or not) break in change locks and put it up for sale. We got burned a couple of times doing this (they tell us false redemption dates) and now we just tell them its occupied. Then they have to go thru the courts. But still, we talk to the owners, many of which want to pay their bill and are more or less told its to late, NOT, as long as its within the 6 months redemption they have the right to pay off. If you were a lender wouldn't you want your money....or a house with vengeful people that burn it, strip it and do all sorts of stuff to it just cause they are pissed off?. Go figure. Good luck with the site, and believe me, I tell everyone I know that's looking for a loan/refinance to avoid CW like the plague.

- A lucky consumer writes... 

If it was just your story I'd say that only one unhappy customer happens to every one (not to belittle you but I am sure every lender has at least one with a bad story) - and that it wasn't a big deal. But after seeing all those other testimonials, well, Countrywide Home just got written off my list for buying a new house!

- A very angry customer writes... 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include my name on the list of those who wish to take legal action on a class basis against this company.  My story is similar to all the ones I read on your website....I'm a Certified Legal Assistant, so I'm well aware of the need to document all correspondence.  To date, I've been trying to deal with them for over a year, and I'm no closer to a resolution than when I started, in fact, things are even worse, if you can imagine that.  So, I've notified my state's attorney's office, the better business bureau, the dept. of professional regulation, and the dept. of banking of my complaints.  My next course of action is to seek an attorney who might be interested in initiating a class action suit.  So far, all the attorneys I've spoken with are reluctant to take on such a large corporation.  So if you have an attorney who is looking for participants in a class action matter, PLEASE GIVE THEM MY NAME!!!

- A very unlucky customer writes... 

I wish I would have read your site 8 months ago, my story is just
starting. They (Countrywide) claim every month not to have received payments even know I have cancelled checks. On Monday I will set up an appointment with the Attorney General. Countrywide has "F---ed" with the wrong person.  I will keep you updated.

- An angry consumer writes...

I was glad to find your website. I too, am having nothing but problems with Countrywide. My original loan was through another company, and then sold to this lousy outfit. They will not return my calls or anything!! They decided to not accept my payments, so they could foreclose! No calls, warnings, etc. NOTHING!! I had Western Union'd the payments, and did not find out until 2 months later. It was a letter from Western Union - not Countrywide that made me aware of this. Repeated calls brought no return from these lousy Bastards! I had to go to my lawyer and have him sort this mess out. He wants to sue the socks off of these lowdown idiots. He said he is familiar with their ruthless tactics. They have been know to call loans early, among other devious practices. I may end up having to file Bankruptcy in the meantime just to save my home?? I will join the list of victims, should a class-action lawsuit transpire. JOIN - Hell I'll lead the pack. I will keep you posted on the progress of my quest with these ruthless cowards.

- A grateful consumer writes... 

Hi, I saw your website using my search engine. Thank You. My husband recently passed away and I need to refinance. ---Looks like I won't try it with Countrywide. They now hold my mortgage, but I'll be looking for someone else. Do you have any suggestions ?

- An angry consumer writes... 

When I read your story, it was deja vu. I had a very similar situation with Countrywide misappropriating funds. I was slammed for two payments that they stated I did not send. My bank finally gave them the info on the electronic funds. Countrywide acknowledged they did receive the funds, and notified my bank that I would not be credited with the late charges. After a letter to Countrywide, with my business card included, I received an immediate response. My payments were credited and all suddenly became well. I guess they didn't want to mess around with a broadcast journalist.

- A grateful consumer writes... 

Dear friend, I visited you web page just by coincidence, and thanks you I will not make business with country wide, I had a huge problem with Courtesy Ford in Sanford Florida, and you just gave me an excellent IDEA, do the same you're doing with country wide, so any advise is welcome.

- A helpful consumer writes... 


- A Lucky consumer writes...


- A Happy consumer writes... 


- A angry customer writes...

hi my husband wrote to you about a month ago about our problem but I think and feel that I need to tell a few things too. I am not on the deed but because of this crap with countrywide I now have to file bankrupt. This is my second marriage but because of legal fees and all ,my bills were put on the back burner. Well for all of you that want to find out the names of all the CEO's and big shots of CW go to their website . You can look up on that site information about your loan too. I did and of course their records on the site don't even come close to what was sent to our attorney's office. I personally did all the calling just to hear that every week our file was shuffled to a different person. (take notes of everything and everyone that says they are looking at your records names , extensions, phone numbers) well my husband and I are in the process of suing the bastards. I told my attorney that I want the executive research specialist office of the president in Texas, I want their heads on a silver platter in the court room when we do go to court. My attorney said he would have them there. I also spoke to another employee,  she works for the president of CW big deal, and another told me to call her if I got no answers within 48 hrs. Well its been over 3 months and I still have no answers but I do have hope. If you all can get an attorney that knows and does consumer law get there fast. But until you do harass the hell out of all the above mentioned people and take notes when you do. The more you catch them screwing up the better your chances are . Like I said go to the web site and look up under executive profiles and you get this nice layout of pictures and everything of the people that are screwing you . I find it a lot easier to get even with a person if I know what they look like. Write e-mails , make phone calls , do to them what they are doing to you. And TAKE NOTES AND NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS! Hopefully in the very near future I can get this Consumer law suit going. Good luck to all! 

- A really angry customer writes... 

I'm just about to roll out a similar site. I've had it with these a@#holes. They are total liars and cheats. I'm a web programmer by profession I'd like to help you get your site to show up farther up in the list on search engines. Are you interested in my help? Regardless, I'll email you my story later when I have more time to write. They've tried on 3 different occasions to flat out cheat me. Thanks

- A college professor writes... 

Do you have the name of the Countrywide President and address? I am in the process of writing them a letter on how their service sucks. In addition I'm a college professor teaching Marketing at the undergrad and graduate level. I'm currently developing a case study on poor service: between the rude letters and conversations I have had with their representative, along with the testimonials on your website, I'll have more then enough material. In teaching a couple of hundred students a year, I'll be spreading the word very quickly. Thanks for your response. 

- A business woman writes... 

I am so sorry there are sooooo many desperately unhappy people on your site. I am a Loan Officer (LO) at a mortgage company that uses Countrywide on occasion. They generally have darn good rates, which could helps many people. Especially those starting the "American Dream", who don't have a lot to put down, or outstanding credit yet, but are hard working honest people. The thing I want to mention is, I will not be sending any loans thru Countrywide. I really do appreciate your site. I make my money by referrals. If Countrywide tarnishes that, I am remembered in with them. I sincerely thank you. 

- An angry customer writes...

Your Website is fantastic. Thanks for exposing the jerks! I too have problems. I too cannot get a straight answer. I read the story from the employee who said to get a copy of your servicing activities report. Well, guess what, you now have to subpoena them for this information. The ironic part is (according to their Website, they have the right to sell or give away any personal information they have on you to "interested parties", this includes the servicing information. These losers need to be sued, bad. Please put me on your mailing list for a Class Action Suit. Does anyone know a lawyer who is interested in pursuing this? 

- A disappointed customer writes... 

I couldn't believe it. My first time reading the rip-off Report. Pretty neat, Well anyways when I saw yours I laughed, Meaning Those F--- Heads (Countrywide). I've been with them for 7 years. and been threw a lot of B.S. Now I am really screwed. Started to refinance with them a few months ago with the Naperville office and had to constantly call them. not once did they call me back. then things went down hill. Countrywide wouldn't even listen to us. we had most of the money. and they wouldn't accept it. Now I can't get any help. Oh they have to many cases, They said they are working on my work out program. it's under review. It goes on and on. But I am lost now. And don't trust any Mortgage company. Thanks for listening. 

- A really angry customer writes... 

thanks to your web site, I found out I wasn't the only one getting screwed! Countrywide took over my home loan about two years ago. Its been a total nightmare! This morning I spent FOUR hours (not to mention months of calling prior) on the phone trying to resolve an issue about my loan documents. This is so insane! Every time I call and explain the situation to a service rep I am told they will look into it and call me back. No one at this company seems qualified and you can tell they could care less! In the past year I have called no one has ever returned a call. EVERY time I CALL, I must repeat my problem over and over. I know they are doing this intentionally, because they are robbing funds on my mortgage loan!!! They are also charging me with false late fees! I have asked to speak with managers, that's when I'm suddenly disconnected! I have also asked for the president of the companies name, but no one knows of this person! I am being robbed, and abused by this circus of criminals! AND today almost became one, I wanted to drive to California and beat these idiots to a bloody pulp for mistaking me for a dumb clueless housewife! I'm going to find a way to let this company know they will not steal from me and treat me with disrespect. I am now focusing the time I spent on calling them to resolve this on a full scale media assault to expose those hoods for what they are! If you could send me signatures or e-mail addresses of other victims I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! THANK YOU! 

