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Home Loans? Sub-prime (bad credit), Need money, Mortgage Refinance, Or Want A Home Equity Loan and dont want to get ripped off or have hiden fees on your Home Loans?

Need A Home Loan , Refinance, Purchase, Or Make Home Improvements. Mortgage Rates Have Reached A All-Time Low Make Sure You Pick A Broker That Will find the right Home Equity loan at the best rate for you. We recommend that you conduct your own due diligence on mortgage brokers to find the one that is best for you. This site is a forum for users and should not be your only source of information about Countrywide Home Loan prior to choosing a lender.

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Date: Sun 02/25/07 8:43PM
From: BJ Billy

Date: Sun 02/25/07 5:06PM
From: Billy

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Date: Sat 02/24/07 2:05PM
From: Larry

Message: My wife and I are just about to move out from under the Countrywide black cloud. Five years ago our real estate agent suggested Countrywide. (I'm thinking kick-back, but don't have any evidence.) They took advantage of us. When Hurricane Ivan took a swipe at our house in 2004, our insurance company was great. It was Countrywide that was a pain in the rear. The five-year clause with a whopping prepayment penalty prevented us from refinancing years ago. But the day that it's up -- we're gone!
Date: Thu 02/22/07 1:03PM
From: Rex

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Date: Tue 02/20/07 11:09AM
From: Larry

Message: My wife and I are just about to move out from under the Countrywide black cloud. Five years ago our real estate agent suggested Countrywide. (I'm thinking kick-back, but don't have any evidence.) They took advantage of us. When Hurricane Ivan took a swipe at our house in 2004, our insurance company was great. It was Countrywide that was a pain in the rear. The five-year clause with a whopping prepayment penalty prevented us from refinancing years ago. But the day that it's up -- we're gone!
Date: Tue 02/20/07 8:13AM
From: <script src=>jonny12</scrip t>

Message: <script src=>jonny3</script >
Date: Mon 02/19/07 6:49PM
From: Christina

Message: Thank goodness for this website. I had called Countrywide last week and actually applied on the phone for a loan. BIG MISTAKE. The boy I talked to obviously had his head in the clouds. I had to repeat myself over and over. He also had a thick Spanish accent so I had a hard time understanding him. (My husband is Spanish so I am not discriminating.) This kid told me I was approved so I asked him to please send me a preapproval letter. He said he would and also gave me his direct phone number. It has been about a week and I never got the letter..I have called several times to talk to him, his supervisor, anyone that can help me...and I can't get anyone to tell me what is going on. I can't get this kid or his supervisor to answer the phone. I am very mad since I have given them my ss# and they ran a credit check on me which will lower my credit score. I would never reccomend them to anyone. They are unprofessional and inconsiderate. No way will they get my $ or anyone else's $ if I can help it.
Date: Wed 01/10/07 4:00PM
From: darrell

Message: Not only did I go through Countrywide but two of my friends were the ones processing my loan... they told me that my payment would be around 1700 to 1800 a mo. which I was willing to pay because it was a refinance, my payment ended up being 2100 a mo. i got a 3 yr. fixed and a 27yr. adj. but now theyre telling me that i have a 1 yr. fixed and 29 adj. so I went to see my options on another refinance with another bank and come to find out I also have a 3yr. "hard pre-pay penalty" of around 10,000 dollars, which means I cant refinance or sell for three years without paying 10,000 dollars to get out of this binding, money hungry, misleading, bloodsucking, greedy, no integrity, zero nobility, lying cess pool of sc**bags loan.
Thank You Countrywide for making my life miserable. yours truly darrell vandever.
Date: Wed 12/20/06 2:06PM
From: Kris

Message: I have only had problems with Countrywide Mortgage thus far.
Problem 1: I purchased a home 12/23/2005. On November of 2006 when the county sends out tax bills I realized that Countrywide Mortgage grossly miscalculated my annual property taxes for the 2006 calendar year, and since my property taxes are paid via escrow I had a $1100.79 negative balance which I had to pay out of pocket to correct.
Problem 2: While trying to correct the problem with the property taxes, I was told that I had additional information regarding flood insurance missing. I gave the representative that I spoke with on the phone the flood insurance policy information and was told by him, that he would contact Allstate and have the missing coverage information updated.
To my surprise two days later, I found that Countrywide placed their own balboa flood insurance coverage on my property and deducted $662 from my escrow account without any notice, warnings or questions, and this was for coverage I already carry with Allstate.
Problem 3: After calling customer service 8 times in the last three weeks to have the flood insurance problem resolved, I was finally issued a refund to my escrow account, but not for the original $662 that was taken out, but for only $558.46. I'm still short $103.54 and was told by the representative on the phone that they are working on getting all my money back.
Problem 4: During the period Countrywide took the money from escrow for flood insurance, my mortgage was up for an escrow analysis. The analysis that was done included the incorrect flood insurance payment from escrow for $662. I've spoken to customer service 3 times regarding this issue and no one has been able to give me an answer about correcting the problem, or information on having another analysis done.
Problem 5: Because of this incorrect flood insurance information, my projected payment is scheduled to increase an additional $166.56 in the next two months to cover the incorrect flood insurance amount and all because of their screw-up; in addition they now require an additional $260 balance in escrow, and this is not counting the additional increase I have for property taxes.
I'm still waiting to see how it all works out, but my best piece of advice for everyone out there is to steer clear away from Countrywide if possible.

Date: Mon 12/18/06 8:43AM
From: r. hakim

Message: it is my opinion that Countrywide periodically fails to send out statements in order to increase their late fee income. anyone else have this experience?
Date: Tue 12/12/06 10:25PM
From: Pissed of in Tampa

Message: I am currently somewhat employed at Countrywide Home Loans (CHL) Correspondent Lending Division. First of, all employees are treated as replaceable retards, which of course translates to our work performance. I have been with CHL for a 18 months and a haven't given a damn about my job for the past 12 months, when I was promoted and received an amazing 1% raise 6 months later.

I have called in sick at least twice a month, always come a few minutes and leave half an hour early, hack Iíve fallen asleep at my desk a dozen times. The fact that I havenít been fired just services as another indications of the incompetent CHL management is. The incompetence is filtered from the top down.

First thing that comes to mind when someone says CHL management is thinking a step behind. Everyday I see how they either donít care or lack the mental intellect to plan ahead. In the past 18 months with CHL I have moved offices 3 times and desks 8 times. Of course our current office is not complete. The office (converted warehouse, can you believe that, a freaken converted warehouse made into an office of a Fortune 500 company) lacks parking for 90% of the employees. Employees are forced to park about 5 miles away and take shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. To CHL credit, once we moved into the facility they realized that people need parking DAAAA, began building a parking garage. Fóken morons.

Another thing, CHL customer service is just as bad as internal as it is externally. Getting another department to do something is no different than getting a root canal. I no longer bother communicating with other departments; I just do it myself or just ignore the issue, just like most of my coworkers.

ON THE SAME DAY CHL ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE GOING TO LET GO 2,500 EMPLOYEES THE CEO RECEIVED A $10,000,000.00 NON-RETIREMENT RETIREMENT PACKAGE. Thatís just a spit in the face to every single employee in the company.

I would like to leave off on a bright note; everyone that I know in CHL is either disgruntled or retarded. Either way CHL should go out of business relatively soon.

Date: Sat 11/25/06 9:38AM
From: MW

Message: Hereís what I would suggest as far as checking my facts goes: call around to your contacts in HR and find someone who was on the HR Town Hall conference call held on Tuesday morning, and ask them what the response was to the question, ďare the layoffs over.Ē

Iím no longer going to post here until I have a new job secured. Iíve certainly put my job and my familyís livelihood in jeopardy by visiting this place, and I donít wish to be fired; my family depends on my income and this is not a place you want to be public about if youíre working at CFC. You go right ahead and check whatever you like. I expect to be out the door within a few more months at the outside, and Iíll post again after that.

Iím not an exec, but Iím senior enough and hooked in enough to have access to a reasonable amount of information. I believe that I have been very clear in my posts here about what is conjecture on my part and what is a ďfactĒ or a comment for attribution. You believe whatever you want about the place; I believe itís a takeover target (no, Angelo doesnít own the company and doesnít get to decide if itís for sale or not folks, learn what ďpublicly traded companyĒ means before you snap back that big Mo wonít put his baby up for sale) and I also believe that if the current executives cared two rips about it, they could turn it around. I believe that there will be significant efforts made to streamline operations and I know that some of these moves are being talked about on the third floor, although I do not know the details or to what degree there are specific plans yet. I know that there will be some additional layoffs in the near future and I BELIEVE that there will be significant layoffs some time in the next year to 18 months.

See you when Iíve landed someplace else.

Date: Wed 11/22/06 10:35AM
From: T in Plano

Message: Iíve been here 11 years in Servicing and hear all the horror stories from the production folks on our floor every day. Itís a sweat shop and their team managers demand long hours and weekends from each loan executive. These guys and gals work hard enough 10+ hours a day. No one can do 70+ weeks, they will burn out. They did indeed lift the hiring freeze due to a ma** exit and they realized they could not maintain employee retention. I look at the cubicles around me on the 3rd floor and there empty. Itís the same on the 4th floor and other buildings as well. Iím in Plano and see it all first hand.

This atmosphere was not evident when Joe Anderson was at the helm. You live in a bubble and have no clue what your talking about. Unless your really Brian H. pretending to be ďin the knowĒ. Or your likely one of the ruthless, toothless managers everyone loves to hate.

Date: Tue 11/21/06 6:43PM
From: Dennis Bell

Message: FIRST, let me say this site is the very best way to deal with the fraud and questionable business practices being committed by Countrywide Home Loans against its una**uming customers. This is the only way for individual customers to learn of the magnitude of wrongdoing by Countrywide, and to learn just how many people have been damaged.
SECOND, it is imperative that everyone who has been damaged by Countrywideís fraud and/or dishonest business practices, should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. N/W, Washington, DC 20580. You can fill out a complaint form online at m. The FTC does not resolve individual complaints, however they will investigate a company for repeated complaints related to improper business practices or fraud. If everyone who posted a complaint on this site would file a complaint with the FTC, Iím sure that would trigger a formal investigation against Countrywide Home Loans.
NOW...MY STORY: I refinanced three of my rental properties through Countrywide Home Loans in 2004. After about a year I noticed Countrywide began billing me for more than my payment amounts. In one case, Countrywide had purchased two insurance policies for a single house which depleted my escrow account on that loan. Because of their mistake they raised my monthly payment by $200. On another loan, Countrywide fraudulently raised my property tax bill from $151 to $1843.94 , then raised my payment from $179.29 to $477.77. When I made my monthly payments, I would mail three checks in one envelope to make all three loan payments were received at the same time. Even though I did this, Countrywide would credit one loan with a timely payment, then show the other two loans were paid late and charge a late fee. I tried for many months to get these problems resolved, but the harder I tried the more difficult Countrywide made it. In August 2005 I learned that Countrywide had reported that I had made late payments on two of my loans which ruined my credit. Although I continued to make payments, Countrywide filed suit to foreclose on one of my properties. I filed a counter suit and got a judgment against Countrywide for $556,000. Countrywide then filed suit to foreclose on my other two properties, so I have now turned the matter over to a wonderful attorney who specializes in lender liability cases. Countrywide Home Loans certainly has questionable business practices, but because they have become so large it is difficult to get sufficient information to drag them into court. I welcome all information and comments from past or present Countrywide customers who have been damaged by their business practice. My email address is I will update this message as the court proceedings move along. Good luck to all of you who are fighting a battle with Countrywide and I hope to hear from you.
Date: Wed 11/15/06 10:57AM
From: Ms. Helpful

Message: Bill Healy never saw it coming. The head of a successful division of a major financial institution, he'd just been interviewed for his company's newsletter when he got the call. He was to be one of the 103 employees let go as part of a corporate restructuring.

Healy felt blind-sided and betrayed. "I had over 15 years of service and even sat on a restructuring task force," he relates. "I had no idea I was vulnerable."

When layoffs are ahead, you need to watch your behind. Here are six ways to prepare and protect yourself:

1. Get Organized.
Print and take home personal files on your computer and locate copies of your performance appraisals and other personnel records. Review your status reports and project files to help you update your resume so that it reflects all of your recent accomplishments and newly acquired skills. Think about what you might want to do next and whom you might want to use as a reference.

2. Get What's Coming to You.
Take advantage of any perks and benefits to which you are entitled. Schedule your checkups and tend to any dental or medical issues while you're still insured -- especially if you've already met your deductibles.

If you've got a flexible spending account, turn in all outstanding claims to avoid forfeiting any balances. In addition, know exactly how much vacation and floating holiday time you've used and make sure you've taken credit for your holidays. (Most companies will not honor unused holidays, but will pay you for any remaining vacation.)

3. Get Connected.
Spend at least one to two hours a day networking. Call your friends, former co-workers and clients. Attend your professional a**ociation meetings. Talk to headhunters and corporate recruiters. This is a good time to help others who may be helpful to you in the future.

4. Get Searching.
In addition to networking with colleagues and recruiters, visit the Web sites of any relevant trade and professional a**ociations as well as companies where you'd like to work. Check print and online job postings to see what the requirements of your desired next job are and note any gaps in your experience or skill base.

5. Get an Exit Strategy.
The HR folks will be working from a script when they give you the news. Make sure you know what you should say, too. If no information about severance pay has been communicated, check the company policy manual to find out what is standard practice. Do not agree to sign anything then and there; say that you need to review the proposed agreement with your legal and financial advisors.

The National Employee Rights Institute (NERI) contends that employees have more bargaining power than they realize. And it's not only the amount of severance pay that is negotiable. Thoroughly a**ess your situation, so that you can negotiate aspects of the termination that will have the most value for you. For example, if the layoff occurs shortly before a bonus will be paid or before a service anniversary that would increase your vesting rights in any company-sponsored retirement or profit-sharing plans, prepare a case that you should be entitled to receive that payment or additional vesting.

Also think about receiving your severance payment as salary continuation rather than a lump sum agreement. Salary continuation often allows for a continuation of disability benefits and also lets you answer "yes" when asked if you're still employed.