- A unlucky consumer writes... 

My home loan is in the underwriting process with countrywide and already I have felt the wrath...not given a good faith estimate...unprofessional service over the phone...locked in at a terrible rate.  I hope I can get out at this point without losing my earnest money.  Help!

- A lucky ex-customer writes... 

I would NOT recommend Countrywide Home Loans to anyone. I am now with a different mortgage company (thank goodness they are competent), but I had a bad experience with Countrywide. I was so worried about possibly being late with my mortgage payments that I made one several days early. Instead of <DUH> realizing that the payment was due in a few days, they "assumed" that I was making an extra payment and applied it to the principle! I made phone call after phone call and nobody was able to straighten it out. Their answer was not to pay early any more. They refused to back the payment off and credit it as my regular monthly payment instead. I certainly didn't want to end up in the horrible cycle of lateness and unaccredited payments, so I borrowed money and made my monthly payment AGAIN, when I could least afford it. Soon another company purchased my mortgage. Thanks for the website and the warnings.

- An angry customer writes... 

Hi, found your website and it confirms everything I thought about Countrywide and shows that there have been similar situations to mine.  I actually called the CE0's office and they have still managed to hose my account.  I wish to pursue legal action against the company and would like to know how you did it.  I reside in Florida and their corporate offices are in California.  Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated

- An irate customer writes... 

I was just looking through the Countrywide site, trying to find some way to get someone from there to listen to me.  I clicked into your site, thinking maybe you'd have some suggestions.  I read all the stories and felt the pain of every person.  The employee who suggested, "usually the people who are pissed are the deadbeats who don't make their mortgage payments" sent me through the roof!  Enough comments, here's my situation. My ex-husband and I had a mortgage with CW, never missed a payment, and basically had no problems with them. I'm sure they must do quite a lot of things right.  I refinanced with another company in November because refinancing was the only way to get my ex's name off of the mortgage, and I had agreed to do so.  Contrary to some of the employees' comments, I do understand mortgages and finances, as I have a Masters Degree and used to be a financial planner.  I understand that even if a judge removes my ex-spouse from ownership, control, etc., mortgage companies will not take them off of the mortgage.  Hence, if I would miss a payment, they could go after him.  Rates were down, and I have a good income/job, so six months after my divorce I began working on refinancing.  The Judge told me at the divorce hearing that I didn't need to come back later for a quit claim deed, because he would include all necessary wording in the decree, which he did.  I went through closing without a hitch. My loan officer at the bank, who obtained both the CW mortgage and my new mortgage from a different company, thank God, commented on how efficient I was in bringing in all the necessary records, and on what excellent credit I have.  (Not "deadbeat" as someone mentioned - no wonder the reps there are so rude what with an attitude like that), The closing actually occurred EARLIER than planned. Note that this was all accomplished with no signatures necessary from my ex, as I own the condo and don't need his permission to sell it, refinance it, etc.  I had just sent my November payment; it hadn't arrived at CW yet.  So, I actually had to pay extra money at closing, but the good news was that my November payment would be reimbursed.  I received a letter from CW stating that any moneys due me would be sent after a 14-day waiting period, to make sure everything cleared.  I understood that.  I waited for 21 days before inquiring about my reimbursement.  My check cleared my bank on Nov. 5th, CW claims to have mailed me $990.10 on November 27th, it is now December 28th, and I have yet to receive my check.  I have logged each conversation, but to speed up my letter (sorry I need to vent, hence all the background details), the basic facts are these:  they sent the check written to both me AND my ex, and they sent it to his address.  I did not give them his address, and they admitted not knowing how they got it.  I quickly contacted my ex, and he said he had not received it, and still does not have it. I believe him. We're divorced, but he's not a dishonest man.  I was told that they couldn't stop payment until the 27th of December. "But don't worry.  If he cashes it without your signature, you can go after him."  So, I called yesterday (hold time is 20 minutes by the way), and for the umpteenth time received another new set of instructions.  I asked them to stop payment, and give me the fax number so I could send the divorce decree.  Then I wanted them to reissue the check in my current name, and mail it to me at my address. (I was instructed during a prior phone conversation that this would be the procedure.)  Now they tell me they have to send me an indemnity agreement (rep couldn't tell me what that meant) which my ex and I both have to sign, I have to send that signed form back, along with the divorce decree and a quit claim deed.  No matter what I say, the reps just keep reading canned answers.  My loan officer called a manager in Lyle, Illinois who wouldn't talk with her about my case because of "privacy".  And she brought them the business in the first place.  Go figure. He did tell her, however, that the only ones who can help are the CSRs in California, there about "300 of them", he'd have no way of tracking it down, and that I should keep pursuing that direction.  I've managed to acquire phone numbers and names for regional, divisional, and corporate managers.  Guess what?  They can't help me, keep sending me back to the same cussed Customer Service Department (what a misnomer, eh?) at the same 800 number! So here I am, trying to find my money, can only talk to machines and inept peons who keep thinking they're attorneys.  "You signed a form that said your ex has to be on the mortgage, hence he has a claim to that money."  God save us all!  I can't find anyone who will let me send them the legal paperwork, so I can prove the money is mine.  This was an extra payment that they cashed the day after I had my closing, it was written from my account, as have been all my payments.  They never had trouble accepting my money, but now they don't believe it's mine, and won't allow me to prove otherwise.  Again, I understand how a clerk could have misunderstood and sent the check in both names, But not to the wrong address. They won't admit they erred, they keep saying it must've "forwarded".  If so, why doesn't he have it?  This was not a contested divorce, we settled it amicably, so there's no more to this story that I'm hiding or forgetting.  They screwed up, now I'm in "computer hell", and they could care less!  I've been involved in similar situations in my life, but at least the CPRs act like they care, or act like they're trying to help.  These folks are cold!  I will continue to squawk at them anyway I can.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Now at least I have my story in writing and I can also use this if I need to hire a lawyer, or for when I send my story to the press and to the BBB.  You can bet that everyone I know will be advised to avoid this company.  They might be big, but so was Enron!  Big doesn't always mean quality, as one employee comment on your site was attempting to claim. The suggestion to request a copy of the servicing activities on their letterhead is appreciated. In the meantime, do you have any more suggestion?

- A fellow Countrywide hater writes... 

Dear Fellow CHL Hater, Is it true that there is someone trying to get a class action suit against CHL? I would love to have the information. MY CHL story is similar to yours. They have lost payments to my loan, put payments in the wrong account, each person you talk to gives you a different story on how to fix the problem, they will not call you back and they FLATLY refuse to talk to my attorney. Because of CHL's ignorance, I have to take bankruptcy. The ironic part of the story is that my buyer still wants to buy the house but CHL refuses to negotiate with anyone. Not only will my buyer walk away but they will lose a second time when I take bankruptcy. I have had two other lending institutions tell me that CHL is dumb for not taking the deal I am offering. I would love to have more info about any kind of lawsuit against these ignorant people. Thank you in advance!! Your website is great, we all need to band together and make these people stop hurting us common folks.

- A disgusted customer writes... My story is no true horror story, but I am feeling taken advantage of recently. We took out a Countrywide Home Loan in 1998 & all has been well. Because of paycheck cycles & other bills, we have always paid the mortgage between the 7th & 15th at the local office here in Anchorage, Alaska. On November 15 of 2001 I dropped my payment off at the local CHL office and went on my way. In December, my bill had a late charge. I called to question the charge, since I knew I had dropped the payment off on time, and I was told that the payment needs to be received in the Main Office (somewhere in the contiguous USA) by the 15th. He said that because I dropped the payment at the local office, it was held for a few days until the office had a full batch to mail out, so the payment wasn't received in the Main Office until the 21st. I replied that this is how I had always paid & had never had a  late fee tacked on before - the customer service guy said 'Well, I guess you have just been lucky until now.' Then I told him that my loan closer had specifically recommended dropping the payments off in person to insure payment was credited to my account in the most timely manner. He said I was given incorrect information & that I had to pay the late fee - no ifs, ands or buts. It was irritating to say the least - $50 - poof - gone for nothing.