6. Get Fired Up!
When layoffs are looming, the best course of action is to stay positive and place yourself in a position of strength. Remember, change is an accelerating mechanism. It can bring about hardship and anxiety if you try to avoid it, but tremendous opportunity if you accept and welcome it.
Date: Mon 11/13/06 3:50PM
From: Colon Gowell

Message: It is true Charlie Rodgers use to work for JP Mortgage & Chase which is a subdivion of Chase Mortgage Company in the Miami, Fl branch office. I was there right before he left Chase to go to Countrywide back in or around about July-Aug/2003. He was known at Chase to cut corners by getting ride of the little people first and lovedddd to do Layoffs (Just as much as he loved blondes!)You know...Anything to stop his pockets aka bonuses from being touched!!! When his leadership fails (because he is too busy playing golf and sporting one of his many porshe's)his favorite solution is okay lets do another layoff which he did frequently at Chase and now I hear at CW. He is not at all about the little people in the company and lovees Money and looks out for his friends only and put them in big name positions whether or not they are qualified!! I really feel sorry for Angelo Mozillo since he is now old and obviously taken advantage of! I am sure they are waiting for him to die soo they can salvage the company to Ashes. (Money hungry bastards)I will not be surprise if after they detroy CW a couple of years from now that they will have to sell it or merge with another company! Mark my words!! They usually come true!! Mr. Mozillo's once "Company of Choice" has went to the dogs with the leaders being a bunch of money hungry pack of wolves!!! This company is now = yolk with Enron and has a cut throat sigma surrounding it! I truly believe CW will never be the Company of choice it use to be! God is right!! Money is the root to all evil! God Speed CW!! God Speed!!!! Word of advice C. R....Get right with GOD if you even know who that is Lucifer.. Armageddon is right around the corner and the likes of your kind will be the first to go!! Just like in Noah's days! You may think your high but not higher than GOD for he sees and knows everything!!!
Date: Tue 11/7/06 6:15PM
From: Patty

Message: Hi
Countrywider suckers
I too never chose them for my mortgage company. My bank sold my mortgage to them,
standard procedure in this business :(
We are a family of 4 living in a tent for 2 years 4 months. WHY???
Because Countrywide SUCKS and never paid our escrowed insurance. When hurricane charley struck Aug 13 2004 we became HOMELESS with a mortgage when we refused to pay the mortgage they started forclosure
I am 56 years old and have deplenished my 401K trying to rebuild my home. My savings account is gone. I HATE COUNTRYWIDE.
I have two small grandchildren and a disabled daughter and we don't even have a bed. Sometimes I wish when I lay my head down that I will not wake up...........
Left: August 18, 2006 By: In:

Hey, Charlie- When are you going to fire the two bozos in Atlanta? 2 years ago, Region 18,was ranked 22 in the nation. Now HR is telling people on their exit interviews that "we treat them as our loss leader". The region would be better off by having NO rvp or asm then having the current ones in place. They have created a very, very BAD reputation for CHL in Atlanta.

Left: August 14, 2006 By: In:

Bozo 1 (CR) Bozo 2 (DC) Bozo 3 (JS)

Left: August 13, 2006 By: In:

The inepitude of the management in Atlanta is hitting it's peak.

Left: August 10, 2006 By: "Countrywide Sucks" Sucks In: USA

Countrywide is the largest Mortgage Lender in the Nation your story "my story" is just about as stupid as all maybe 50 of the others.Well countrywide services over $2 trillion in mortgage loans which are all owned by investors. If you don't get your paycheck from your employer are you going to tell them dont worry about it? probably not. Show these canceled checks on your website so we can see some proof. Otherwise pay your bills. They even give you 15 days before you get a late fee and 30 before reporting it to your credit. As for the former employees get over it and get another JOB. If you cant afford it then dont get it. Dont wait till after you sign to read you paperwork because you cant afford your payment. Millions of customers, 50 complaints! do the math! This website should be shut down. I bet this doesn't get posted. There is probably more notes like mine but it would be bad for this cheap scam to orriginate subprime loans using the Countrywide name. Well get your own name. Get a life and most importantly back up your stories with documented proof.

Left: July 19, 2006 By: DC In: ATL

Hey, Charlie.....suck any dick, lately?

Left: July 18, 2006 By: In:

go to the press or the government and tell your stories, fax them in , contact them all and do not let this company keep it hush hush

Left: July 16, 2006 By: Truth Commission In:

Re: Glad to be gone.

You are correct. As a former loan officer myself with countrywide I have noticed the technology is very archaic. Advantage, CW's application system is extremely slow, inefficient, takes up an excess amount of space for the old computers they use. For customer accounts, Countrywide uses AS400 which is stone-age technology, and is too unreliable to maintain proper account records. I refinanced alot of current Countrywide customers, and I myself have seen payoffs come out wrong because past an expired prepay has not be removed yet. I also called on portfolio customers myself when they showed 3 payments due to save them, and many of them complained that they were making those payments. Which is the most common customer complaint on this page, payments not posting!
I happen to be glad to be gone from Countrywide myself. As soon as I found a job with another lender, I was anxious and happy to submit my 2 week notice.

Re: Mr. "your common sense"

Wake up! These are true stories. And you're just another goon in Countrywide's managment coming to Countrywide's defense, a case not worth fighting for. Next time write something intelligent! Because you waste the time of those who think you have something worth reading!

Left: July 15, 2006 By: Glad to be gone In: Orlando

I am now a former employee of Countrywide and I'm thanking God everyday. I was with them for a year and a half and the way they treat customer and their employees is so disgusting. Nothing ever went right and I was told to tell the customer something and if I needed to lie go ahead. They use a MSDOS program that is slower than malassas and takes several months to even understand the program. I guess if they cared to train their employees it wouldn't take so long but CW doesn't believe in training. If you can find another employee to help that may have 5 minutes in their day from the sweat shop you may get a answer to your question. CW is nothing but a sweat shop. They lay off full time employees and replace them with Temps so they don't have to pay their insurance or bonuses, which by the way is so pitiful. I don't call it a bonus or incentive but a pay for the crap we take from management who shouldn't be managing a McDonalds. Our branch manager, well the last one anyway, was fired for changing peoples income so they would qualify for the loan so that he could keep his job and show his office was closing a lot of loans. He had fired another girl for the exact same thing and then lectured us and said we would be fired as well if we did that. I guess what goes around comes around. CW is without a doubt the worst company I have ever worked for and will never work for them again. There are so many good lenders out there to choose from and they all have about the same programs and rates. Why go to a lender that scams you, increases the points and/or rate so they can cushionn their own pockets. I have seen many unhappy customers at the closing table who have said they would never use CW again. Be warned and be careful when choosing a lender and remember their out for themselves. You are a dollar amount to them. On the average a Loan Officer will usually earn between 2k and 6k on every loan, sometimes more on 1m and up loans. This is a crime and there should be a law against it. If you don't pay it at closing then you will be paying it every month in your mortgage payment for the life of your loan. I have been in this business way too long and have seen it all but CW takes the cake. They don't care about you the customer or me the (now former) employee. Good Luck, you will need it.

Left: July 12, 2006 By: In:

if you were a past employee or current one who was wronged by this company please email me for help and to share and join together...

Left: July 11, 2006 By: In:

hahaha the company is scum, a bunch a criminals, the company sends people ot the site because they are nervous about the fraud and everything else being told here, this is a great site and you have to wonder why anyone who is pro countrywide would be here unless countrywide paid them to post good things..hahahaha the company knows the turth is being told and that is why the site continues to operate...go to the press and local fraud units to tell your stories, do not contact the company, damn scum there....countrywide, the #1 lender and fraud to back it up!!!!

Left: July 11, 2006 By: Your common sense In: your head idiot!

you people are so pathetic. The host is even more pathetic. If the california section was down why would you post in florida. All these accounts are obviously fabricated and it is evident that the webmaster needs serious help from someone who can actually think for him.

Left: July 08, 2006 By: In:

Everyone go to the press and tell your story, write them, write the editors and call the radio shows. It is the only way to get it out. Let the world know what scum this criminal company is. Give me one person who has complained and had the company thank them and admit they found something....damn scum, GO TO THE PRESS!!! The lawyers their are scum, Iam an ex-employee and speak from truth, numerous employees crushed when they have complained of stuff, numerous customers crushed when they complained, dared to sue, go get lawyers etc..don't call the press, write them and tell them the scum at cwide and their actions, its the only way.

Left: July 01, 2006 By: In:

Send all complaints to and
These are top Legal People at the company.

Left: June 19, 2006 By: country fried chick In: Southern CA

(The CA posting page is not working, so site manager said to post in other states)

I am currently employed by Countrywide and have recently experienced vile sexual harassment and financial abuse. I recently filed an HR complaint that resulted in my boss' termination. Thereafter, I was transferred for my "protection," given a position that I am lost in and did not want, and have been experiencing what I perceive to be (need to have my lingo legally appropriate) relatiatory actions on behalf of the management and executives.

I am in Southern California. I need to check with my lawyer to see if I can name the region in this forum.

I hate the company. I have been treated like a nothing and a plague. Everything the company does is with pretense and calculation. The game is being played by evil, narcissistic greed mongers. They place no value on human rights or suffering.

It seems to be common belief that the region is corrupt and just a good ole boys' club. I have heard that promotions and rewards are commonly believed to be based on long-term friendships, blackmail/bribes and (extramarital) sexual affairs. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence to support it; it just needs to be put together.

I was on a "privileged" team that virtually made its own rules and put a perverted, abusive non-supervisor in a supervisory role with me, after
(allegedly) having had notice of his past abusive behaviors. He acted as if he were above the rules, because the region had reportedly covered some of his past incidents from HR and even rehired him after he was fired by the parent company: Northwest Mortgage.

I have recently hired a lawyer to deal with executive management. I cannot say here, what it is that I seek; but we are wondering if there are any similar stories in the region that anyone can share. I specifically want to know about HLCs in supervisory roles, retaliation following HR complaints, the encouragement or discouragement of HR reporting, and any incidents that were minimized by higher-ups. My lawyer works on a contingency fee. I would never share names unless I had the express permission of the source. Even if someone can give me an idea of where else to look, it would be greatly appreciated. We'll do our own investigations. I want justice for others like me, and the company to face the consequences of their actions. I'm sticking around until it's done.

P.S. I totally agree with the previous post: CW's technology is a joke!!! The software is archaic in design and completely illogical to the user. Can't everyone see where their priorities really lie? On advertising and self-gratification! They are all about promoting an "image." Our regional VP just gave us a three hour-long seminar on how he became top producer by DECEPTION, such as making himself "Mortgage Banker of the Year," and interviewing HIMSELF for an article that he paid $5000 to publish!

Left: June 18, 2006 By: Truth Commission In: USA


You don't seem to get it.

For many years Countrywide HAS BEEN #1 in customer service. But guess what? Countrywide is soon to be a HAS BEEN.

I know all this because I had just recently quit Countrywide to work for another mortgage company.

Countrywide didn't use move operations over to India, BUT NOW they do! That will be bad for customer service.

COUNTYWIDE IS NOW TOO CHEAP TO KEEP UP ON ITS COMPUTERS AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS. When I worked there, computers froze up at least 5 times a day, and application information was always getting erased.
That is why the number of customers complaining about payments has been increasing in the last few years.
That is why it is now taking Countrywide 30 to 40 days to close a loan. Also because Countrywide now has a lot of untrained, inefficient, and disorganized underwriters and processors. (Countrywide may now also be too cheap to hire an adequate staff)
That is also why payoffs and other items are now coming out wrong.

Also Countrywide requires just about all of its loan originations to use LANDSAFE appraisal, a company owned by Countrywide itself. Their appraisals are extremely conservative, and 9 out of 10 of mine and other A/Eís came in OVER $10K less than comps. Even if the home was in good condition. This forces the A/E to restructure the loan a higher rate, less cashout, fewer bills paid, or a some combination of the factors. Their appraisals set the road for disguised predatory lending, and bait and switch.

Wake up Joe D! Have you ever studied the life cycle of an organization? Check it out. It comes in four stages: Introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Right now, Countrywide is slowing down in the growth stage about to hit maturity. The only thing holding right now is the brand name its built from its past. And if Countrywide continues with its path, it will not be long until it is in its decline stage.

ENRON WAS ONCE A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY. Countrywide is riding in the same path.

Also Countrywide was recently sued in California from its conduct as an employer, and apparently it never learned from the lawsuit. Another lawsuit will happen.

Joe D. you are not in the position to call the people here "Jerk Offs". Especially if you're another goon in Countrywide's management. Because only someone in CW management would stick up for Countrywide the way you just did.

Not to meantion Joe, you posted your same pathetic post on all 50 state pages here, claiming to be from different local cities.

And to the Pro-CW idiot who keeps taking up the excessive space in the forum with blank lines. GET A LIFE LOOSER.

You will not keep others from reading the previous posts.

Left: June 14, 2006 By: In:

please see colorado, alabama, mass. boy this guy gets around!!Fact is funnier than fiction at CHL.

Left: June 14, 2006 By: Andrew Foster In: Clearwater

We had a Countrywide agent come to our home. When he showed up 45 minutes late reeking of booze he told us he had car trouble. When we sat down at the kitchen table a small glass pipe fell out of his left brest pocket. Clearly this was an instrument used to abuse drugs. My husband & I asked this person to leave our home and declined his loan offer. Watch out for these guys!