- A very angry customer writes... I wrote to you some time ago and you forwarded me info about an attorney who was gathering files and clients to take action against Countrywide Home Loans. I did not contact the lawyer whose info you sent because I thought my situation would not grow worse and that Countrywide would correct certain errors or mistakes it had made in handling my mortgage account. Well, the Company has forced me into bankruptcy by taking action to foreclose on my home. I sent them $1500.00 which CHL somehow lost even though I made the payment in person at one of the Countrywide outlets, assisted by an official Countrywide representative. The Company strung me along refusing to find the payment which the CHL investigators/account reps said had been scanned into the Countrywide system but somehow lost. Then after months, these same reps and senior administrators simply just forgot about a letter which they had sent me in which the Company stated its intention not to take action against me until the missing payments were found. Unfortunately, I actually lost that letter. I was just so happy that they were taking responsibility that I trusted the Company and rested assured. Well, they still hadn't found my missing payments even after several weeks, so I informed them that until the monies were located, I could not risk sending more and having that too misappropriated or stolen. Still the Company sought foreclosure against my property soon afterwards, and I had to file bankruptcy to save the home. What's that attorney's email again? I saved the letters which I sent to the attorneys hired by Countrywide to complete the foreclosure which I was able to avert. These attorneys , well one of their paralegals who had been assigned my case, actually told me that she thought as a result of my letter and claims that Countrywide would have the attorneys cancel or postpone the foreclosure. When she contacted Countrywide, however, the Company told her, she said, to continue with the foreclosure on my property, so I filed a Chapter 13 and was able to keep my home. I am disgusted and angry that I have no funds to take legal action against CHL and am not exactly sure as to whether I have a legal leg on which to stand. I, nonetheless, ask that you forward this letter to that attorney or forward that attorney's email or phone number to me if possible. Thanks for the site. IT is much needed, and its message is absolutely correct --Countrywide blows chunks! It truly SUCKS!!!

- An angry customer writes... I just found this website and I must say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am send you an excerpt of a email I sent and snail mailed certified. Is there any way we can all get together for a class action lawsuit on these bums?? Keep up the great work! Feel free to use my letter or any part of it on your website!!!  

        To Whom It May Concern: I am very unhappy with Countrywide. I have had my Mortgage and Home Equity Loan through Countrywide for the last two years. The first problem I encountered was at closing. I was supposed to be locked in and was told by the office manager at the Evansville, In location, we would close in 30 days or less. At closing I was surprised to find out that my interest rate had gone up from the original lock in. When I called the office manager it was then that he informed me that we had gone past the lock in period by three days. This was due to the office dragging their feet on the Title insurance. I asked why no one had informed we were about to go past the lock in date he said "Someone was suppose to contact you" They hadn't. He then informed me that if I wanted to start over on the loan process that I would lose all ($1500.00)of the money I had put up in closing costs. Since I was in a closing meeting with the seller and his attorney I was over a barrel. I feel that I was also misled in the material information on the home equity loan. It was supposed to be such a good choice. I was told as I paid down the loan I could use the balance for other purchases. I was not informed however that three years later I would have a larger balance than what I started out with. Evidently I am only paying interest on this loan and will never get it paid off. What a scam. The only good thing about this loan is that Countrywide makes a killing on it. Now for my latest complaint. The first year I paid on time every month. Then we had our hours cut at work and I was late (Dec. 1999) for the first time. I called Countrywide to see if I could refinance. Since I had been late that month I could not qualify. I realized that I was going to be late every month until we got our hours back and I did not want to be charged a late fee every month. I called Countrywide to see if we could work out payment arrangements so that I could stay current and not have to pay late fees. (Which I could not afford). We worked out a payment plan which let me make three payments in 4 months. I had to pay the outstanding $599 on the account to get the payment plan started. The next three months I had to pay $804 a month. They did not give me any other options. I specifically asked if this plan would include any late charges and if it would count against me as late payments. I was assured it would not. I had to struggle to keep up but I kept up with the payment plan as agreed upon. I will add that I was never sent any kind of disclosure regarding the terms of the payment plan. This was all agreed upon verbally over the phone. I kept receiving the normal bill of $605 monthly payment with the late charge on it. I called customer service to see why they kept sending me the wrong bill since I was on the payment plan. I was told to ignore the bill and continue with the payment plan. I specifically asked several times if I was being charged a late charge. I was also being sent the other payment plan bill at the same time, from the Dallas office. After the payment plan was finished I received my regular bill with $129 dollars' worth of late charges. I called customer service to explain that this was wrong. I was informed for the first time that I owed the late charges. I complained that this material fact had not been disclosed to me. I have asked for any documentation that explained how this payment plan worked. At first I was told they would check into it. After getting the run around for about 4-5 months I was finally informed that any documentation was confidential and that I was not entitled to it. I asked to receive any paperwork that I may have signed that stated I would have to pay a late charge. Customer service again stated that that was confidential information. I kept calling to complain, I have asked that the late charge be removed. On several occasions I was informed that Countrywide had "done me a favor" by allowing me to use the payment plan. Finally, I was sent to the woman who originally set up the payment plan, (her name is Vanessa Cox in collections). She claimed she informed me that there were late charges. I know she did not.1) Why would I agree to paying late charges when that was what I was setting up a payment plan to avoid in the first place?2)If I was going to be late anyway and knew I would have to pay late charges, I could have just continued to pay the $605 plus $21 late fee. It is less money than I had to pay on the payment plan. ($804). Also, this would have given me more incentive to get caught up so that I would not have to pay late charges.3)This payment plan has also counted as late payments and goes against my ability to refinance, which was again, part of the reason I wanted to set up a payment plan.4)Had this information been disclosed to me, I never would have done this payment plan. Later in June/July, I was laid off and called to see if I could pay on the P&I only. (A suggestion made by my mother) Customer service did allow me to do that with no late fees!!! Now why wasn't that given as an option back in January when this whole business started??? I wouldn't have had one late charge and would have been current. Why in 4 months time of calling to see if I was being charged a late fee were the customer service people lying to me? I know you have these recordings of customer phone calls, I dare you to go back and listen to them. I had been misled and lied to and given the run around. I think it was done purposely and in a fraudulent manner. I want these charges off my bill immediately. If not, I will send a copy of this letter and all related documentation to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the FTC and the Better Business Bureau. I will stand outside the Countrywide office and hand out copies of this letter to anyone who tries to go in for a loan. I will call the local TV station and maybe even 60 Minutes. I'm sure that the amount of bad publicity that I can generate for you will exceed my lousy little $129 dollars. Plus the fact that refunding my late fees is just the right thing to do. If you mislead people and do not disclose material facts, your company is a fraud and a cheat and you have no conscience and no morals.

- A consumer writes... Thank you for the site. My mother and I have refinanced with this company, Thank you for the opportunity to get out of this one.

- A former employee writes... I worked for CHL for 2 yrs and established a lot of NEW business for the company. On March 1, 2000, they cut my pay and I lost 80k in one day. I walked out that day! I would work for 7:30 till sometimes 10 at night to get my work done. They expect way too much. I am now working for another mortgage co, I make 3x the money and less hours.

- A very angry customer writes... Your story is typical of what I know of Countrywide. Maybe there is a possibility of a class action law suit. I had problem with them since the day I got my mortgage more than seven years ago. They lie, and lie, and lie. and you are correct they mishandled their accounts, without any responsibility. I am about to file a suit against them, but I would like to know in which state you reside. I reside in Maryland. Maybe we can make a federal case out of this one, if there are enough customers in the same condition.

- A very happy consumer writes... First I must commend you on this great project. I am not a Countrywide customer but my wife has worked for them for years. Neither of us have been happy with the relationship and finally she is getting out. They do lack in all areas and within time their customer base will continue to deteriorate. But for now though they continue to purchase  established accounts which allow them to stay afloat. I do believe though that your cause could use a little more exposure. I urge everyone who has had the same problems with Countrywide to unite in the effort and network for the cause. I will post your link wherever  possible and I hope everyone else does the same. Of course with your approval. I also encourage you and everyone of your supporters to contact the national media. I am going to email CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and I will even contact my local news. Hopefully your web site will become an example for others.