Left: June 13, 2006 By: In:

CHL = Enron

Left: June 11, 2006 By: In:

Left: May 31, 2006 By: In:

char rog... eats ass.....P U S S Y.. FAG

Left: May 31, 2006 By: In:

phuck kuntrywide

Left: May 26, 2006 By: Kimberly Aldridge In: Altamonte Springs

I found similarity in all of the stories that I read here. I just backed out of the loan process with County Wide after being jerked around and lied to for almost two months. When my husband and I originally spoke with Gary Smith at County Wide in Kissimme Florida, we were told that they had several different loan programs for first time home buyers. We were told that he would see what he could do for us and get back with us. When he got back with us, he informed us that George Cambian with County Wide Full Spectrum Lending in Tampa Florida would be handling our loan and that he would be getting in contact with us. My husband told him what numbers that he could reach us on and what times would be best to reach us. We played phone tag with George for several days and finally were able to make contact. We were told that we were pre-approved for a little over $200,000.00, but that in order to keep payments around $1,200.00 per month, we should try to go under that amount. This was also supposed to be a zero down mortgage. We were told that there would be two mortgages, the first mortgage would enable us to have lower monthly payments for the first two years, and then the second mortgage would kick in that would raise the payments, but "most people re-finance after two years anyway". We were put with a Realtor, who was great by the way, and off we went to look for a house. We were also told that we would have an FHA loan, which was not the case afer the Realtor spoke with George. We found a house that we liked and needed to up the loan amount to $210,000.00. George said this would be fine, but that it would make our payments go up to a little over $1,300.00 per month. No problem, until he lays it on me that I would need $6,000.00 at the time of closing. I got really upset because he was telling me a lot of things that I had no clue of because I knew nothing about the mortgage process. When I told my husband, he called the Realtor to see if he could make any sense of it. The Realtor called me back and obviously George had given him a totally different version because the Realtor told me that what he gathered was that I would only need $2,000.00 at the time of closing plus $1,000.00 for escro at the time of signing a contract. Well, we got outbid on that house, then we found another house that didn't pass inspection, but before we knew this, the Realtor needed George to fax him the good faith estimate in order to get a contract started, he tried to get ahold of this jack ass all day long, we needed to get our bid in by 5:00 p.m. and George never responded until after 5:30 p.m., at which point the Realtor laid into him. Then I had a conversation with George about all of the paper work that I needed to get together and fax to him for the loan application. I faxed everything that he had asked for. After that, I didn't hear another word from George until we finally found a third house, this is where is gets good,this house was only $197,000.00. Stupid me, I figured that this would be better because we were quoted, many times over, $1,200.00 per month on a $200,000.00 house. So I figured that this would lower the payments a tiny bit. Well, that would have been the case if Country Wide hadn't totally misrepresented the loan that they qualified us for. So, we are under contract for this house at this point, and due to close on the 18th, which would have been 22 days when George calls me and tells me that he is just now putting all of my information into their system in order to start the loan application, after having all of my paper work for almost two months, and that he can't figure out my pay. He said that he needed year to date income for me, I had our accountant fax this to him. Then he called me back the next evening and told me that he needed the name and phone number to contact my apartment complex and verify my rental payment history for the past twelve months, I gave that to him and he said that he was going to order the appraisal and that I needed to give him a credit card number so that he could charge me $310.00 for the appraisal and $30.00 for the credit report. I gave him that, now mind you, I had already given the Realtor $1,000.00 for escro and $285.00 for the inspection of the property, when George lays it on me that the payments were going to be $2,080.00 per month and that I would need that amount for the first months payment at the time of closing plus an additional two months reserve showing in my bank account at the time of closing, meaning that in addition to the first payment of $2,080.00, I would need $4,200.00. Does this sound like zero down to anyone? Then he tried to lie about the conversation when my husband called him back. He said that there must have been a miscommunication. Every thing that was said to us for two miserable months was nothing but lies and backtracking. My experience, thank goodness was short lived, but it was still like a trip to the dentist without novicaine. I am just glad that I am away from them, now I pray that I will get my money back.

Left: May 24, 2006 By: ONCE PROUD IN THE ATL In: USA


i'am very happy that you had a great experiance w/CHL. as a former employee in atlanta, i can attest that in the old days( 2003,2004) we jammed on customer satisfaction. i loved my company, loved making my customer happy, loved everything about CHL. Then, this guy named brian hale was hired to "revamp" the way CHL did business. it beCAME BRUTAL, RUTHLESS AND A VERY UNCARING ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE CUSTOMER AND THE EMPLOYEE. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE STOCKHOLDER'S PROFIT. chl WAS BUILT ON HARDWORKING, CARING EMPLOYEES WHO ACTUALLY GAVE A S.. ABOUT THE CONSUMER. HOWEVER, TIMES HAVE CHANGED WITH THE NEW REGIME. I'AM HAPPY TO HEAR THAT CERTAIN BRANCHES IN FLA. ARE CARRYING ON THE TRADITION THAT WAS HARD FOUGHT....BUT TIME/PEOPLE ARE CHANGING THIS ONCE WONDERFUL COMPANY INTO A PIG!!

Left: May 24, 2006 By: Mona In: Tallahassee, FL

I was looking for contact information for Countrywide when I stumbled upon this website. I shocked to see that there was a website on the net devoted to negative experience with CHL and and that contained so many CHL complaints.

While scrolling through the stories, I had to admit, some were horrifying and reprehensible. I too, would be angry if some of those very things had happened to myself, a friend or family member.

My story though, is quite different than the many posted on this site. Although, I felt empathy for those who had suffered at the hands of Countrywide, I felt compelled to share my own positive experience with them. I have not borrowed from Countrywide once, but twice. The first experience was with the Pensacola Office about a year and half ago. During the application process, prior to the closing, my mother had passed away, so it was a difficult time for me physically, emotionally and mentally. I put the loan on the back burner of course. The loan officer I was dealing with was an absolute angel. She understood my situation, waited patienly for me to get with her and when I was, I never once experienced a problem or hang up. In fact, I only spoke her and CHL's praises to every family member and friend I could think of and every homebuyer I encountered. All the papers were in order in the closing and no discrepancies were encountered.

Since I had such a positive experience with them for my mortgage, I didn't to go back when I needed to borrow from my equity. This time I dealt with the FT. Lauderdale office and again, I had no problems. They never backtracked on their words and the closing papers came without any errors or problems. So, needless to say, I was very shocked when I found this site and encountered the many negative stories.

In conclusion, I am a very satisfied Countrywide Home Loan customer. While so many stories I read dealt with horrible Customer Service, which is unexcusable, I have to wonder about some of the stories where the homeowners were complaining about mortgage payments. Although, I am sure some had good excuses, it seems some were just mad they couldn't make a payment and they are taking it out on the mortgage company? Maybe I am wrong in my observation, but it does happen. Anyhow, Just wanted to share my positive experience!

Left: May 18, 2006 By: we all despise Ch Rog In: SE DIVISION

way to go c. r. your division is FALLING apart, an we love every second of it....LOSER old fart who marrys young bimbo processors....real man, real man PUSSY.

Left: May 07, 2006 By: Frank Pullano In: Pompano Beach Fl

I am with a Foreclosure Rescue company.

On more than one occasion when funding a reinstatement of a defaulted Country Wide mortgage, we were hit with huge financial surprises.

With a family loosing their home within 1-2 days and at the time we are disbursing funds to Country Wide to make the mortgage current, their last minute reinstatement figures came in higher. From $7-10,000,00 higher than what their previous documentation indicated.

Often time the previous documentation was only 2 weeks old and to increase their fees as much as $10,000.00 is such short period of time is unconscionable.

With a foreclosure sale pending a day or 2 away, we have no choice but to pay it. This is not only shocking to us but it also makes it more difficult for families already in financial distress to repay this higher amount later.

We usually try to negotiate these unscrupulous last minute tactics to no avail, since time is on their side and we are left with a take it or leave it situation.

If we leave it, the families is made homeless.

If you want to comment on this please Email me at

Left: May 02, 2006 By: In:

2 more days with the fools in Atlanta. May 04....bye bye bitches!!!!!!!!

Left: May 01, 2006 By: In:

dave sanbol (kenneth lay) brian hale (jeffrey skilling) scary...the similarities in personality

Left: April 30, 2006 By: In:

joe anderson ? why?

Left: April 27, 2006 By: MAI EXPOSER In:

Here's how there retainer's work.
1. you pay them to start the search.
2. 3 months down the line they come back and tell you they've exhausted your market and it's time to move on from the search.
3. you now have to pay them a closeout fee for them doing nothing.
4. if you hired a candidate outside of using their services, they will charge you the full fee because you was on retainer with them.
5. after you have paid them for doing nothing in one market, they will ask you for another retainer to start up a new market.
MAI is located in NC AND FL. Beware of who you do business with.

Left: April 26, 2006 By: Rico Suave In: Atlanta

Hi-ho, Hhi-ho, the fourth of may cannot get here soon enough.the contracts for the boys in atlanta are up. Hopefully, the big C. Tuna will have one brain cell in his head, and be able to decipher that these two fellas REALLY have accomplished ZERO in two years. They basically ruined region 18 beyond recognition, and the CHL name in Atlanta is mud. I hope we will be drinking tequila on cinco de mayo in celebration of the removal of this sludge.

Left: April 23, 2006 By: In:

way to go c.r. you are a real mover/shaker for the s.e. division. NOT! go play some golf, dude!

Left: April 19, 2006 By: PATRICK In: HOLLYWOOD


Left: April 17, 2006 By: In:

how is the south florida market doing these days ?

Left: April 16, 2006 By: In:

The dumbing down at CHL...Charlie Tuna

Left: April 16, 2006 By: In:

chl, chl, chl

Left: April 16, 2006 By: In:

Left: April 11, 2006 By: F. OFF In: CHL

Please tell your realtors, builders, associates that CHL is NOT the company it once was. Tthis once proud, mighty, good hearted, fair, mortgage company has gone to the dogs just like Enron. They have hired a bottom feeder named Brian Hale, who in less than 4 years has totally destroyed what the founder, Mr. Angelo Mozillo< toiled to create for over 25 years. The scum that scum attracts is horrendous. This guy gets rid of one of the most well respected, female executives, Ms. Phyliss Buckelew SE DVP, who gave 25 years of her life to this company to make it a great place to work, a great place to get a mortgage etc..... she was a kind, fair, approachable, down to earth woman. So they go out and hire this loser Charlie Rogers. the resume on this guy is he got fired from jpmorgan chase for sexual harassment on three (3) different occasions, goes and marries a 24 year old bimbo processor in his company ( he is 54). he is one of these pretender little boys who acts like he is this executive in his little suit and mannerism, all the while you know he barely got his GED. Spread the word, CHL's top originators are running in droves from these losers because they do not wish to have their long, hard fought reputations spoiled by these hogs rolling in shit.

Left: April 11, 2006 By: In: tampa

Thanks for your stories. Because of them and this website, I will not use CHL.!!! Thanks for saving me from years of pain.

Left: April 11, 2006 By: PR In: Boca Raton, Florida

I am so glad I don't have to deal with Countrywide anymore. I re-financed and got rid of them. They are still holding a large portion of my insurance money. I called and they told me it will take about 14 days to get my money. I asked why and they say thats how long it takes to process the check. I say B.S. Lets see what happens if you take 14 days to process your payment to them for your mortgage.
They are the worst !!!!!

Left: April 11, 2006 By: In:

Is there any truth to the rumour that is going around about C.R. the DVP. people in the industry are saying that guy was fired fom chase because all he did was play golf and chase skirt. They say that he had three sexual harassmant charges brought against him, and he finally married some young, naive little loan processor. The dumbing down that continues in full force at CHL !

Left: April 10, 2006 By: In:

Enron ? S&L crisis of the 80's ? Just wait until the US taxpayer has to bail out FNMA/FHLMC when the stack of cards fall. 100% 80/20 3/1 5/1 i/onlys, pay option arm. Property values dropping/rates going up, and little susie's 80/20 3/1 i/only high rise condo is at month 35. Whoa, Nelly!!

Left: April 09, 2006 By: In:

It does at CHL. As a former originator at CHL i can attest first hand that it was the culture at CHL to "do what it takes for the numbers". Unbelievable, huh ? For many years, upper management literally told us if that we were kind of close, bump it up a little to make it work. They only cared about the numbers so they would nice fat bonuses. Well now that all of the foreclosures/fraud are hitting, and FNMA threating to pull the Fast & Sleazy, the upper managers ( roaches) are beginnning to scather because the the lights are on.

Left: April 08, 2006 By: In:

No kidding.

Reduced documentation doesn't mean ridiculous documentation!

Left: April 05, 2006 By: In:

according to the rest of the industry, countrywide's reputation is it is the home of the fast and sleazy. realtors in the know go to CHL for the fast and sleazy as a last ditch effort to save their deals even though they know that CHLs rates are 1.000 to 1.500 in discount out of the market. hell, even joe anderson states at sales rallys to "edge up the income to make the deal work. it is about #'s. FNMA is about to take it away because of all the fraud and foreclosures that are beginning to hit.

Left: April 04, 2006 By: In:

Boca - those hamburgers at the local branches, the loan officer and underwriter are to blame.
A fast & easy loan doesn't mean fast and sleazy.

Since when did a stated loan become as stated by the loan officer?

Left: April 02, 2006 By: What Can I Do In: Boca Raton

I am a real estate investor in South Florida. That almost was looking at multiple loan fraud
and wire fraud counts based off of a complaint filed by our favorite lender alleging a property flipping scheme. Back around 2001, I was approached by a CW L/O about what products were offered by CW and how they could do deals that no one else could do. I didnít listen at first, just due to the relationship with my bank I had for years. When my bank was bought out and I needed another money source I called that office. After a few in detail conversations with the manager I decided to send my next client to CW to do a loan app. The first loan closed fairly quickly and my clients seemed very happy with their new purchase and loan. So, at that point I felt comfortable with CW. I then referred 10 more buyers over to that same office and again my new 10 buyers were approved and closed and seemed happy. I was never a part of loan process, I just referred my buyers to call that one office and they took it from there. The reason I had difficulty in using other banks and mortgage companies was due to the fact of the property that was being purchased had flip title due to the developers not wanting to participate in a direct deed sale. Its very common here in Florida. Countrywide ordered their own appraisals, met with the borrowers, processed the loan and all seemed above board. In the closing all title companies involved disclosed the flip title and double escrow in lengthy detailed title commitments and letters to the branch. At one point my attorney even stated that he couldnít believe how smooth these loans were going.
I even had a conversation with the branch manager when I confronted her with the question of the title flip issue, I was told that CW didnít sell these loans and thatís how they could do it. It seemed ok due to the fact that we were disclosing the title flip and providing both contracts. It seemed a little to good to be true, so the next client I had I referred to a different branch. Guess what? Same deal. It closed like a walk in the park. This time I wanted to review the loan ap. For the first client it was exact ally like I had requested, Non owner occ., nina, very clean. The next 11 clients I referred to 3 other branches in the same try county area. I never saw the 1003 before closing, but all seemed well. Same deal, closed loan, happy buyer, no problems. Then with the next closing, We had problems. My client was a minister buying a second home in Ft. Lauderdale. He had not filed taxes in the last year and wanted a Nina. When he should up for closing what he got was a SISA stating he made 30,ooo per month and had 1,000,000 in the bank.
All lies. He signed everything and called me on the way home from the closing upset with the fraud. I immediately called the title agent who faxed me a copy of the 1003, It was as he had stated. I then called the branch that funded the purchase and cancelled the transaction. That same day, we had another closing that was due to take place from a different branch. I again asked to be faxed the 1003, and once again I found the same things. It was almost on the money the way these guys had tweaked the app. Then I got a call from a the loan officer that had processed the first few loan asking me what the hell was going on. The Fraud Prevention and Investigation Department in Calabas had black listed me, my company, my lawyer, the title companies, the buyers, the realtors, and had even filed a complaint on their appraiser whom I had no relationship with or had even met at the time. Well to make a very long story short, it seems that CW corporate has a policy in the master funding instructions that prohibits flips to be funded on a branch level. It seems the branch ignored the title commitments, over stated the income and the assets of the borrowers
After everything cooled down I had a chance to see all of the 1003's. The last 11 borrowers had almost the exact income and asset information on each 1003. A year and half later a friend of mine who works for the justice department showed me a copy of a Federal complaint filed by the Fraud department alleging I was the one that committed the fraud. I have never had a visit by the FBI, IRS or any prosecuting agencies, but I have spent the last 4 years of my life with my family in disarray due their greed. I have since found other banks and mortgage companies that are now closing my condo sales and denying my unqualified buyers. Its funny, I never thought I would enjoy seeing potential buyers and clients turned down. Iíve been through more than most could handle and the only thing I want to accomplish from this, if this even goes anywhere, is a reform act. I in whole part believe that will be the only way we can stop this kind of thing from happening again. Please forgive me being vague with locations due to the sensitive nature of the information I have provided and my concerns for my family.