- An angry customer writes... Last year I was laid off for a month & a half. I got behind on one payment because of my ex-wife forcing me to pay child support. Soon I started a new job & began catching up my loan. One day in June I received a letter from Countrywide stating that my loan was in foreclosure. I immediately called them and was told that my last payment was being sent back & that they would accept no more money on the loan! They then referred me to the Payback assistance dept. They said they would send me out the application package right away. No problem I thought, we would get this straightened out. On July 12th, the Sheriff served me with a foreclosure notice. I had 30 days to respond & appear in court. Since I had not received my payback app. I called again on July 17th. They said they had already sent it. I said send it again! I did not receive the app., so I called again on August 6th. They said they had already sent me two. I said I never got them. For the 3rd time we verified my address & info. They switched me to the voice mail of the first payback person I had talked to in July. I left a rather nasty message because the clock was ticking. Guess what, on August 13th, I finally received the application. In the mean time, we had our first court date. I purposely screwed up some paperwork so that I could get more time. The judge deferred the case until Sept. 6th. I filled out the application meticulously and sent it overnight to California for Monday delivery. On the first page of the app. In bold letters, it states that THE DECISION TO APPROVE THIS APPLICATION WILL TAKE 10 TO 14 DAYS. No problem I thought. They received the app. On the 20th. They called me on the 21st and told me I was rejected!!! (What happened to the 10 to 14 days?) When I asked why, they told me I didn’t make enough money. They had jacked up my figures and said I needed $700.00 more income per month to qualify! I said that was impossible! I have been living here for 7 years & not had a problem. They said, “that’s not the way we see it”! I was told that if I didn’t have any other income, I was rejected. I told them I did not need another job. The girl said Ok, I’m rejecting your payback app. I then requested a “catch up” amount from their attorneys. I got the letter – I couldn’t freaking believe it! Their law firm had already tacked on $2000.00 on my loan catch up amount! I checked on refinancing. One institution even went as far as contacting Countrywide to get some of their fees & penalties reduced to a normal amount. This person called me back in a half-hour & said, “These people are the biggest bunch of a@#holes I have ever talked to”! I told him, I already knew that! I now was pissed! I hired an attorney to fight this foreclosure. Boy did that surprise them on the next court date! Their attorney was so unprepared that the judge once again deferred for another month. In the mean time I put the house up for sale. Oh joy! I received a decent offer on the house! Great I thought, I’m finally done with this crap. Boy was I wrong! First they jacked us around on the payoff amount. They did not send it until the morning of the closing. Then my realtor told me that I had to bring a certified check for $1800.00 to the closing. I went absolutely ballistic! Countrywide had tacked on so much misc. fees, that it cost me $1800 to SELL MY HOUSE! I was pissed, big time! Their lawyer & misc. fees ate up all my equity & more! I finally gave in & sold the place. That’s what Countrywide wanted & they screwed me through the whole process.

MY ADVICE: Do not apply for a Countrywide loan. If your loan becomes acquired by Countrywide, refinance immediately with another lender. If you have a Countrywide loan, get out of it immediately.

If you have to talk to them about your loan, document everything! These people are a disgrace to the financial world. The problem with them is that they are so big they can get away with this crap! 

A NOTE, I have all the times, dates & names of every contact & correspondence with Countrywide documented. This is a true story. They might even be embarrassed slightly over it, but in reality, they do not care! Countrywide – YOU SUCK!!

-** A VERY VERY unfortunate customer writes... I was unfortunate about 11 years ago, Countrywide acquired my home loan. 18 months ago, I refinanced to get Countrywide out of my life. Many times Countrywide's constant harassment would bring my wife to tears, and I spent a great deal of time being angry, so we refinanced and enjoyed about 6months with no issues. About one year ago, Countrywide purchased our loan again. Within days of receiving notice, I changed my phone number and the new number was not listed. My wife and I decided that we would not pay the mortgage if the phone harassment form Countrywide happened again. Countrywide did not record a payment they received from our previous mortgage company, and started the cycle of "you need to pay the late fee on our mistake."  I refused in writing. We had a few months of nasty grams, and in July they started calling. I would rather move than pay them ever again. When I look back, I can't believe that I allowed them to cause so much stress to my family. I think that my wife and my children are more important than the property we live on. We will be just fine in a rental, without avoiding answering our phone, for fear of dealing with this evil company!

- A dissatisfied customer writes... I too have been a victim of Countrywide's poor business practices. They bought my loan in April of this year and since then, I have experienced nothing but problems. They continually try to stick me with late charges and this has been going on from the very beginning. I have never had this with any other lender before and suspected they were lousy at their business practices and am in the process of refinancing my home to get away from them. I had received a statement in May showing a double payment and the next statement I received had a due date of "July" shown. I called them to notify them of the error and their comments were at the time my loan was transferred, I was a payment ahead and did not owe anything until July. Of course, when June rolled around I received a late notice for that month's bill... I called again. I explained once again what had taken place from day one and that I argued with their representative for a good 20 minutes about the "payment ahead" situation. Of course, they had no records of the conversation, but I had names and dates. She assured me they would clear the late penalty, and to date this still remains on each monthly statement. It is good to see your publication and am sorry so many people are being struck by their inappropriate transactions. I will never offer a referral of their behalf, actually quite the opposite. Hats off to you for exposing this company. Times are hard enough in today's world and the last thing customers need is a vindictive corporation taking advantage of every individual they possibly can.

- A dissatisfied customer writes... Hello, I saw your website last night and I was shocked but not surprised. I am in the process of obtaining a mortgage with Countrywide and so far they have been a terrible company to deal with. They have already missed the first closing date on my contract and we are now only 5 days from the second closing date...but we still haven't been given financing commitment! They told me in the beginning that it would take 10 days for approval and about10 more days to close. It has been 5 weeks since I gave my application to my local branch. They have totally dropped the ball. There is no reason for this delay. I have excellent credit, earn a good income, and have owned two other homes previously. Just yesterday the people in Plano, Texas told me that they couldn't give me financing commitment yet because they need to forward the whole package to another department for review. They don't return my phone calls and seem to have absolutely no comprehension that I will lose my$1,000 deposit if they don't get their act together. Oh yes, about the "bait and switch" another person talked about. I was told by my local branch that I was getting 6.375 for the rate with NO points. THREE weeks later they sent me my packet with the Good Faith Estimate and I find that they have listed 5/8 of a point in the terms. I called my branch about this and they said that there is always a point added for construction loans and they are sure they told me that. Yeah right. I might be stuck with Countrywide for now because I don't have time to find a new bank I will refinance as soon as the construction is complete. I would recommend to anybody reading this letter that they do business with a small, local bank so they can deal with somebody face to face. AVOID COUNTRYWIDE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

- A very lucky consumer writes... Just thought I'd let you know that I was in the process of applying for a home loan with Countrywide when I came across your site. This is a horrible company and I am glad I did not go through with the home loan through Countrywide. When I first contacted Countrywide, the customer service representative in their central office in Texas was terrific. After speaking to her, I decided to apply for my home loan with Countrywide. Although I would have liked her to complete my loan, she had to transfer my application to the local branch. This is where my problems began. The local branch in Alexandria, Virginia was absolutely horrible. They sent me an application with the wrong information, failed to return any of my calls over a three week period, failed to lock in an interest rate despite repeated request, and were inept in every conceivable way for people who apparently handle loan applications for a living. Needless to say, your web site helped validate my decision to cancel my home loan application and find another lender. Not only did I find another lender, but I also got a better deal. My advice to everyone is to avoid Countrywide at all cost

- An angry customer writes... I, too, am a victim of Countrywide Home Loans. I got behind on one payment, made a repayment plan to pay $375.00 for three months, and then make a final payment of $362.00 to catch up my acreage. I have spent over an hour on the telephone, being bounced from one representative to another. Some say to ignore the letters being sent to me My mortgage payment was to be $286.00 per month. This included $59 per month in escrow payments. They are presently not withholding the correct amount in escrow and now say that I owe $132 in late payment fees.

- A worried new customer writes... Hi, I am trying to buy a new house. I am a first time buyer and I am doing it all by myself, so all this is new to me. I have a friend that is my realtor. I first went through Union Planters that made me a good faith estimate (GFE) and I also signed additional papers to get a lock in on the rate. My realtor friend told me he might be able to beat it at Countrywide. I received a GFE and it did beat the UP interest rate, and the mortgage payment. It was the best. Therefore based on those numbers I told my realtor that I agreed with the CW estimate and to make an offer on the house. I did not receive anything, not even a phone call from CW for 2.5 weeks. I called the lender several times to ask questions, but that was it. No one ever mentioned that I should “lock in”. I received a packet in the mail a couple of days ago. It had a NEW GFE with a higher interest rate and higher mortgage payment, included in this packet was a confirmation agreement. Well I called her and she said I wasn’t locked in to the old 6.6rate. The rate was now up to 7.125%!!!!!! She says she went on and locked me in at that, then sent me the packet. She knew I made an offer, she knew I agreed to the estimate, what is the difference between agreeing and locking in? Well if there were such a difference no one contacted me with papers on a float loan for 30 days. Why did she lock me in at 7.125 and not 6.6%? I am supposed to meet with her tomorrow? Don’t you think I have a good reason to be pissed?


- An angry customer writes... I was going online to write to Countrywide (my mortgage company) because I can't get through on the phone and I saw your website. I have had problems with them in the past and just forgot them but this last one is making me so angry. I mailed my payment early in Sept. My bank account was hit with an overdraft charge for my mortgage payment but my payment had already been paid. After many conversations with my bank I found out that Countrywide sent my check plus a copy through my bank and they both hit at approximately the same time. My bank says they have never seen this before and that Countrywide did something very wrong. Of course, I faxed the info to the number I was given and that was in Oct. Countrywide is still charging me late charges, return fees, sending me foreclosure letters and calling me everyday and leaving a number but when I call the recording says I am calling outside their business hours (that's a bunch of bull). I am in Va and they are in TX and I know what time it is there. They refuse to get this matter straight. I now want to get their President's name and address so that I may write and then I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and our local 
television station. I may have to skip the first part because I can't get through. This really scares me because my credit is not the best and I don't believe I can get this refinanced. My interest rate is 7% so it's not bad but I have had it with Countrywide.
After reading these stories I am not waiting any longer for Countrywide to fix this and admit they were wrong.