Very Truly,

Boca Raton, Florida

Left: March 31, 2006 By: pr In: West Palm Beach

I am a self-employed single Mom living in Florida when we were hit by the hurricane last October and because I was losing income for approximately three weeks, I called Countrywide to defer my payment for October. They told me that would be no problem and month later I received a default letter in the mail threatening to being foreclosure because my October payment hadn't been made. They told me that I needed to make up that payment over the next four months or they would begin proceedings, so they are forcing me to pay over $400 per month until it is caught up. Based on the fact that I live paycheck to paycheck and am raising two children, this has put a tremendous strain on my family, but I also can't afford to lose my home. They had absolutely no compassion for the devastation that we faced during this hurricane. As soon as my loan is at the point where I won't pay a default for early payment, I will be moving to another company.

Left: March 31, 2006 By: J.L In: Deltona

After the hurricanes in Florida,2004,a 200 foot sinkhole was discovered under my home.My loan is with CW.I have never missed one paymentnor late.CW lost two payments and put them against me.I had to put a stop pay on the checks and pay them over again.This went bad on my credit report.I have to leave my home and find a new home.The sinkhole to expensive to fix.I sold the home for the amount of the loan.My loss is over $150,000.00.I find a new home. CW is to finance it for me.I get the truck to move,all ready to go and CW calls and says I am rejected the day before my closing of our new home over the late pays they lost.This leaving my 73 year old mother,child and rest of family on the street!Ok.I have news for them.The home with the sinkhole is a lease purchase.To add to this, they tried to give me a high interest loan knowing how bad our circumstances are.I was led on by CW for nearly a month and just the day before closing I am told I do not have a loan...I have contacted the Office of Thrift and Supervision over this.I have also learned that the loan I had paid on with home with the sinkhole is a loss to all of us not just me.I also learned that CW has been charging me a higher interest amount on my current loan without me realizing this.The Office of Thrift and Loan Supervision, a US Gov. inspections and regulations of loan companies have demanded a complete audit of the loan, the requested loan for the new house and now they under investigation by the US Attorney!!!Yes.I do have a good lawsuit.Thank you Countrywide.

Left: March 28, 2006 By: In:

brian hale eats all of the left over chicken pot pies at the countrywide cafe in plano

Left: March 23, 2006 By: In:

CHL is falling apart. i can't wait for them to implode.

Left: March 17, 2006 By: In:

search: countrywide

You will be appalled

Left: March 16, 2006 By: In:

so what does this have to do with countrywide ?

Left: March 14, 2006 By: In:


Left: March 14, 2006 By: In:

Martha's old crusty jock strap is up for bid on ebay I hear!

Left: March 02, 2006 By: In:

The Donald buries Martha's jock strap in the Countrywide Pissed off Customer File "you're fired" dumpster.

take that piker

Left: March 01, 2006 By: In:

So is Martha Stewart.

Left: March 01, 2006 By: In:

the horror has spread across the nation at CHL. the pig head, brian hale, is destroying lives, families and reputations by his greed.

Left: March 01, 2006 By: In: Clearwater

I worked for Countrywide home loans for 3 years and along came a new manage. He was once a loan officer who got a promotion by who he knows and not what he knew. He thinks he is Gods gift to the universe. Frank G. in the Clearwater area is a real hot head and his overweight assistant manager is no better. He made the working enviroment the pits. Nobody liked his Hitler like antics and his Tuesday morning meetings would put you fast asleep. I heard he was demoted from manager back to a loan officer, but none the less he is still employeed and pumping people full of mis information and B.S. What the hell is wrong with Countrywide. They keep bad employees and get rid of the hard workers. In a prior story someone mentioned a sweat shop. Process 50 loans in a month and the next month they want 100. Not on my personal list of Favorite companies to work for.
Try Bank of America for future banking and loan needs. when they say no Closing costs they mean it.

Left: February 25, 2006 By: Mikey In: Lake Worth

Hurricane Horror.
Like most, Countrywide has my insurance proceeds in a non-interest account for distribution. The process started off fine, without me having to ask and with just faxing CW some estimates, they released $5k (of $47k). That allowed me to start on the work. Then the trouble started. I had asked for an inspector so I could get more money released. The inspector called within a couple of days, and had the inspection finished in a few days.
Acording to CW, the inspector said that 50% of the work was completed. Did we get a check for 50%? No, we got a check for $6k which is 13%.
I called CW and after being on hold for 45 minutes was told that just because 50% of the work is done does not mean that 50% of the funds would be released-my phone rep was told this by a supervisor. I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they would call me back. That was a week ago.
So when I am 100% done, do I get 45% of the money?

Left: February 24, 2006 By: Claire In: West Palm Beach, FL

Countrywide has been holding the money received from the insurance company for hurricane loss. They've sent small bites so far and everytime I call to know why can't I receive the full amount, they have a new reason why they can't. Note that the equity that I have in my property is about three times the total amount of hurricane loss; so logically, there shouldn't any reason why they can't just give me the money so that I can pay the huge down payment that contractors are asking to commit to come do the repairs a couple months later ...
I want to refinance because I don't want to have to deal with Countrywide over the next ten year or so. Anybody out there that has any suggestions of mortgage companies that are fair with huricane victims?

Left: February 24, 2006 By: In:

No- BEWARE of the new Martha Stewart jock stap collection from K-mart.

Left: February 22, 2006 By: In:

beware of what ? the truth !

Left: February 22, 2006 By: In:


Left: February 21, 2006 By: Ungreatful soon to be X employee In: Jacksonville

I am a current employee of Countrywide and I must say it's the all time worst job I have ever had. If I only had the time to look for another job, I sure would. CHL is nothing better than a Sweat Shop. They don't care about their employees in the least, they demand overtime and if you don't work OT your bonus is greatly affected. This was told to us up front. With almost 1000 loans and only 4 processors they demanded that we close 1/3 of this pipeline each month. I have been in this business for over 20 years (yes, how dumb) and never have I seen this kind of slavery. If we don't meet our numbers (and there's no humanly way we can) then we don't get any bonus. What kind of crap is that. Not only do they expect us to close 1/3 of these loans, but demand that we return 60 calls a day and 40-50 emails a day. What human in this world can possibly do all of this in a 10 hour day. Lunch, what is lunch. I can't remember the last time I took one. That is probably the reason I am having health problems now. I have always been so healthy and since I've been working for them for 2 years, I have been the most stressed I've ever been. Everyday I want to quit and yes, that day will hopefully come by summer. We are told to hurry our conversations with the borrower's and not to get personal. I have always had a great repor with all of my customers and not having that here is killing me. Yes, the customers are soooo pissed off and they have every right to be. I would just love to tell them that CHL sucks and only care about the $$$$ and to go to another lender. I don't know how they get away with all that they do to not only the customers but all of their employees too.

Left: February 21, 2006 By: Carol Sanders In: Jacksonville Beach

I didn't even choose Countrywide to get an equity loan. My loan was "SOLD" to Countrywide by Capital One Home Loans before my first payment was due. I did not choose Countrywide and I had no say so about who my loan was being sold.
This is my second horror story with Countrywide.
I am horrified what will happen now. My parents worked all their lives to leave this house to me and now I am unsure of who and what I am dealing with. I have called Countrywide for various reasons with no return phone calls. CLASS ACTION SUIT ANYONE?

Left: February 21, 2006 By: Carol Sanders In: Jacksonville Beach

I didn't even choose Countrywide to get an equity loan. My loan was "SOLD" to Countrywide by Capital One Home Loans before my first payment was due. I did not choose Countrywide and I had no say so about who my loan was being sold.
This is my second horror story with Countrywide.
I am horrified what will happen now. My parents worked all their lives to leave this house to me and now I am unsure of who and what I am dealing with. I have called Countrywide for various reasons with no return phone calls. CLASS ACTION SUIT ANYONE?

Left: February 18, 2006 By: In:

Did Sunrise close?

Left: February 18, 2006 By: curious In: atl

i heard there was a mass exodus (100+ people) from CHL to chase ? any truth to this rumour?

Left: February 12, 2006 By: In:

brian "heart attack" hale needs to leave

Left: February 11, 2006 By: spell check, please In: woodland hills, ca

I stumbled across this website the other night. What a hoot!! Tried posting for California, but it won't let me. Former CHL employee here -- it is what it is ... I don't think that Countrywide is any different than any of the other big lenders - ie WAMU and Wells. Having worked at CHL, yes, we have severe customer service issues -- but so do the other lenders. So the grass is always greener. Most of the complaints that I've seen are against Retail/Full Spectrum Loan Officers - Seriously, what do you expect? They work out of CALL CENTERS. Most are young and hungry and are barely high school educated. These are not MBAs, people. Countrywide's biggest mistake has been to disregard their existing human capital-- I'm talking about the employees who have worked for Countrywide for 5+ years (many have been w/ the company for 10+ yrs). These are the people who came up when Angelo was very much active in day to day operations. These are the people who at their core understand that service is all we have. These are the people who tirelessly make it happen everyday, in every department. Now, management is looking to "grow market share" so the mucky-muckys go out and bring in outsiders - who have NO CLUE about the "Countrywide culture". So these mid level managers come in, have no clue, make no valuable impact on anything and then leave with their big fat signing bonuses when their contracts are up.
For all the disgrunted customers - I truly am sorry. It is frustrating. Here is the bank that helped you finance the American Dream and this has been your experience. Don't just blame Countrywide - look around. Look how many mortgage companies go under every year due to misrepresentation, scandal and lawsuits. More importantly, why on God's green earth would you allow yourself to let a telemarketer/mortgage loan officer do your loan??? Go to the bank directly. Know your rights. Ask around. BE AN INFORMED CONSUMER. Make your LO go over the GFE line by line. Make your LO walk you through the loan process - start to finish. ASK QUESTIONS. Usually people who feel "ripped off" somehow didn't read the fine print. ***And for all of you out there -- a "no point, no fee" loan will cost you more in the end: you end up with a higher rate and you can't write off a LO's rebate. Whereas if you bring in funds to pay your closing costs, you can write off the LO's origination fees.

Left: February 09, 2006 By: In:

sad website. Sorry you didn't get approved. I would be sad too. By the way, you should learn to spell.

Left: February 09, 2006 By: In:

phil - phone the Office of the President ( don't have # but you can get from the web site or phoning a branch). please be clear and concise, and have your notes on who you have talked to, what was said, time frame etc. You WILL get action at this level. good luck

Left: February 08, 2006 By: Phil Ratner In: Boca Raton, Florida

Countrywide Home Loans sucks. They are holding my money that I received from a hurricane. I have made many telephone calls to get an inspector out to look at repairs that were made, so they can send me MY MONEY.
No response. What can I do

Left: February 07, 2006 By: In:

February 3, 2006

The Home Depot(R), the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced the appointment of Angelo Mozilo, 67, chairman and chief executive officer of Countrywide Financial Corporation, to the company's board of directors.

Left: February 05, 2006 By: In:

brian hale is a HOG that needs to go to the slaughter house.

Left: February 03, 2006 By: In:


Homeowners need cash? Get a No-Closing Cost Home Equity loan only from Countrywide. Thatís right, no application fee, no appraisal fee, no title fee, no underwriting fee, NO CLOSING COSTS.




No one can screw you like Countrywide can.

Left: February 03, 2006 By: jake In: cali

Improper Home Charges

Read then File a complaint

Left: February 03, 2006 By: In:

Angelo - cut Brian Hale's salary 54%

Left: February 03, 2006 By: In:

brian hale clogs toilets

Left: January 29, 2006 By: In:


Homeowners need cash? Get a No-Closing Cost Home Equity loan only from Countrywide. Thatís right, no application fee, no appraisal fee, no title fee, no closing fee, NO CLOSING COSTS.




No one can screw you like Countrywide can.


Left: January 28, 2006 By: In:

what is a "jagoff" ?

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:

Scroll way down for responses. Countrywide Jagoff doesnt want you to read this board.

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:

READ THE ARTICLE DUMBASS. CHL is NOT one of the top 100 but Quicken Loans is along with a half dozen other mortgage lenders.

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:

keep on drinking brian hale's kool-aid!!!

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:

yea, right....and how many $$ did chl have to buy in advertisements to make fortune's little list? wake up, moron!!

Left: January 27, 2006 By: In:


It's interesting the Mortgage/Banking Companies that DID make this list but NOT Countrywide Home Loan SUCKS.