- An ANGRY customer writes...
Finally!!! I thought I was losing my mind. I was thinking my idea of customer service alone, not to include the late fees, web charges, inappropriate phone calls, etc., was all in my mind!! I have refused to speak with any individual at Countrywide for several months now (including the weekly harassing phone calls by unqualified employees who can't even read what is obviously a script correctly), and have chosen to only do my business over the Internet and printing all of my actions. I now have no doubt my husband and I will be taking our business elsewhere. I do realize my mortgage may be just a drop in the bucket for this company, but if many were to take the same steps, that just might change!!

- A worried customer writes... I just stumbled onto your website by accident and did you ever scare the heck out of me!! We just refinanced and our loan was taken over by Countrywide - we had no choice in the matter. Our first payment is due Dec. 1 and we had already set it up to come out of our checking account automatically each month - unfortunately, it wasn't set up so we'll be sending in our payment. My question is: Do you know anything about their history with online payments? I thought I'd try that instead of mailing it in and now I'm really concerned about giving them access to our bank account. Thanks to your website, at the first sign of trouble with them we will look to transfer our loan elsewhere.

- An encouraging consumer writes... I just want to congratulate you on your persistence in trying to injure the beast. If more people had the courage and fire to stand up for their rights, faceless corporate thugs such as Countrywide would have to provide more than lip service to stay in business.

- A grateful consumer writes... Thank you for taking the time out to write this story about your terrible time with country wide. I did receive a page of referrals one of which is countrywide. With your story I will not even consider them. Thanks again for helping others not go through the frustrations you encountered with this company.

- A grateful consumer writes... I have carefully read your site and will stay clear of that company. however I do have a question as to which company would be good? I have heard bad stories about a lot of loan companies. if you have any advise please send it my way.

- A MUST READ REPORT...I've been working at Countrywide at the Corporate office in Texas for over a year now. I specialize in all the Home Equity Line of Credits; which also deal with all the First Plus Financial, Construction loans, and Subordinations. I just want to let anyone that has one of these type of loans to refinance with another company as soon as you can. I have to say that I am nothing like any of the customer service reps that most of the people that complain about that work there. It's like I'm told at work "Why do you care" or "why are you going out of your way to help?". My only reply is I hate seeing a big company screw their customers the way countrywide does. I have continuous customers/and branch agents now that will call either my direct ext., send me an e-mail or will demand to be transferred to my ext. because they refuse to talk to anyone else.... and I for one do not blame them. I am a Senior Rep/Fill in Supervisor for the Home Equity Side so I am usually very happy to take the irate calls or if I have to sit there after working hours to research the problems on a loan like I did tonight. I was military for 5 yrs and I never thought that a company could literally screw someone worse than the government. Guess what I was wrong. I know it doesn't make anyone feel better to know this but we (employees I deal with) are treated just as bad. I just wanted to let you and anyone that has one of these type of loans to start the refinance process as soon as you can no matter how much it costs. Just a heads up. You thought the 1st mortgage reps were bad, well now they are getting rid of all the people who know the HELOC loan and are finally understanding the First Plus loans and transferring us (merging) with the 1st mortgage reps.. So if you guys thought the HELOC reps didn't know anything in August, Sept. and Oct. wait till the end of Oct all the reps that did know anything will be gone.. and the same shi@#y service you get on the 1st side...will be the same with subordinations, payoffs, and just servicing in general on my side as well. And I agree completely the customer service reps don't care about what is going on with your loan.. when you call in it's like talking to a wall if they don't understand they'll just transfer you to another automated service to sit on hold again for another 45 min and honestly they know the answer or can find out what the answer is they're just to damn lazy and that one story from an employee stating hold time is no more than 5 min. she/he is just blowing smoke up your ass our hold time for heloc is at least around 30 minutes if not more. I wish all of you luck on your loans if you stay, and I am very sorry that I was never able to come across your loan to try to help. The final reps in HELOC transfer on Oct 22, 2001, and all of us are already putting in for transfers to another dept and are not putting our extensions on our employee profile so we are not continuously called with questions. My heart honestly goes out to everyone, customers, brokers, hell our own branch agents that have to deal with Countrywide Customer Service. Believe me if I could keep my screens after I transfer I'd give my ext to as many as I could to keep helping them get their loan corrected, credit corrected, and make those assholes have to pay the customers back I don't care if it's a fax fee to closing costs. ..Oh and last but not least for anyone that wants to or has taken a law suit against Countrywide...ALWAYS REQUEST A COPY OF THE SERVICING ACTIVITIES!!!!! They have to send them to you regardless if you ask for them...everything that is thought about you and what happened is usually documented...just one example and I have to go... one customer had a 200,000.00 Home Equity Line of Credit he was continuously given wrong info on his loan well needless to say it was all documented. He requested copies of all his servicing on the loan, took them with him to court and received a 200,000.00 HELOC for free. Just remember to tell the rep that you want it on the Countrywide letter head, that is if you can actually ever talk to a live rep.

- Another dissatisfied customer writes... I too, have had similar responses from Countrywide Home Loans. I purchased a home in South Carolina thru Countrywide. I was in Wyoming at the time(23 July 1998); on 10 August I was contacted by Countrywide that I had missed the 1 Aug payment. I had paperwork that had been mailed to me stating my first payment would be 1 Sep and the payment would be $288.00 a month. I sent them this paperwork (certified) to Van Nuys and also a payment of $576 to cover the Aug and Sep payment. They then sent me a letter stating my payment was $376 a month( I had financed this stating I would pay my own insurance and taxes). I immediately sent them a copy of their letter and a copy of my letter stating I had procured insurance in July. I had been told by them in June I would have to show proof at the closing I had this insurance. I did this and the insurance was paid in full for a year (until July 1999). They simply ignored this letter and I immediately sent another certified letter to the CEO in Van Nuys with all my documentation. This continued until Feb 2000.( I sent them payments of $288 each month). I never received a payment statement or any kind of correspondence from them, even though in each letter I sent them I requested an answer. In Feb 2000(I had moved back to Wy), I received a call that they were foreclosing. I got copies of each and every check I had paid and sent them certified to Van Nuys. Then I got a response from them that my 'case' was being handled by their office in Dallas, Texas. I contacted them and sent them, again certified, the copies of each and every check I had paid. Some months I had paid double payments and one month triple payment. This entire process cost me $3,000 and thank goodness, I have gotten rid of the house. I would never in my entire life recommend Countrywide to even my worst enemy. The lies, laziness and total disorganization of this company should be investigated by the Federal Govt. They totally misrepresent themselves in all their advertisement; and it makes me sick when I even hear the word Countrywide. I concur with you; this company is bad. Thanks for having this web site. 

- A grateful consumer writes... Thank you for your web site. I currently have a home loan with Countrywide. I have been looking around to refinance at new low interest rates and found your site. There are plenty of companies to choose from so I can just mark Countrywide off my list. Thanks for saving me the time and money. I hope someone will be as nice to you as you were to me today.

- A grateful consumer writes...Thank you for your website I was just sitting here going thru a search engine for a home loan and I have already emailed and talked to a rep. at Country wide Loans, but now I am reconsidering them. Thanks for the info. I am actual waiting on the rep to call me back I am glad I saw this site now!!!!!!

- An employee writes in...
I work for CHL. And I can so tell you that most of the depts. do screw up a great deal. If you ever have to deal w/ any one in Plano, Texas, I'm sooooooo sorry. Let me tell you that Plano, Texas screws up everything! In Plano Foreclosure they can't even look up loan numbers themselves. they have to send them all over to Simi C/S so people can do their work for them! Whenever, I have to call the Queue in Plano they always give me inaccurate information. Like saying they have no C/S, which is a lie. As an employee I would completely agree with all of you to never ever go w/ CHL. Countrywide destroying one American Dream at a time!-A honest employee.

- An individual with no common sense writes in... Your website is the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen. Countrywide is one of the best mortgage lenders in the country. Usually the people that are pissed at Countrywide or any other lender are the ones that don't make their mortgage payments....I suspect you are one of those disgruntled deadbeats. Get a life buddy.

- Another MUST READ REPORT... My loan was bought out by Countrywide Home Loans (I had no choice in the matter) and I have had nothing but problems ever since. I have, as so many others have, stated on your WEB PAGE, being charged late fees and the like. The never ending automated phone calls to my home instructing me to call COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS fill my voice mail. I know other people are being treated in the same nasty manner because Countrywide has returned their loan payments to me (stating that they want full payment). One was a cashiers check for over two thousand dollars and belonged to folks that live in Washington State-I live in California. Wrong State-Wrong Address, not even close COUNTRYWIDE!. I have applied for refinancing with another lender since interest rates have dropped but just guess what I was told?! There are three late payments showing on my consumer credit report-reported by COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. I took a second out May 01, and there were no late fees posted at that time. So I may yet have a chance, the new lender said the late reporting seemed odd to him and he would try to work with it. Don't get me wrong I can refinance my loan at anytime however; the new loan rate would most likely be higher than what I already have. Think Countrywide has me in a pickle?! If I refinance at the same rate with a new lender to get away from COUNTRYWIDE chances are they could buy my loan again. What a mess COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS has made of the American Dream!!! DO YOU THINK COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS HAS DONE THIS TO KEEP ME FROM REFINANCING AT A LOWER RATE WITH A NEW LENDER SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY???? Should Security and Exchange Commission be hearing from us? I have a low rate on my first but it would be nice to see it a point and a half lower. I work hard for what little money I make. I could use the money spent in late charges on small improvements that would increase the value of my home, but Oh Yeah that would benefit me not COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS. As for Customer Service I would (if I had a vote) vote to wait 30min., to talk with someone that is paid more money per hour and knows what they are talking about and can follow through with problem solving and note taking. Then spend an hour on the phone with someone that dose not care. Its' my dime anyway!. Twenty phone calls and twenty CSR and no one noted for the record what they stated they would note. I now record my phone calls for my protection and when I have told a CSR that I am recording the call they have hung up on me. So the beat goes on, thanks for letting me vent, I hope others that read your web page know that they are not alone when it comes to Countrywide Home Loans stress and aggravation. Tips: to stay on top of Countrywide Home Loans1) Buy a log book 2) Send it certified 3) Take names, dates and times 4) Record your phone call (Pick-n-Save/Radio Shack Phone recorder under $10.00) REFINANCE WITH A NEW LENDER THE FIRST CHANCE YOU GET!!!  

- A grateful consumer writes... I am a single mom looking for a home and I was about to do a loan with Countrywide Home Loans.  Then I saw the title "Countrywide Homes Sucks" and had to click on it. I am shopping around for a home loan, but due to your information.  I will never use Countrywide. I will tell my friends and family never to use Countrywide. Thank You very very much. As a single mom we struggle as it is and do not want to deal with a company so dishonest.

- Another grateful consumer writes... Thanks for the information. I am looking to refinance and was considering Countrywide, but not now. As one of your previous comments, " They are a big Company", well even Big Companies must treat people " Their Customers" with respect and understanding to be successful. I will look elsewhere! Thanks!

- A disgusted customer writes...My husband and I are currently going through a hassle with Countrywide. Like a previous complainer our 2nd mortgage was originally through First Plus and Countrywide bought our 2nd loan with out us having a say. With in 6 months we started receiving nasty letters saying we owed for back payments; after collecting all my receipts I could find, I called and asked which months they were showing we were behind in. For every month mentioned, I had a payment for, they then told me to mail copies of these checks so they could apply them to their records. That was last December, I have just received another notice stating that we are "behind" again. The thought of having to go through all that again is frustrating and a waste of time. Maybe we should just automatically start mailing them copies of our cancelled checks as we get them. My husband suggested that I email the Ohio Attorney General with my complaint and your web site! I think if everyone who has legitimate complaints on the ethics of this company did that we might be able to get some attention.

- A terribly disgusted customer writes...Over a month ago I had written you telling you that my ex-husband had passed away and never took my name off of the loan we had with Countrywide. I had told you that Countrywide seemed to be helpful when I first contacted them, and I would let you know how it all turned out. Well, I'm here to say that you and everyone else who has written to you are right....Countrywide DOES suck!!!!!!!!!. Sure...they made all kinds of promises saying they would help me get the house back (I signed a quit claim deed at the divorce and the court ordered my ex to remove my name from all liens and loans, INCLUDING Countrywide... but Countrywide told me I'm still responsible for the loan)...they said they'd lower the monthly payments so that I could afford them (I'm permanently disabled and cannot work) .... when I told them I could not get the house because I signed a quitclaim deed relieving myself of all rights and interest to the property, they said they could foreclose on the house and then transfer the deed over to me. They kept telling me that I was STILL an owner of the home, I could enter the property if I wished (even after my ex-brother-in-law threatened to have me arrested if I went near my former home) 

Countrywide told me that I could sell the house, but I can't do that since I don't own it. Every single time I called them, which was about 40 times since August 2nd, when my ex died, I spoke to a different CSR each time, all who didn't know what was going on with my account. I asked them if they used computers and didn't they keep my records on those computers?? In addition to speaking with over 40 different CSR's since Aug.2nd, I spoke with "loan counselors" and someone who claimed to be from their "legal department." I finally told them that the house isn't worth it, I don't want the damn house, they kept reminding me that I would get a bad mark on my credit report so I told them I don't care, my ex ruined my credit years ago... and I told them to go after the idiot who is handling my ex's estate for the loan repayment, and to foreclose on the house. They kept calling, sending letters, even after I sent them a letter telling them to stop calling me. They called me again about an hour ago to say that the house is in "early foreclosure" and that they would work with me to get it out of foreclosure. I told them NO....go ahead and foreclose on the house, I want nothing more to do with them or the house, and why didn't they start foreclosure on it a month ago? They told me that the foreclosure process would take 3 months and to expect more phone calls and letters in the meantime, since "they can't do anything to stop the harassment" until after the house is foreclosed upon. I'm not worried about it anymore...they can call and send all the letters they want, I'll just keep hanging up on them and throwing the letters in the trash. I've had it with their lies, their fake promises, their lame threats and everything else. Like many others who have posted on your site....I too did not have an original loan with Countrywide....they took the loan over from my former loan company, and since last month when I was involved with them on an almost daily basis, I've found out that yeah.... they are inept and full of sh@#. Thanks for letting me can add my story to your's a great site, and I will also let as many people as possible know just how lousy Countrywide really is. 

- A disgusted customer writes...Man I'm glad to see someone out their with the same problems I had with this shi@#y company. They to have pocketed money, sent me foreclosure notices, late fees and other meaningless ways of harassment. Everything you described in your detailed web site happened to myself and I totally support your website in saying that Countrywide home loans suck. 

- A satisfied customer writes in...I've received my 1st mortgage loan with Countrywide and later refinanced with them. I'm considering refinancing again for divorce reasons, but after a problem marriage, I would like to alleviate refinancing catastrophes. You definitely have given me something to think about. The big giant doesn't really need the average persons business. Yes, I also, had small problems with late fees , but I assumed that this is INDUSTRY STANDARDS to raise profits/revenue off U.S. mailing errors or payroll deposits late by hours, a day, etc.... I really do understand late fees for people who are 30 days or more late. But one date late or Countrywide processing late cause late fees. My overall experience has  been good. I hope they wake up and realize that customers come first whether large acct... or small acct...

- Another glad consumer writes... Thank You for the information about that company. I am currently looking for a first time home loan and was considering them for the job but after reading your letter I will rethink that company. Thanks Again.

- Another disgusted customer writes...
I purchased a home in 1994.  They told me my loan was approved and my closing date came and I packed up in the U-haul that very day.  When I showed up at the Attorney's office I found it had been moved. I lived out of a U-haul for one whole month in a two bedroom apartment with seven people and all were my family except two. I can say I got an interest rate of 6.5% but ,I too, sued for all expenses and was happy of it. I had flash backs for four years every time a commercial came on but, I have learned my lesson by my own testimony and you bet I will not be refinancing through them. Thanks a bunch! 

- A Countrywide supporter writes... Countrywide has a portfolio of over $300 billion in home loans. Do you really think it could have built and sustained such a massive port folio if it really delivered the level of customer service you described in "your story?" Think about it. How do all the other hundreds of thousands of current Countrywide customers magically get their payments delivered to the correct department and have no problems what so ever? Maybe there is something YOU are doing wrong. That would make a lot more sense than your scenario, wouldn't it?.... You are correct, what I, and all the others who wrote in, have done wrong is end up with Countrywide as our lender.  I do not believe all these stories magically appear out of thin air. 

- The TRUTH is out, another Countrywide employee writes... I'm surprised there are not more comments from employees. This is a horrible company to work for. I've been there a few years, and I don't know why I'm still there. (I think that other, more reputable, companies see that on your resume, and don't want anything to do with you!). I work in the Customer Service dept. and would like to confirm that the vast majority of CSRs (Customer Service Reps) there know nothing about mortgages. It's sad and disgusting. But all the horror stories on your site are so not exaggerated. I've seen simple issues wind up in the "Office of the President" because the Cust. Service dept. is too inept to deal with it. There are a precious few CSRs there that know what they're talking about, and if you happen to get one of them on the're very lucky. The other 99% are rejects that McDonalds or 7-11 wouldn't hire. The management doesn't care about quality! They just care about the time it takes to answer a call. So they'll put 100 retarded monkeys on the phone, so you don't have to wait more than 45 seconds to get the worst service you'll ever experience. I think anyone can agree, the customer would rather wait 15 min on hold to get excellent service, then to get crappy service in 45 sec or less! Hope your site continues to enlighten consumers to the horrors of having your loan with Countrywide!!!!