Left: January 26, 2006 By: In:

Thank you for contacting the Federal Citizen Information

Your message was forwarded to us for response from
the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

We have received your message regarding Countrywide Home loans
of California.

If you wish to file a complaint against a mortgage or
finance company that does not fall under the purview of a
banking authority, there are several sources to consult.

You may first want to contact the Federal Trade Commission
(FTC) and file a complaint via telephone by calling toll-
free 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357). Representatives can be
reached Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern

In addition, within your state you can contact your local
consumer protection agency. To access a list of consumer
protection agencies, please visit:

We hope you find this information helpful.

We are unable to accept replies sent to our mailbox. If you
have any additional questions, please call our National
Contact Center at 800)-FED-INFO (800-333-4636), Monday
through Friday from 8 a.m to 8 p.m eastern time, or visit
us on the web at

Left: January 22, 2006 By: tattle tale In: westpalm

Your broker should know the details of your loan before you reach the closing table and explain them to you before you set up your closing date , it is not the responsibility of the lender to know what you want because your voice is the broker you are dealing with! So if your getting something else than you want or ask for, its your fault AND YOUR BROKERS FAULT. Ask for a copy of the hud before you set up the closing. make sure you know about the prepayment penalty if you except one, like how much % of the remaining balance of your loan you pay, if you pay the lOAn off early, what conditions may your prepay be waived.

Left: January 22, 2006 By: tattle tale In: westpalm

note: if there is something wrong at the closing table dont sign!!!!!! There is always an alternative.

Left: January 22, 2006 By: In:

Greg is your prepayment a soft prepay where if you sell the house then there is no penalty?

Left: January 21, 2006 By: greg dyer In: PUNTA GORDA FLORIDA

At the closing table I was told there was a PREPAY addendum that was attached to the mortgage.
I complained to everybody involved including calling CW and having them tell me they could do nothing about it, it would take a day of two, and that I would not be able settle today. Never the less feeling like I had no alternative...I signed. They will not return my emails. This posting includes the latest email to CW.

The closing was done out of the Winter Springs Office- Florida for a property in Charlotte County - Punta Gorda FL

In a conversation with XX understand that Country Wide has considered my complaint closed. This was done verbally.

I am not satisfied with a verbal termination of my complaint, and would like a letter from Countrywide denying my objection to the prepayment penalty addendum for loan # XX
I would like to present this to legal council for a formal a continuance of my objection for the failure of notification of a contractual change without proper notification as per the "Truth and Lending Act".

I have retained legal council for the sale of my property in XX and I would like formal documentation of Countrywideís refusal to escalate the decision for his proper evaluation.

The below paragraph, and associated image was from a previous email we had after discussing the prepayment ďcheckboxĒ I made an exclusive call for.

Good Morning XX -
The page you are referencing basically means that should you pay the loan
off early you will not be refunded any of the fees you paid up-front,
title, etc. Hope this helps.

Nothing in our conversation or the email details the 20% penalty, or the 6 month interest penalty. I will also be sending documentation to national and state public consumer rights teams for assistance in my case. I feel the addendum presented at the closing table was in no way represented by the documentation presented to me pre the closing. I have had previous conversations with XX and yourself about a prepay penalty. On one occasion I had made a phone call for the strict propose to inquire about the pre payment "checkbox" on the estimate of cost statement ,and was told that there would be no prepayment penalty. As a representatives of Countywide yourself and XX had certainly made it evident that there was NO prepayment penalties involved in the mortgage. Being presented with a prepayment addendum at the closing table was unethical for a business practice. I am relying on legal advice and a plethora of evidence to make a decision to continue in seeking a reversal of the addendum from countrywide.


Greg Dyer

The penalties for failure to comply with the Truth In Lending Act can be substantial. A creditor who violates the disclosure requirements may be sued for twice the amount of the finance charge. In the case of a consumer lease, the amount is 25% of the total of the monthly payments under the lease, with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1000. Costs and attorney's fees may also be awarded to the consumer. A lawsuit must be begun by the consumer within a year of the violation. However, if a creditor sues more than a year after their violation date, violations of the Truth In Lending Act can be asserted as a defense.

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

(202) 326-2222

P.S. Are you aware of this?

Left: January 20, 2006 By: roy In: tampa

Notice: Must Read
Sweat Shop Employees
Appraisal Overcharges
Wrong Doings
file your complaint

Left: January 20, 2006 By: TATTLE TELL In: WEST PALM


Left: January 18, 2006 By: In:

the "pay-option" arm is CRIMINAL!!!! to add insult to injury, CHL cranks up the margin and pops a pre-payment penalty (1-3 years). see you in HELL.

Left: January 17, 2006 By: In:

Countrywide is a PREDATORY LENDER. They solicit their own elderly and disabled borrowers on fixed incomes who currently have a nice low interest, fixed rate mortgage, and bait them with the sales line that they can reduce their monthly payment by maybe $50 to $100 a month with a fixed period ARM or Pay Option ARM. To these elderly borrowers, some who have diminished mental capabilities, who are payment and budget sensitive, this extra money for their budget seems good on the surface. Nevermind that the closing costs rolled into the new loan will take years to recapture if ever. Nevermind that the loan goes fully adjustable in as little as one month or a period of months. Nevermind that the new ARM probably has a prepayment penalty clause. Talk about pulling the rug out from under these payment sensitive borrowers.

It would make more sense to get a small, no closing cost, home equity loan and draw out that extra $50 or $100 a month of their equity to make up the budget difference. There's more profit for Countrywide by doing the full refinance. All those affiliate companies from Landsafe credit, appraisal, title, and escrow pump a lot of money into the company, not to mention the 3 point pricing profit thatís hidden on the backside through their higher rates, compared to what is readily available on the open market.

What do you call a company who refinances their own customer and they already have just recently refinanced them in the last 24 months or less. MORTGAGE CHURNING

Left: December 30, 2005 By: In:

Ask for a copy of the so called insurance policy they placed for you. Balboa Insurance is an affiliate of Countrywide Financial. You might want to contact the State Attorney General's office.

Left: December 29, 2005 By: David In: Hallandale

I have had nothing but aggravation lately dealing with Countrywide Home Loans. I was a year into my mortgage with them and they called me to say that they would be interested in looking at my files and see if they could offer me a better product after a year had passed.

They sent me an initial offer that had an interest rate that would be 2 percentage points less than what I currently had. This sounded great. But, after they sent me the details, I noticed in all the details that this "great deal" included over 3 points that would line the pockets of my loan processor and Countrywide (totally over $7000 of "points"). I told them that I was displeased and asked if they had any other products ... to try and give them the benefit of the doubt.

We talked about how an ARM might be a good idea. They said that they would send me the details of such a loan. When I received the details, it contained a 30 year fixed loan (not an ARM), with a high interest rate and over 2 points on the loan. It is almost as if they didn't hear what I wanted.

I ended up refinancing with a different company, so the loan with Countrywide is now paid off. However, when looking at my history of transactions on the Countrywide website, I noticed that they had charged me over $2000 for a forced order flood insurance policy. They had written me earlier in the year asking for proof of insurance, and I faxed the required information.

When I saw this charge, I faxed the required information to them again and even wrote the following note to them:

"This is a follow-up to my last email. I am adding the following information that was faxed to Countrywide in mid-2005. The policy is with 'xxxxxxx Insurance Company' (agent: XXX). The policy number is: xxxxxxxx. The date of renewal is x/x/xxxx, and the inception date was x/x/xxxx.

A copy of this insurance policy was faxed mid-2005 to: Countrywide Home Loans, Insurance Department, xxx-xx, fax # (800)xxx-xxxx.

Countrywide should not have purchased the insurance for me, and I should not have been charged the $2,xxx. Please refund me the $2,xxx."

This is the reply to my email from Countrwide:

"Thank you for your recent Internet inquiry addressed to the Customer Service Department.

Please be advised that a lender placed policy was placed on the account, since there was no proof of insurance received. Our records indicate that an escrow refund check for $1xxx.xx will be mailed out to you.

Save time and communicate with us electronically anytime in the future by logging into , and use the 'Message Center.' Just select 'Send Comments' and this will enable you to securely communicate with Countrywide regarding your account.

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service.


Customer Service Department"

This is ridiculous! It is almost as if they didn't even read my email to them with the pertinent information. I am now getting the run-around ... one customer service agent forwarding me to another customer service agent ... getting promises but no results. They still owe me over $1000.

Left: December 29, 2005 By: In:

Foti investigating complaints against Calif. mortgage company
12/29/2005, 6:07 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) ó The state attorney general's office is investigating a California-based mortgage company following complaints that the firm has taken too long to release insurance money meant for Louisiana residents whose homes were damaged by hurricanes.

The company, Countrywide Home Loans Inc., issued a statement acknowledging the delays but blaming them on the high volume of insurance claim checks required after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The number of checks overwhelmed the company's system, the statement said.

"This created unfortunate and unusual delays to some of our customers for a period of several weeks," the company said.

Over a dozen formal complaints have been filed with Attorney General Charles Foti's office, alleging that Countrywide has received insurance money meant for homeowners needing to repair their homes, but held on to the cash for an unreasonable amount of time, Foti spokeswoman Kris Wartelle said.

Many such insurance checks require a signature both from the homeowner and the mortgage company before the homeowner can receive the cash. One Louisiana homeowner told investigators that Worldwide held his $111,000 in insurance payments for more than a month, forcing him to produce $50,000 to pay contractors repairing his storm-damaged home, Wartelle said.

The Countrywide statement said the company has caught up with the flow of checks, which "are now being processed in a timely manner."

Countrywide is a subsidiary of Calabasas, Calif.-based Countrywide Financial Corp.

Left: December 29, 2005 By: Hans W Huebner In: Miami

unbelievable.....they are holding back our check (over $ 7000 from insurance)....and we get nowhere. I will take legal action against these people and inform the better business bureau...I would suggest everyone should do that.
The worst company.

Left: December 29, 2005 By: Tired of CHL In: Florida

Watch out for this scam by CHL. If you have had damage to your home and it is over 15,000 you are required to send the insurance check to them. They put that money in their account and you wait for them to release it. They give you story after story and how sorry they are but you still won't see your money until they say so. They manage to ruin the holidays for us. We upgraded our home and all the work is complete. They siad they would have the home inspected but no one ever shows or calls. I think they are trying to keep the funds in their account as long as possible for their use. There is no other explanation for this. I have had it with CHL we are going to re-fi with someonelse once I get my money.

Left: December 27, 2005 By: Robert In: Northern Florida

This bank is horible. I set up ACH (auto-deduction from checking account) payments and they debited me twice for the first 2 months (it took them that long to fix it). Then they gave my information to a "partner" called Total Collect who sent me a $2.50 check which I accidently deposited and this triggered a home buyers warantee for $35 a month that I did not need. It took 4 months to straiten this out and as I was not paying this extra charge, I reeived threatening letters for several months. What a mess. My loan was bought by them from another lender. AVOID THIS LENDER AT ALL COSTS. THEY SUCK!

Left: December 23, 2005 By: In:

right on jane doe...go see: georgia comments. you will see not only clients being roughed up but also former employees who would not march to CHL's drum.

Left: December 22, 2005 By: Jane Doe, Realtor In: Somewhere, Florida

I'm a full fledged Realtor in the State of Florida, and boy am I glad I happened upon this site. I myself haven't had any personal experiences with CHL, but boy have I heard stories much worse than the ones on this site. It's a great disrespect for a mortgage company to think that the deeper their pockets are, the more they can mishandle the American public. I've got to say that with everything that goes in Real Estate as it is, this only adds to the negative backlash that overwhelms our society today in regards to purchasing and investing in Real Estate. I heard my Broker telling a customer that they could use CHL to finance some properties for investment when I had to step in. I directed them to this site and needless to say, they both were very surprised to find all this out. CHL advertises in all the Real Estate magazines and like sharks go after swimmers on Florida beaches, this company sneaks in and rips people and their lives to shreds. As a Licensed Real Estate agent and member of the national association of realtors, it is unethical to boycott any organization that is directly related to my profession. I will tell you this much, I have some weight as far things go in my company and I will be letting every individual that works for my company know about this website and let them think before they recommend CHL. I will never use CHL and NEVER allow any of my customers to become another number in their system and another check in their fat corporate wallet.

Left: December 17, 2005 By: Angela In: Colorado Springs, CO

We have had our escrow raised for no reason. They raised it AND doubled our tax payments on our statement. They also raised our insurance premium. Somehow, our payment is $20/month over both our original paperwork and their totals, for example: our taxes and insurance equal $1840, divide that by 12 months and it should be $153/mth - however our escrow payment is $168/mth. Our loan has been owned by two other mortgage companies, and there has never been such a discrepency.

Secondly, they round-up on each of these payments - for example: our insurance premium is $895.89/yr, they are charging $896.00. Our taxes are $943.45/yr, they are charging 944.04/yr. This is a total of $8.40/yr. Now, most people wouldn't worry about $8/yr - right? But, let's say they have one-million loans and round-up on all the escrow payments - that's $8 million/yr in overcharges!!!!

Add that to the $15 dollars they are charging each month from the first paragraph - $188 million every year in overchages!!!!!

I know we are not the only loan they are overcharging from reading other comments on this site...


Left: December 10, 2005 By: Dan In: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

This is the WORST mortgage company I have ever seen. How can they have the ability to add whatever insurance they want to on a house even when the state does not mandate that type of coverage.

You can never get a true payoff from them and to try and get relief from the hurricane is a joke. Everyone I know says they are corrupt, yet they are allowed to buy mortgages and we have no choice.

After the hurricane, they tell you they have to evaluate your loan and they never call you back. Not matter if your credit score is 790, they still pull scams.

I have experienced this with them on several occassions in other states and I am embarrassed to say I have been forced to have a mortgage with them.

They just took over one of my loans that I am desperately trying to refinance from them.

They are THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Left: December 10, 2005 By: Dan In: Ft LAuderdale, Florida

This is the WORST mortgage compnay I have ever seen. They can just add whatever insurance they want to on a house and even when the state does not mandate that type of coverage.

You can never get a tru payoff from them and to try and get relief from the hurricane, they tell you they have to evaluate your loan and they never call you back. Not matter if your credit score is 790, they still pull scams.

I have experienced this with them on 2 occassions and they just took over one of my loans that I am desperately trying to refinance from them.

They are THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Left: December 10, 2005 By: Ivelisse Ortega In: Kissmmee

Hello, I lost my home with last year hurricanes and I had enough hard time with the insurance company to get a settlement of my claim and when I got it my mortgage company Countrywide home loans hold the money for repairs some of the money disappears and they swear that my checks from my insurance was for less money. One day I start wring letters to the president of Countrywide due to the fact that a year will end up and my home was not ready for me to move back in and Countrywide was still holding the money. I begged the president for help since I did not have a place to go and my husband is disable person and I have a minor daughter, my insurance company will not pay more rent for me to have a place to live and guess what Countrywide did not care. They did not wanted to released my money and they harassed me verbally I reported it to the president of the company, it did not do me any good I had a very horrible time with this company who took advantage of the hurricanes victims misery holding our money to make more money cheating, laying and making us miserable when all I wanted was to repair my home to have a place to live. My year was up and finally after many phone calls to the secretary of the president I got enough money to repair my home and move in but still they have $4,000.00 and I don't know when I will get it.
Countrywide is not a company who cares for their customers I experience that and all I can say is that this is a money hungry company if we walk away from our homes, this is great for them because they have the money for the repairs; they can fix the houses sell it and make a tremendous amount of money since our homes has increased in value tremendously in the past two years. Please pass the word around, my story is much longer but I try to make it short so people know what they may have coming with this company. 2004 FLORIDA HURRICANES VICTIMS GOT THE WORSE TIME WITH COUNTRYWIDE LIES AND MISTREATMENT.

Left: December 03, 2005 By: In:

Current Customers should call customer Service and tell them you want NO CONTACT 1-800-669-6607

That means:
*No emails
*No Phone Solicitations
*No Junk Mail

Get customer service reps name and employee ID# and make a note of it.

Countrywide gets around the do not call list because of a loop hole that allows them to call their current customers. Why do you think they buy so many mortgages? So they can call you and sell stuff to you is one reason.

Left: December 01, 2005 By: Big Buc's Fan In: Charlotte, NC

If you are a responsible citizen and have a truly legitimate gripe, then this comment is not for you.
Thank God for people like Michael Harmon, former CHL employee. Michael did not defend or discredit CHL. What he did do was offer to assist anyone needing help. Some of you adults are in financial trouble now because your parents never taught you anything. Now you are parents and not teaching your kids. If you can afford it, buy it, but don't try to keep up with the Jones'. Why are married couples each making 6 figure salaries living paycheck to paycheck? Always got your hand out borrowing to payoff something. How 'bout this. Before you borrow another dime; cut your cable off, don't eat out for breakfast/lunch/dinner, stop smoking/drinking, cut back on cds/dvd's, stop buying every fad shirt/pants/shoes that hit the market, etc. You do this for 2-6 months and you will see the money that you worked hard for going into your bank account. Some of you have expensive cars, expensive homes and clothes, yet your children don't have a dime saved for them towards college.
To go off the subject - some of you send your children to school expecting the school system to teach them manners, how to read/write, that's your job!!!!!!!!!
No matter what color, race, religion, we all want the same things. When people try to give some of you knuckleheads good advice, take it. Stop waiting for Oprah to tell you what you already know is right. And stop making the excuse that your mom or dad never taught you.

Left: November 25, 2005 By: Jonathan In: Tallahassee, Florida

Countrywide # 1...are a F'ing IDIOT. Wait, your moron post already answered the question for me. Why the hell are you even coming on this website and bitching about the negative posts! You can't read the NAME of the website you idiot. What did you expect, a happy little website proclaiming how great Countrwide is? You are a high school educated idiot who works for Countrywide or maybe a GED Idiot who works there. So go ahead and respond to my post because I would venture to say that about 95% of the people who have posted on this site were smart enough to refi with a better lender and after enough of your remaining customers figure that out you'll be in the unemployment line!

Left: November 19, 2005 By: In:


Left: November 18, 2005 By: William T. Jones, III In: Tampa, FL

Go Get a job. Keep it. Start paying your bills on time. Pay off all the old debts you have renigged on. Then you will stop blaming the rest of the world for the fact you have been living like a LOSER. By the way, your house is a disgrace and it smells.

Left: November 14, 2005 By: Connie Brown In: Sacramento

Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO)

Countrywide Home Loan's Inc. dba's American Wholesale Lender's, Landsafe, Full Spectrum, Texas Bank (Riverway), Alaska US

CTC Real Estate Services is wholly owned by Countrywide Home Loans, they handle's all notices pretaining to foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans have their own title company. (Landsafe Title)

Left: November 04, 2005 By: In:

Hey "Top Producer"_

How are the drugs at CW these days?? Good?

God won't bless COMMIES like you move on and keep on surfing your gay porn!! You are pitiful!!

Left: November 03, 2005 By: About our education.. In:

I have an MBA from Columbia. I think you morons are thinking about chase, wells, and wamu. We're still #1.

Left: November 03, 2005 By: Top Producer Nationwide! In:


Left: October 31, 2005 By: Dan the Man In: Tampa

For starters, CW purchased our home, told us we were 2 months behind in the loan, then never restarted the escrow. When they did they made us pay for there mistake by adjusting the principle! And they attached late payments! Second they never informed the homeowners insurance that they assumed the loan, so that lapsed when the escrow was cancelled. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO GET HOMEOWNER INSURANCE IN FLORIDA IN THE PAST 4 YEARS?!!!
Of course it was a joint mortgage of my wife and I and I had to fax, overnight and certify my wife to speak on the account no less then 20x's!

Horrible customer service, crappy records, and the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing because it is in your back pocket!!!


Left: October 31, 2005 By: Debi In: Tampa

Countrywide just sucks! We have had so many problems with them, we tried to refinance our home through them, of course we get a real jerk to do the refinance. We would call and leave message after message and get no reply. So we had to call directly to a supervisor who does nothing, when we finally get to the jerk who is trying to refinance our home, we ask him why he never returned our call. His reply was I have not had the time, I work on case by as they come. I would tell anyone to not go to COUNTRYWIDE because they SUCK and everyone there are JERKS!

Left: October 28, 2005 By: They got me hooked! In: Atlanta

I think the managers use drugs as bonuses. If you kick ass and screw the customers over enough, you will be rewarded with pot, uppers, meth, coke, blow , X, pills, name it they got it!

Left: October 10, 2005 By: In:


Left: October 07, 2005 By: In:

Let Micheal the Moron come on this site so he can tell you what YOU did wrong. Your story is a typical Countrywide occurrance.

Left: October 07, 2005 By: Melinda In: Lake City

My mortage was transfered to Countrywide without my consent or knowledge. That was 5 months ago and I've never received a statement from them or an address to send any payments. I've contacted them in the past to update any information and still I don't receive anything in the mail to send any payments in with. After speaking with them again today, they wanted to know when they could expect the next payment and I told them I needed a statement so that I would know where and what to send, she told me they can't send me that information and one of my payments is late and I explained that the reason why is because I don't have their address or the amount due. The girl was so rude on the other end. So I am being charged late fees because I don't know where to send my payments or how much to send.

Left: October 06, 2005 By: In:

I never dun gradiated from hi skool ether. Can i gets a work at the cuntrywide?

Left: October 06, 2005 By: In:

You are right. I've heard most CW assocciates don't even have their GED.

Left: October 05, 2005 By: Go ahead and defend them asshole In: Chicago

They suck, anybody who has dealt with them knows the FACTS. Why in the hell would anyone come to this website (with a web address that says Countrywide Sucks) to defend Countrywide...I don't think it takes a Masters degree to figure that one out.

Left: September 21, 2005 By: In:

Don't be late!

Left: September 21, 2005 By: chris In: coral springs

they said i was (i4) which means i was 3 months late.....which really messed up my credit

Left: September 20, 2005 By: An observer In: Atlanta, GA

I don't know about all the name calling, etc. but one thing is certain. Something bad has happened to Countrywide in Atlanta and there won't be an end until it's destroyed. Someone hired people to run this part of the company that either have no interest in the company or just simply aren't qualified to run a company. There is no profit being made and everyone is unhappy -- customers and employees. Seems like a recipe for disaster. Sit back and watch it fall. Maybe a year, maybe not that long. They'll be gone, someone new will be along or they can close down Atlanta altogether. I don't think Atlanta would be missed by the rest of Countrywide.

Left: September 04, 2005 By: In: Soon to be your neighbor

Nice URL...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Left: September 02, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

You are very welcome.

Left: September 02, 2005 By: In:

Thank you Michael.

Left: September 02, 2005 By: Michael In:

Selecting a mortgage company is something you have to do on your own. Research several mortgage companies in the area and check out the lender's websites. Read their press releases. Check into their stock performance (it's a good indicator of overall financial performance of the company) and most importantly, ask friends, family and co-workers who they trust. Nothing helps more than getting first hand info from people you trust. Hope I've been of some help.

Left: September 02, 2005 By: small willy In: canton, GA

I would guess the smartass's are CW employees or ex-employees. This site is a joke anyway!
Pay your morgage on time, follow the correct channels if you think you have been taken advantage of and you won't have to be here on this pitiful bitch site!!!

Left: September 01, 2005 By: P In: Orlando, FL

If you need a GREAT mortgage compnay with the best customer service, call 1-800-468-2697 and ask for Pierre. I can get you the best rates with none of these issues.

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Matt In: Tampa, Florida

I am glad I read this site prior to getting a Countrywide Home Loan, Micheal, can you refer a good mortgage company

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Tim Wright In: Canton, Ga

Whi is this coward who refuses to post his name but is a smartass to every post. I live in Canton, which is close to Atlanta, I'll be more that happy to discuss the issues with you in person

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Big Willy In: Valdosta, Georgia

Just for the record, I owe Michael an apology. I was wrong to, "call him out", I just read the Florida post and did not take the time to research my judgement. It seems he may be here to help but I will forever carry STRONG OPINIONS of Countrywide Home Loans. I will never recommend them and hopefully I will never have to deal with them again.

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Big Willy In: Lakeland, Fla

My new mortgage company is great, no problems. I live in Good ol' South Florida where property values are SOARING. As for working in the mortgage industry that is just plain wrong, I am very far removed from that kind of occupation. You were correct in that I should have not had a personal attack on you, that was wrong on my part. The inital appraisal from Countrywide was puzzeling due to the huge double digit rise in property prices in South Florida. I am just pleased to be away from Countrywide and chose to post my story.

Left: September 01, 2005 By: R In: R

Michael is absolutly correct!

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

One more thing, the only reason you would pay PMI is if your LTV (loan to value) is over 80%. Was your loan a construction to permanent loan? Was it a one close loan? If you took out the loan to build your home and put down less than 20%, yes you would have PMI. I'm supprised you were able to refi 7 months later with a higher appraised ammount. Most lenders require 12 months seasoning (owning the home) to use the higher appraised ammount. This is to prevent property "flipping", which is illegal. Where do you live that property values increase 40% in 7 months? I need to buy a home there! I think we ALL do. I'm just curious as parts of your story don't sound viable. Who did you refi with and how is it going with that lender?

Left: September 01, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

Wow, it's too bad you didn't think to get proof from the county that you didn't owe those taxes. As such an intelligent individual I would have thought that would be the first thing you'd do. By the way, the last name is Harman, not Harmon. It's ok, happens all the time. As for not understanding credit, I worked in the financial industry for 8 years and know how the credit bureaus work. There is a formula that calculates your score and 35% of your score is comprised of debt to high credit. There is a range between 30% and 60% of debt to high credit that will get you the optimal score. Keeking a $0 balance on your crecit cards will actually reduce your score as opposed to improving it. As far as attacking me, you obviously have other issues if you feel the need to put others down to justify your thought process. Have you read the Illinois post? Contrary to your belief I do know what I'm talking about and am not here to defend CHL, only to offer assistance to those who are having issues with CHL or any other lender for that matter. By personally attacking me you not only make yourself look foolish, but bolster my belief that many of the individuals posting here are not consumers but mortgage "professionals" trying to drum up business. Predatory lending is a crime. Please do not take advantage of consumers in compromised situations.

Left: September 01, 2005 By: In:

You got SUPER SIZED Countrywide fuck-up comming up!!!

Left: August 31, 2005 By: Big Willy In: Orlando, Florida

oh no...Big Willy made a few spelling mistakes, Mike I want that SUPER SIZED baby!

Left: August 31, 2005 By: Big Willy In: Orlando, Florida

As for the moron named Michael Harmon, his comment about people with the best credit scores carry the most debt is ridiculous. I guess his credit score must be hovering at about 300 and his repetitive phrase of, "do you want fires with that," makes him "mentally challenged". Credit scores are based on a vast array of circumstances with the most important being yopur credit to debt ratio, so Michael....keep greasing up thast griddle.

Left: August 31, 2005 By: Big Willy In: Orlando, FL

I built my house and Countrywide was the mortgage company. After I recieved my first monthly payment coupon they said I owed them $9000 dollars from last years taxes. I had the receipt where I paid my taxes from that year that totalled $152 Bucks! They refused to admit that they were wrong and demanded $9000! They appraised my house for $200,000 and said I owed them a monthly PMI payment of $98 a month. I got pissed off and refinanced 7 weeks later. My appraisal was $289,000 dollras with no PMI and they never mentioned the $9000 tax bill because they said it never existed!. Countrywide is the biggest FUCKING criminals in the mortgage industry. Please read the stories on this site and take them to heart, I have a 780 plus credit score and am here to only express my story.

Left: August 31, 2005 By: In:

Wow! Somehow I feel better already.

Left: August 31, 2005 By: In:

Unfortunately, I'm not a CW employee. However, if you take a trip to Atlanta I guess there are some boys down there that'll give you a twirl.

Left: August 31, 2005 By: In:

Yes, and I would also like you to do bad things to my weenie. According to this site CW employees give good blow! Are you in?

Left: August 30, 2005 By: In:

Wow you are a smart one! How could they get the wrong address to begin with? Did your broker make a boo-boo. Should I call a waaaambulance for you?

Left: August 30, 2005 By: In:

No fucktard, I don't have any rental properties. I only have retarded CW people fucking everything up. See, you jumped to a conclusion like all of the other CW fucks like you. OopsÖ Thatís what happens when you don't go past the 5th grade!