                                      SATISFIED COUNTRYWIDE EMPLOYEE:  2  <----(must be Countrywide's Presidents)

- A Countrywide employee who thinks I wont post their letter writes... I will be surprised if you post my story because it does not add to the hate posted everywhere else on this site. I am currently an employee at Countrywide Home Loans. I have worked there for a few years now and am pretty satisfied with what I see going on. For every complaint Countrywide receives, there are 4 to 5 times as many complements. Most of the home owners that do complain tend to be emotional and not willing to listen to reason. Countrywide is not out to screw people!! What business would survive if that were the intention? I am not saying Countrywide is perfect by any means. I disagree with the numerous amount of calls from Collections after the 1st of the month. As far as loan origination goes, they WANT to get you a loan as quickly and efficiently as possible. They make Salary + Commission, so prolonging the process is not at all beneficial. The fact is 99% of the things that slow down the process are last minute things the GOVERNMENT or PRIVATE INVESTORS tell Countrywide to get from the home owner. As far as servicing loans, Countrywide maintains a less than 5minute hold time 95% of the time when you call in. The website has far more options than any other mortgage company. You can make payments online, review your escrow account, get a loan history, and pretty much anything else you can do over the phone. When the payment increases, it is 99% of the time due to your ESCROW account, meaning your taxes and/or insurance increased. Escrow is NON-INTEREST bearing, meaning countrywide does not earn a dime off of escrow. It is a convenience that you do not have to have if you do not want. Would I get a loan at Countrywide? For customer service, ABSOLUTELY!! For the interest rates? Probably not, the truth is 90% of other institutions can get lower rates. Most of the complaints on this website are a general lack of home loan education.  The truth is Countrywide is a big company and it is very possible that some people fall through the cracks. It is also composed of a large number of people, so there are inevitably bound to be some bad apples. JUST STOP THE HATE AND B*TCHING, it will get you nowhere! I consider myself a very moral and fair person, only write me if you consider yourself moral and fair. UNFORTUNATELY, you will probably never see this message because it will not be posted                                            are right, guess I wouldn't post it.

- Another disgusted employee writes... I have changed my mind completely about Countrywide. Today my boss wrote me up and gave me what is called a "Final Warning" for not producing enough loans for the branch. She also cut my pay by $1,000.00 a month. A $1000.00 not 100 or 200 but 1,000. I have never received a write up before this and have worked my ass off and sacrificed a really stable job to work at Countrywide and they write off for not producing enough. Screw them.  Sorry about all of your troubles. Thanks for the reply! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

- A disgusted business person writes... I am a real estate agent who had an escrow close 34 days late because of 
Countrywide's lack of competence; I hope that no buyers that I have to deal with, use Countrywide; I know that I won't recommend them to any of my buyers.


- A glad consumer writes...Thanks for your story. I'm thinking about refinancing and being an American Airlines frequent flyer member, I would get 10,000 miles to refinance thru Country Wide but I don't think I will now after reading this. I too had a bad experience with another mortgage company and understand what this is like so there's no way I want to go thru another bad mortgage company and have to put up with the headaches.

-A glad consumer writes... Hello, very interesting story. Now I guess I'll take Countrywide of off my list to look for a home loan. Any suggestions you can advise me?

- An Countrywide staff member writes... I am an employee of Countrywide. &nbsp; I have to say that I am not a happy employee, however Countrywide has many different branches all over the country and in some parts of Europe. & nbsp; They are a reputable company and there is always going to be a weak link in the chain. &nbsp;I can honestly say after reading some of the horror stories that the servicing department needs some organization. & nbsp; The originating portion of the complaints is due to their lack of knowledge in the mortgage process, however that is what my job is. & nbsp; The consultants at the branch are there to assist you with questions and such. &nbsp;I am sorry for all of these problems that everyone has had, but not all Countrywide branches are this incompetent. &nbsp;I would not recommend to anyone that they get a job there. & nbsp;It is a "Sweat Shop" as one person referred to it as. & nbsp;Not only that, but they want you to work outside the office and then when your customers come in and you are not there the Branch Manager steals your loans!!!!!!!!! & nbsp; 


- Another angry customer writes...1). I am a first time home owner and my loan was sold to Countrywide. Since then there has been nothing but problems. It took more than 2 months to finalize a re-finance. I agree with others on this site and opinions, that the staff both on the phone and the local office are lazy, incompetent and don't care anything for the people's lives they hold in their hands. I would not receive call backs from the Branch manager when inquiring why my refinance was 7 weeks late. After the refinance, I had to re-sign up for online pay because my account number changed (although, I wasn't told of this and had to call customer service to get it.) They then had a glitch and incorrectly recorded my routing and account number so my online payment never went through. There was not a phone call or anything to tell me that I was late. Just an automated message saying that I was in default and had to pay late fees and had a 30 day past due flag on my credit. I finally got them to correct that and after 2 months of calling back, finally received a written letter stating the mix up and that no delinquent credit was being reported. I then received a letter in the mail from my homeowners insurance stating that my policy was not paid and was going to expire. I called the company and they had the expiration of my insurance slated for the end of 2002. So they said that they would quickly fix the problem. I called my insurance agent today to verify payment and guess what?? They didn't pay. They sent a check to me instead. Upon calling back and requesting the highest person available, they contacted my insurance company and told me that all will be well again. So now I have to wait a few days to see if this will actually happen.  2.) I am a current customer and am disgustingly dissatisfied with the service so far. I want out!!! This last episode has made me so angry, I don't know what to do. I am new to the home owning game and feel that I have been taken advantage of. My question is, is there a way to file a complaint that will have some effects on them? (better business, FHA, state or local agencies) Also is there a way to switch companies without high refinancing? I just refinanced in May and can't afford to do so again. I am glad to hear that I am not alone and am grateful to find your site. If there is anything we can do together to try to open the eyes of something like the BBB, please let me know.  3.) And NO, I wouldn't recommend Countrywide to my worst enemy.

- A disgusted customer writes... I can relate to your story. We are trying to refinance our home through another lender and Countrywide refuses to reassign the lien to the new mortgage company. In Texas a mortgage that is a homestead has to be reassigned which they will not do. Countrywide has been nothing short of lousy with our loan also. When they first acquired this loan they paid someone else's land taxes and it took almost 6 months and who knows how many phone calls to clear this up. And, as with your situation, there was absolutely no apology of any kind. I am so ready to get rid of this so called Mortgage lender!

- Another disgusted customer writes... My husband and I read your story and we had problems with them also. The woman who helped us with the loan would never call us back, then she kept telling me what documents I needed like w2 forms, bank statements, and such but she didn't tell me everything at once. She would ask for like 2 things then tell me "oh by the way we need such and such too". I ran around for about 1.5 weeks getting everything. She never called us back when we needed to speak to her. Then our original quote of a down payment was about $4000 so imagine our surprise when we get to the act of sale and we need a little over $6000 dollars plus the first years insurance money which added up to about $7000 dollars. My husband and I were not happy plus we were totally out of money. So as a result, I do not recommend them to anyone I actually tell people not to use them.


- Another disgusted customer writes... You wouldn't believe the chain of events Countrywide Home Loans have put me 
through. Unfortunately until I refinance I will be stuck with this low rating company. They have threatened to start foreclosure proceedings on my house for an error they caused. This went on for at least 6 months before they decided I was serious and I wanted it resolved. They lost a payment in which they issued me a receipt for and claimed I never paid them. This is what caused the foreclosure threats. It cause a lot of turmoil in my life. I literally had to contact the president of the company before anyone would be willing to help me. My mortgage payments each month were a hassle to make and no one wanted to talk to me or accept my payments until I paid them for the past due month. Regardless of having a receipt in my possession, they didn't care or 
resolve it until months later. Countrywide went through hoops to get my house but once I was in I was at their disposal. They stopped caring and never once was remorseful about losing my payment and putting me through 6 months of hell. 
I have nothing positive to say about them.

- A disgusted former employee writes... I worked for Countrywide In Houston They do suck and they have no regard for their employees which they also treat like sh@#. Sweat Shop !!!!

-Another disgusted customer writes... My wife & I experienced the same thing. At first, we did not receive harassment calls until when we refinanced our home with countrywide (which we had before). For five years we're sending our monthly mortgage on the 11th of each month and we did not incur a single late charge. As indicated on the statement we have to send the payments & should be in on or before the 16th of each month before they could charge you for late payment. First bills for refinancing came, so we did the normal mailing of payments. On the May 2, we received at least 8 annoying phones calls that day from Countrywide rep. One call after the other ---- leaving messages on my home & work answering machine. Same number of phone calls that my wife received at work. Because of this, I told them if they call me or my wife again I will sue countrywide for harassment. And that was the end of their calls. I hope so!!!!!