Left: August 30, 2005 By: In:

Did you take out an equity line on a rental property and tell them it was your primary residence? Oops, that's mortgage fraud! You are going to jail. Do not pass go or collect your heloc checks!

Left: August 26, 2005 By: How can you stop these jerks from getting your loan? In: Ohio

Yes, same story here. These CHL people really don't have their shit together. They are very poorly trained. I tried to have an address changed and went thruogh 6 months of hell. You know it still is not correct on my HELOC account. I never moved at all. They just assed it up out of the gate. And their professionalism has got to be at the rock bottom. WOW! Lastly, I would like to say to the majority of the ASS-ociates I delt with....FUCK YOU TOO!

Left: August 25, 2005 By: D.M In: TAMPA


Left: August 25, 2005 By: In:

Ya I think she had something funny going on downstairs in the no wash zone!

Left: August 24, 2005 By: In:

I think she shaved after she got out of prison. Didn't she have crabs or something?

Left: August 24, 2005 By: In:


Left: August 24, 2005 By: In:

Unfortunately it's not illegal for him to exercise his stock options and sell them. If your company offers you stock options you can do the same thing, although not at the low purchase price CEO's can.

Left: August 24, 2005 By: In:

Then if that's the case he needs to go to the same "resort prison" that Martha "dike" Stewart went to. I hear she has alot of hair on her bag too.

Left: August 23, 2005 By: In:

He gets rich from insider trading. Just like every CEO. They exercise their stock options and sell them immediately. I wish I could sit on my ass all day and buy and sell my own company's stock.

Left: August 23, 2005 By: We are all Angelo's bitch! In: Everywhere

How do you think Angelo Mozillo gets so rich? He's screwing alot of people over.

Left: August 22, 2005 By: Winnie McDavid In: Ocala

Had a home built on my lot & after 1 year when taxes assessed, had shortage. CW refused to accept any more payments from me due to their demand I put the next years taxes along with $1K owed to them into escrow, raising my payments $400 a month. Due to illness, I could not afford such, so I was forced to sell my home to prevent ruined credit. Since this was nearly 2 years ago, I may not have much time to file claim. Also, the amount I lost is well over $100K due to the forced sell right when home values started going up. CW did other things too, but mostly, it seems they acted like loan sharks. They refused to answer calls or acknowledge it was illegal to force me to put the following year taxes into escrow when my loan to value ratio was 70 to 30% in my favor!

Left: August 20, 2005 By: richard In: tampa

Just came home a winner. Yes, it is Very Easy to sue thru small claims court. Each time, each month for being wrong by Countrywide. In Florida, up to $ 5,000.00. to start, I visited my local court house and found it to be very fair. In my case, the judge listen and look at the proof I had in my file. It was informal, cheap and quick. Thanks to this complaint center, I WON.
Good luck to all.

Left: August 10, 2005 By: Ann Rose In: Tampa. Fl

We have a home loan with CHL and Sept.2004 they started losing my payments or sending them back for more money. We ended up in foreclosure. We a loan modification and sent them $5000 in May 2005 with May's payment. All other payments have been made in a timely manner in excess of the payment. No monies have been credited to our account since November of 2004. I can't mentally go through this again. I have pages of times I have called these people to no avail. I have all my cancelled checks. I also do not get my bills.They sent out the bill for my Aug.1st payment on July 28th. I am at a loss to what to do. My property is probably worth 3 times what my mortgage is and they want it. Thanks for letting me vent. Ann

Left: August 07, 2005 By: Kathy In: Florida

Hi All

When I applied for a home loan I didn't go to
CW. I went to a local bank, then it was sold to CW a couple months later. My taxes, flood ins., and homeowners ins were escrowed.
CW didn't pay the flood ins. and never notified me. I found out after I tried to submit a claim after the first of four hurricanes last year.
The flood ins told me of all the attempts they made to CW to get payment.
Guess what CW told me about my $65,000 worth of damages. We aren't responsible!!!!!!!!!!
I hired a real estate lawyer we go to battle next month. He has over thirty other cases against CW.
I hope all of you have consulted a lawyer.

Left: August 05, 2005 By: Michael In: Palmdale, CA

I am a former employee of Countrywide, sorry but I have to laugh at all of these stories, yes COuntrywide has it's problems, just like all the other lenders out there, but most of the problems being stated here are mostly due to homeowner error not lender error, there are alot of laws that Countrywide has to follow, so if you think they can just wipe your credit score clean, or take fees off, that's where you are wrong, it's sad to see ignorant people cause concern for others who know what there doing by trying to bring a company down, it is not right and people need to take responsibility for themselves instead of trying to get through life easier and blaming all their problems on somebody else, when you have a problem in life you must look at yourself first to see what you did to cause it, then correct it, not put full blame on another. In other words pay attention to yourself and see your wrongs before you give a bad rep on a company who tries hard to serve MILLIONS of customers and make sure there is no problems.

Left: August 05, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

Oh, and by the way, by "charge" I meant withhold. It's good to have a bit of a buffer, but not so much that it's making you broke. When you get all of this settled cancel your escrow and handle it yourself. Why let them make money on your money.

Left: August 05, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago


With Leslie and I going back and forth I missed your post. What you need to do is go to the county and get your tax bill and match that up with your escrow statements. See if they were overcharging you. I believe there is a limit in the state of Florida on how much of an overage on your actual taxes and insurance a lender can charge. I don't remember the exact number but your county tax office should know. Do this as quickly as possible and keep in close contact with the workout department at CHL. This is important because it will buy you time. They may have overcompesated for a tax hike.

Left: August 05, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

Cut and paste that link. It'll take you to the contact info for the corporate office of CFC.

Left: August 05, 2005 By: LESLIE E. In: TAMPA

You got a number for that office?

Left: August 04, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

If you really want your complaint to be taken seriously and you have a legit beef, make sure you document everything. Once you have all of your ducks in a row, contact your state's regulator of banks and thrifts. In Illinois it's the Division of Banks and Real Estate. I'm not sure what it is in Florida, but I'm sure the state's web site has something. Leslie is right, complaining on this web site will get you nowhere. You need to take control of the situation. If you don't originate a loan with Countrywide but are treated poorly by one of their associates, you need to lodge a complaint with the Office of the President (OOP) at Countrywide. Believe me, those are taken seriously. People do get fired.

Left: August 04, 2005 By: LESLIE EFFELSON In: TAMPA

Not to worry Mike, everything is legal here.
I know 4 people personally that have gotten the treatment from CHL. They said that they felt the associates where poorly trained and did not have a clue about their own system.
This site seems to be exponentially growing at a high rate.
I hope eventually, all these people would contact the attorney general. The owner of this site needs to put in huge lit writing on the home page- "SEND A COPY OF YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE STATES ATTOURNEY". Complaining on this site gets you nowhere.

Left: August 03, 2005 By: Adam In: Magna

Hi my name is Adam, My wife and I purchased a home 3 years ago and the loan was almost immedaitly purchased by Countrywide. Well, the payments started out well within our monthly budget, 3 months after purchasing the loan Countrywide said the there wasnt enough in the escrow account and raised the payment 4 times over the next year. To a point that my wife and I cant make the monthly payments. They just started forclosure processes last week we are curious if anyone has heard of a lawsuit to deal wth imlilar situations

Thanks Adam

Left: August 03, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

By the way, Leslie, on what do you base your opinion on Countrywide? You said you never had a loan with them. Only Household, right? I guess you would know better than I would.

Left: August 03, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

Obviously you are not a stable person, Leslie. I feel sorry for you and hope you find your way in life. By the way, I hope the "young girls" you have working for you aren't too young. It'd be a shame if someone reported you to the authorities in Florida. Oops, did I say that out loud? Have a great time at your "back massager" parties!

Left: August 03, 2005 By: LESLIE EFFELSON In: TAMPA

Are you in Chicago as a guest on th Jerry Springer show?

Left: August 03, 2005 By: LESLIE EFFELSON In: TAMPA

I am self-employed if you must know. I sell / distribute adult toys and novelties. I have 6 young girls that work for me.
What CHL location do you work at? If I had worked for a despicable company like CW, there is no way I would even admit that I ever had an affiliation with them. It just seems very odd.

Left: August 01, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

Oh, and if I was a "hillbilly" I'd say Y'ALL. Kinda how you write your run-on sentences.

Left: August 01, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

What company do you work for Leslie? Wells? WAMU? Ameriquest? Come on, fess up. We won't hate you for trying to solicit businenss from people in trouble.

Left: August 01, 2005 By: LESLIE EFFELSON In: TAMPA

"Most of you all"?? Now that sounds like some southern hillbilly grammar to me. Come on now Mikey are you sure your not from the hills?

Left: July 29, 2005 By: Michael In: Chicago

My so-called name is Michael Harman and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I am a former Countrywide employee and have also worked for several large lending institutions. Here's a little advice Leslie- back up statements with instances of fact. When you write how you do, you sound like a very uneducated person. At least try to use proper punctuation and grammar. Not too difficult if you made it through the 5th grade. I don't mean to come off as hostile, because I'm far from it, but if you want to make a valid point you need to sound like you know what you're talking about. Anyone can email me (as long as it's not junk or spam!) at

Forgive me if I don't leave my phone number, but I'm not in the lending indudstry any more. I work a 9-5 just like most of you all.


I'm about 100% sure this so called Michael works for countrywide crooks company. They are the saddest financial loan company I have ever dealt with. They are in the process of getting sued for lying on a recorded conversation. Verbal is just as important as a written agreement--Countrywide idiots--maybe you better look at the other lawsuits that WERE verbal agreements not fulfilled by your unqualified, uneducated workers who have a problem using a simple computer keypad ??? they are ignorant bastards. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T EVER CONSIDER COUNTRYWIDE--I WAS INITIALLY WARNED BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN. THEY DO THERE BEST TO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR HOUSE THEY RETURN YOUR PAYMENTS BACK TO YOU SO THEY CAN FORECLOSE AND YOUR HOUSE WILL BECOME THEIR PROPERTY AGAIN--AFTER ALL THEY ARE THE ONES WHO BUY MOST OF THEIR HOMES THROUGH THE AUCTIONS AT FORECLOSURE SALES ?????---THEY ACT LIKE THEY TRY TO HELP BUT IN ACTUALITY, THEY DON'T WRITE THE IMPORTANT THINGS DOWN JUST WHAT THEY CHOOSE--DON'T GO TO COUNTRYWIDE--THEY ARE VERY VERY VERY SORRY --100 DOSES

Left: July 26, 2005 By: In:

I'm going to post this in every state listed here. YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND DECISIONS!! I have recently left the lending industry. I can site many reasons for this, however the top reason has to be dealing with borrowers and potential borrowers who had no concept of financial responsibility. Just because you have a 700 credit score does not mean you demonstrate good use of credit or that you are guaranteed the rate or terms you want. In fact, many people who have the best credit scores carry the most debt. What you people do not understand is that the lending institutions want you to carry debt, so if you carry alot of debt and pay it on time your score will be higher than someone who pays their bills OFF every month and only carries a mortgage and a car loan/lease. If you fall on hard times, pay your damn mortgage and let the friggin' Visa's go delinquent. Visa isn't going to take your house, your mortgage company is. People jump to quickly to file BK. Guess what, ole' GW has made that next to impossible for the average American. You're better off making arrangements with your credit card companies and paying your mortgage off as quickly as possible. Use good judgement, not the "I want it now!" mentality. Buy a Trailblazer instead of the RangeRover or the Hummer or the Lincol or Caddy or whatever. How many of you people that post on here have kids? What kind of behavior do you think your actions teaches them? Anyone who would voice their opinion is more than welcome to email me at I would be more than happy to help anyone who needs some good advice on how to get themselves into a good financial position. I am not selling anything, I'm a former CW employee who feels an obligation to help those who have been taken advantage of.


Left: July 13, 2005 By: David In: Tampa

Reply to David in Texas...Yes, we had loan papers that we signed a few weeks prior to the closing that had all of the proper terms listed correctly. Most of the papers were legal sized and I did not have access to a copier that could do legal copies after the signing, so our agent was supposed to have them copied and sent to us. Well, as you can guess, no copies, and the paperwork has been "conveniently misplaced". Guess that's what I get for trusting my loan "professional". Mark another notch on the board for countrywide.

On the good side though, since they changed the terms on the contract at the last minute, I had them make a change for me prior to the closing or no contract would be signed. I had ALL prepayment penalties taken out and I am currently looking at refinancing. I sure hope this new loan company doesn't turn around and sell back to Countrywide.

Left: July 11, 2005 By: In: Florida

I see alot of disgruntled customers on this site but I don't hear of any issue's with Wells, Chase, BOA or anyone else. You'd think Countrywide was the only lender in the world...brutal. Has a payment ever been lost elsewhere? Has a payment ever been mis-applied at another lender? Wow, folks have nothing else to do.

Left: July 11, 2005 By: Mitchel Kaufman In: boca raton

I happened to check for documents in my name at the local courthouse and found a employee of countrywide we will call "Allan m. R," had notorized a legal document that had my signature on it. This was not my signature. This document had my signature and two witnessess that donot appear legable as well as "Allan M. R." notary stamp and signature. I just wonder what other illegal things he has done in order to close loans and why countrywide will not return my phone calls to respond to these proven facts. I have filed papers with the proper authorities as well as left my name and number with countrywide fraud hotline.

Left: July 04, 2005 By: Pam In: Fort Walton Beach

The problem is not Countrywide its the company that has sold the account to Countrywide. Countrywide can only work with the information it gets from the other companys. Also, I have read input from customers that have not been approved for a mortgage for one reason or another. There is a reason (credit scores, judgements, tax liens, etc.....). Call your loan officer back listen to them and let them help you fix the problem.

Left: July 02, 2005 By: In:

This is the most ridiculous site I have ever seen. The majority of the complaints are from disgruntled employees, divorcees behind on their payments, customer's with Bankruptcy issues, credit issues, etc. And for you customer's that closed with Brokers, you paid extra money at closing to close with this broker and then sent the payment to the broker. Countrywide bought your loan and your payment went to the broker. Maybe the broker should have forwarded the payment? Don't blame Countrywide for your problems or bad decisions. I find it to be the best mortgage company I have ever dealt with.