 -A loan seeker writes... I am looking around to refinance. I read your story about Countrywide and I 
am glad your speaking out. I will never use them and will pass on the info to everyone I know.

-Another disgusted customer writes...We were referred to Countrywide by our realtor.  They were extremely nice in the beginning and through the loan process.  We made it clear to them before we started the loan process that we did not have the 20% to put down on the house we wanted to purchase.  A Countrywide manager from the Evansville, IN office assured us that we would not need the 20% and that there was a plan that would meet out financial needs.  However, the day before we closed on the house, this same manager called us to tell us that we would need to have $15,000 at closing for a down payment.  We did not have the money and we had already sold our house.  We had to borrow the money from a relative in one day. 

- Another disgusted customer writes...I was a co-borrower for a home loan that was sold to Countrywide.  The other party declared total liquidation bankruptcy and left me holding the bag.  I tried to renegotiate the loan with them but it was a no go.  The house was repossessed and sold for the balance of the loan.  Then Countrywide sued me for the interest on the loan about $20,000.  I went to the UCC, federal bankruptcy law, and the revised statues.  I found out under federal law they could not sue me for anything since the other party had declared the whole loan.  It took three whole years, phone calls every week and numerous letter but ultimately it took involving the BBB and the Federal Consumer Protection people to fix it.  I told Countrywide that I will always tell what a bad company they are.

-Another disgusted yet lucky customer writes...Countrywide's on line mortgage application is a joke!  We relocated several months ago and wanted to simplify the loan process by applying on line.  Having just sold my house and with an excellent credit rating, we knew it should be no problem in obtaining an other mortgage.  Our application was simply enough but after one initial contact from a online loan officer, we got no where.  He was obviously inexperienced and every question posed, he had to check with his supervisor.  Our emails went unanswered and when placing a call directly, we were unsuccessful in ever speaking to a human voice.  With the clock ticking on low interest rates, we finally gave up and contacted a local Countrywide office.  After going through the loan process once more, our application lied in a pile with others for weeks without any response.  We finally decided we had wasted enough time and turned quickly to another lender.  Our application was processed in a matter of days and we ended up with a better  rate than Countrywide had advertised.  For Countrywide to be the largest mortgage company in the country and advertised as the best, they certainly fall short in servicing customers.  After hearing your story, it certainly made us glad that our mortgage is safely in the hands of another company!

-A glad consumer writes...Did you by any chance hear of Countrywide via American Express Hilton Honors Program?  They are offering extra points to buy a home/refinance through Countrywide.  I am now skeptical and will sacrifice the extra points thanks to your story.  Another decision made for me.

-Another glad consumer writes...I work for a major corporation as a customer service representative and I take great pride in what I do.  So as a result, I try very hard to resolve problems from our customers before they get to far.  I was considering getting a quote from Countrywide to refinance our home, but I am now reconsidering, have you received any other horror stories?

-Another glad and very lucky consumer writes...I read your story about your home loan.  I was about to place my loan with Countrywide.  After reading your story I have decided to find someone else.  American Airlines is running a promotion with Countrywide and giving bonus miles if you take out a loan with Countrywide.  I have also e-mailed AA letting them know why I would not use this promotion. 

-Another glad and very lucky consumer writes... My husband & I are currently attempting to secure a home loan through Countrywide lenders.  I have read your article and now feel very insecure.  Their name appears on a well know Website so I thought they were a pretty good company.  But since this will be our first loan, if approved, I am not sure we are making a good decision by using them.  Like you we cannot afford to experience what you have first handed. 

-Another glad consumer writes... I sure won't go to countrywide!

-Another happy consumer writes... Way to go , I was just thinking about getting a loan through them.  Thank you sooo much for your input.  This has been a great help to me!!!  I will not use them !!!!!!!! Thank you again.


-Another unhappy customer writes... I am in dire need of sympathy, Countrywide has totally ruined my summer and quite possibly my life.  Simi. Valley has disconnected their phones to avoid me and they barefaced lied at my refinancing.  I was supposed to pay 558.00 a month and it will now be 711.00 a month.  Guess it was just a we bitty mistake in tax escrow, don't they call that the bait and switch program?  I would love to find a way to clean up their act!!!! 


-Another disgusted customer writes... I was just reading about you problem with countrywide. I took out a loan 
with Quicken loans and they sold my mortgage to countrywide. Since I have started with them 2 months ago, they have already increased my loan by about $30 a month, they are making me pay them and my homeowners insurance and they are showing differences with my escrow account. I am already concerned.

-Another disgusted customer writes... I just got off your website after my husband had forwarded it to me.  We have had problems with Countrywide for over a year and a half.  We had a second mortgage load with Firstplus Financial, who apparently went bankrupt and sold our loan to Countrywide.  We had no say in this, just got a letter telling us they were taking over our loan. Immediately they started telling us we were two months behind on our payments. We were not. The previous two payments we had sent to First plus Financial and Countrywide said they didn't credit the payments to us and therefore it showed that we owed $621 for two payments. We went around and around the mulberry bush with them. We got a list of all the payments we made to First plus, sent it to Countrywide, and they said they never got it. They wanted the actual cancelled checks from the two payments we made or they have threatened to put a lien on our home. We have never been late on a mortgage payment before, and are still fighting with them every day trying to get this straightened out. They continually call my husband at work, call three or four times a day at our home up until 9 p.m. and harass us. We tried to get the original checks from the bank, but can't seem to go back a year and a half. We don't get our checks back after they are cancelled, the bank keeps them. We get a monthly statement and offered to send Countrywide copies of that, but they said it's not good enough, they want the actual checks. So we are virtually screwed. Unless we pay these so called back payments they will continue to harass us and make our life miserable. I dealt with this on my own until my husband started to get calls at work and now he's dealing with it too. Can't we call Dateline, or e-mail them and get them to do a story on Countrywide and have them talk to some of us who are disgruntled??  Maybe then we can get something done to these a-holes who think they can keep screwing everyone over, cheating and lying, and taking honest peoples property when they are in the wrong. They can't take our house because it's a second mortgage, but they can make our lives miserable until we either sell or refinance and I don't want to refinance again. I'd rather move. Now we have this poor credit on our credit report thanks to these dimwitted, half-assed, ignorant bums at Countrywide. I tell everyone I see that Countrywide sucks and not to get a loan with them. One lady I was talking with said she had Countrywide and they had been wonderful.. I told her that her turn would come and she'd see for herself. Thank you for your website that confirms we are not deadbeats and other people are also getting the Country-Wide shaft. 


- Another disgusted customer writes...We have had a experience with countrywide that is totally unbelievable. My 
husband and I were first time home buyers, we found a home that was owned by countrywide though foreclosure. It all started with the application of the loan. They had offered to pay half of the closing cost. which we thought was a deal. Then when we got the contract fax they with drew the offer with no explanation. OK FINE We went on. We wanted to get our financing with our bank. They would not extend the dates on the contract to allow this. They wanted to do the financing OK FINE we went on. Their financing took over 6 months. Then we gave them the deposit and they called and said we did not even have a contract on the house. I was on the phone every day for two weeks, countless fax's and proofs of faxes already sent that they say was never sent. Then they say that our house will not go FHA because it will not pass inspection .They gave us 48 hours to paint the whole house, fix leaks, patch holes. OR loss our money we had given to hold the contract ($2,000.00). We did all of this then they came back and said the roof need to be repaired which we did not expect or have the money to do. My husband was ready to walk away to say the least. I had someone come out the very next day and they certified the roof to be good for 3-5 years. They had no choice but to close. Midland title co. closed the loan. They did not have all the paper work together or a survey of the house. We did not know what was going on. We did close, everything cost more then what was agreed . Then after closing they came to our house and said we were in a flood zone and it will cost you 40.00 a month 480.00 a year. WHAT? WHY WERE WE NOT TOLD THIS 6 MONTHS AGO? After all they owned the house. They said they didn't know. YEAH RIGHT. We have been here for 9 months now and we love our home. But we keep on thinking what's next. We are going to refinance with a different company but I am scared to start all this over again. I would not deal with this company if I would have know how they work...I just pray they will not lose our payments and we can buy some time. Until we can lose the losers. Thanks for this web site I needed to tell someone.

- A gracious consumer writes...My husband and I are shopping around for a home loan. Due to your information, we will never use Countrywide. I will tell my friends and family never to use Countrywide. Thank You. 

*These are just a few of the many horrific stories I have received since the creation of this Website.  I will post more as I get them.  Please check back at a later time to view more letters I may receive.