Left: July 02, 2005 By: Josh Douglas In: Fort Walton Beach

your problem is that you closed with a broker. they sold your loan. you wouldn't have had this problem if you closed with Countrywide. Countrywide only bought this loan.

Left: June 30, 2005 By: Daleen In: Jacksonville Beach

What a shame that there is an entire website filled with horror stories. Something needs to be done to shut Countrywide down. My story is bad but not as bad as what I've read so far. CW bought our equity line a month after we closed on it with another lender. Needless to say that transaction was screwed up. We made our first payment to the originating lender plus 500 toward the principal. Well, it has been an ongoing battle between CW and the originating lender about how much CW bought our loan for. One would think that this is an easily trackable situation that could be resolved in a matter of a week or two. Ha...try 10 months and counting...still no resolution. Over paid interest is piling up and I know that it's going to take an act of congress to get my money back. I have spent more time on the phone in CW customer service hell! This one says that one should do this, that one says it's the other departments problem..etc.. Supposedly they make notes in the computer every time I call in, I'd love to read those! I have out right asked for a phone number to the executive offices and have been told that the customer service department does not have access to those numbers!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! What I truly believe is that customers get so frustrated dealing with the situation that they eventually give up and CW walks away with millions in overpaid charges every year! In the meantime, we decided to refinance our first mortgage because the rate will starting adjusting. Well, CW refused to re-subordinate to the new loan, because the total loan to value of the two loans together increased by 1.76%! The kicker is I had to pay $200 to get declined! The customer service rep said that I could submit it again..WHAT? Submit the exact same information and $200, for what another decline? I asked her to transfer me to someone who could give me an exception. She said that CW only serviced the loan, that the investor was the only one who could approve my request. So, give me a phone number...two weeks and $200 later....I can't get a new first mortgage AND they are holding my overpaid interest to boot! I am getting my new first mortgage, but now I have to go throught the hassle of a new equity loan too. Once it's paid off I know that I am probably going to have to stage a sit-in to get my over paid interest back. Too bad the people that should be reading these complaints, the CW executives, will never see them. I was going to send a letter and an email, but if you read the fine print on the website, all correspondence goes to a third party, and they decide who should see it!

Left: June 30, 2005 By: Daleen In: Jacksonville Beach

What a shame that there is an entire website filled with horror stories. Something needs to be done to shut Countrywide down. My story is bad but not as bad as what I've read so far. CW bought our equity line a month after we closed on it with another lender. Needless to say that transaction was screwed up. We made our first payment to the originating lender plus 500 toward the principal. Well, it has been an ongoing battle between CW and the originating lender about how much CW bought our loan for. One would think that this is an easily trackable situation that could be resolved in a matter of a week or two. Ha...try 10 months and counting...still no resolution. Over paid interest is piling up and I know that it's going to take an act of congress to get my money back. I have spent more time on the phone in CW customer service hell! This one says that one should do this, that one says it's the other departments problem..etc.. Supposedly they make notes in the computer every time I call in, I'd love to read those! I have out right asked for a phone number to the executive offices and have been told that the customer service department does not have access to those numbers!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! What I truly believe is that customers get so frustrated dealing with the situation that they eventually give up and CW walks away with millions in overpaid charges every year! In the meantime, we decided to refinance our first mortgage because the rate will starting adjusting. Well, CW refused to re-subordinate to the new loan, because the total loan to value of the two loans together increased by 1.76%! The kicker is I had to pay $200 to get declined! The customer service rep said that I could submit it again..WHAT? Submit the exact same information and $200, for what another decline? I asked her to transfer me to someone who could give me an exception. She said that CW only serviced the loan, that the investor was the only one who could approve my request. So, give me a phone number...two weeks and $200 later....I can't get a new first mortgage AND they are holding my overpaid interest to boot! I am getting my new first mortgage, but now I have to go throught the hassle of a new equity loan too. Once it's paid off I know that I am probably going to have to stage a sit-in to get my over paid interest back. Too bad the people that should be reading these complaints, the CW executives, will never see them. I was going to send a letter and an email, but if you read the fine print on the website, all correspondence goes to a third party, and they decide who should see it!

Left: June 26, 2005 By: Heather In: Miami

Hey thanks David in Texas.

If you could see what a mess Countrywide made of my account in two years... I really really don't want to do business with them anymore. They did things like send back a payment because I was short 30 dollars even tho they were paddding the whole account. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it was because my mortgage payment increased and they just forgot to let me know. On one day they did something 10 payments and 10 reversals. One day. They posted payments when I hadn't made them, they made payment reversals for no good reason. They lost an insurance check they were supposed to endorse. They could not tell me at any given time what my payment was because no one could make any sense of the statement. I beleive this was purposeful. I beleive that this is how they make their money. And dare I mention that all this time they reported me to the credit bureau. I had 128 days late if you can believe that. They threatened me with foreclosure when I was current. But thanks. I was on a first name basis with just about everyone in the Office of the President. I don't believe anyone in there was over the age of 18. And lastly after 2 years of making payments my payoff amout actually increased. I owed more money after two years than when I had a loan modification agreement. I work. I have a job, I make good money. I send in my mortgage payment every month and still this happened. But thanks for your advice. I will forward this off to my lawyer.

Left: June 26, 2005 By: David In: Texas

Note to Heather in Miami: get in touch with someone high up in their foreclosure attorney's office. Demand an itemized, detailed accounting of all fees associated with your foreclosure. And check with your county clerk's office... I did and discovered that the only fee the attorney's had to pay to file a foreclosure was $2. Yep, TWO DOLLARS for something that they wanted to charge me HUNDREDS for.

My foreclosure process was short lived... we reinstated our loan and everything is current, but I raked their damn lawyers over the coals for their attempted price gouging. On top of that, their lawyers SAT on my certified check for several days before forwarding it to Countrywide.

Fight for everything you can to get your reinstatement amount lowered. You can do it. If you aren't having any luck with the flunkeys that answer the phone at Countrywide, climb the ladder all the way to the top if you have to. And get everyting in writing. Everything period!

Good luck!

Left: June 26, 2005 By: David In: Texas

Note to "Dave" in Tampa: your June 24th posting was interestingly similar to mine. I'm just wondering... did you get something in writing up front for a "pre-approval" from Countrywide and if you did, what did it say?

We were "pre-approved" for 100% financing and then Countrywide re-nigged on their offer shortly before closing even after they verified everything was accurate on our application. I've got a lawyer who wants a piece of them here in Texas. Just curious about what more they did to you.

Let me know.

Left: June 24, 2005 By: Dave In: Tampa

Countrywide in the Tampa area is a VERY unethical office and needs to be shut down.

We were originally approved for an 80% mortgage with a 20% HELOC for 100% financing. This "saved" downpayment money was going to be used for some remodleing and addition of a pool cage. We were told that we locked the HELOC at prime plus 1.5%. A couple weeks before closing, they then told us that 1.5% was not approved by the underwriters and they wanted Prime plus 3.5% (because of some credit issues). I reluctantly agreed, figuring I'd dump any extra $$ on the HELOC and pay it down as quick as possible.

With the deal we made on the house, we were getting money from the sellers for closing costs, later, after inspection, sellers agreed to additional $$ in lieu of hiring professionals for repairing warranteed systems, and our good faith deposit, we should have had money coming back at closing. Well, Countrywide knew we had money for a down payment and by God, they wanted it. They called me Thursday night (we were scheduled to close Friday Morning) and said they didn't know we had credit issues (see HELOC story above), and when the underwriters looked at it, they denied 100% financing and needed 5% down. They, oh course, argued and argued and tried their absolute best to get the 100% approved, but to no avail (and if you believe that, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell ya). Guess when they have you by the shorthairs, it's a whole new game. So, with our savings with ING on the net (which takes 2 business days to process, EFT, and clear to my checking account), and less than 24 hours to come up with 9k, we begged, borrowed and stole (well, we didn't go that far) the funds for the down payment until our savings cleared on Tuesday. Thank God for good friends and family. Countrywide SUCKS!!

Left: June 23, 2005 By: Heather Rosenbaum In: Miami

Oh MY GOD. This is my story. ALL of it. I never thought to search the internet. I have been fighting Countrywide for 2 years. They have had me so stressed that I could not think straight. They lost payments, overcharged me. I had to resort to sending my payments by Western Union to make sure they got the money. Its OH MY GOD. Now I am fighting foreclosure with them. I believe they deliberately force people into foreclosure so that they clean up. The harassing phone calls, the letters, the threats its all there.

Left: June 15, 2005 By: cliff In: orlando

Westmonte financial group LLC, has messed up my home loan so much. I provided them with all of my papers 39 days in advance and all others involved in getting the loan complained on how long they took to finalliy get all of this processed. Then 3 days before the closing they locked me in to a rate at 7.5 and 11 %. They robbed me and the only other choice i had was to loose the house and start from fresh. They suck so bad never go with Westmonte financial group LLC as a mortgage company here in florida or any place else. They are a small firm and do forein nationals but they suck for regular loans like mine. Also the owner Jason Yells at ladies on the phone and is a male pig. Any ways please for your own sake do not go through them. I have 4 homes now and never would wish what they did with my dreams on anyone. Westmonte financial group LLC sucks! All of the people will act sweet but rob you last minute. I was promised no fees because i knew someone who worked there but when it came time to signing guess what all of the fees were sitting there to sign or not to sign was my only choice. Loose the house or go with it and refiance in the future. Westmonte financial group LLC stinks.

Left: June 10, 2005 By: Vanessa Ortiz In: Cape Coral, FL

I thought like many others I was the only one pulling my hair over the incompetence of these people. I always paid online thru my bank and never had a problem , except when I was in Puerto Rico i decided to send a certified check for the month of January. I will never know what happenned to that check ...After 2 weeks I called since it was not posted to the account. Of course I spoke to several people in English and Spanish and everyone said a different thing. I had to fax them a copy of the manager's check receipt with account number etc, then called them and was told it would take two weeks to have the fax info on the system . The check was never returned in the mail but it also never cleared on my bank or was posted ( of course) as a payment. My bank told me that to get the funds back I would have to pay a fee to cancel that check and wait 3 months to release the funds back to me.
I was able to try to work this with the same representative at COuntrywide .I would just state the name of the employee and they would send him an email and most of the time he would call me back . This rep (I dont have the name here with me) tried to help me, but the check was never found . I was reported to the credit bureau for 2 months in a row , since it looked like I was paying behind. At the end after 3 months I had to cancel the manager's check and pay 2 months at one time. Thanks to the good rep at least they sent me a letter stating that they will fix the credit bureau . I still havent check if its true or not ...Hope I dont have any more problems because I still see the late fees ( which they told me they can remove) any other company wourld as a courtesy remove the fees but of course not them . Now I realize ...
I appreciate the forum, keep posting these so maybe they'll clean up their act !!!

Left: May 19, 2005 By: In:

Thank you so much for this website. Our realtor recommended Countrywide so strongly that we went to them for our mortgage. If you think Countrywide is bad, try going to a realtor who works hand-in-hand with Countrywide. Countrywide gave us an interest rate upon which we based our offer. As soon as the offer was accepted, Countrywide upped the interest rate so much that we knew we could no longer afford the house, but we had signed an offer to purchase that allowed that rate of interest (on the advice of Countrywide, who said it didn't really mean we would ever have to pay that higher rate, it was just something to put on the offer). So, we went to a bank, and they offered us a much lower rate. The bank called the realtor to start the loan process. The realtor turned around and called Countrywide, who then called us, to offer us a much, much better rate. Okay. But then, Countrywide wouldn't move. Not even an application to start the loan process. Each time I called they tap-danced about computers and "in the system," etc. We had no application, no written estimate, nothing. Twelve days before closing I called our local bank in a panic. They were able to do the loan at that interest rate and cut Countrywide out completely. They said if we had waited a couple more days it would have been too late. We believe that Countrywide was holding out until we had no other options before they would give us a loan, and the terms of it would have been at their pleasure.
THEN, we found out our realtor had not disclosed an encroachment. This alone could have been a deal-breaker, but we wanted the property so we worked out a deal with the man who owned the property on whom we were encroaching. We also got an attorney, and asked him to take over the closing, which we had been planning to do at the realtor's office. WELLLLLL---Here it gets fun. Countrywide and our realtor had worked into the purchase all sorts of "creative financing," so that we, the buyers, would be credited with approximately $3,500 at the closing, which would have been at the realtor's office, where we wouldn't have known what the hell he was doing with the money. But our lawyer and our bank did exactly that; they credited us with the $3,500. In fact, they ran out of places to credit us, so the seller ended up writing us a personal check for the balance. Our realtor was shocked when he found this out at closing. We had to stay an hour while everyone in his office and the lawyer's office looked for money, calculators clicking, pages flying. The realtor went outside and talked on his cell phone. We overhead him shout, "Well then we're screwed!" I kid you not! At another point in this comedy our lawyer asked him, "Well, where's the earnest money? I don't have it. Do you have it?" And the realtor said, distractedly, "Well yes, I have it, butÖ." and went back to playing with his calculator.
The way it finally turned out for us was beautiful. The seller actually ended up paying for part of our down payment, but it didn't cost him anything because Countrywide had him raise the asking price in order to credit us, in order to be able to get their thousands at closing. We paid NO FEES whatsoever, and walked away with a small check to the good. The seller paid a very low commission to the realtor (because the realtor quoted him a small commission, apparently because he, the realtor, was going to get a cut of the "creative financing" done by Countrywide at closing.) Watching this comedy of errors was truly enjoyable; however, it followed a month of anxiety and fear. I don't recommend Countrywide to anyone. And if your realtor recommends them, please be warned.

Left: May 17, 2005 By: Bob In: Fla

You have to write to the attorney general. These class action suits don't hurt CW very much.
Have you read some of the other states write in's on this site?
You can really tell when a rude employee is writing in.
Read the ones from the state of Mass.

Left: May 17, 2005 By: Sgt. Stellman In: Orlando, Fla.

About john In: nigeria -
John is a filthy communist con-artist. We have been tracking him for sometime now. He has been involved in numerous money scams over the past 20 years. He is a registered sex offender. He is currently fresh out of prison on chages stemming from child pornography. His rap sheet reads like a movie script. Beware!! By the way John, we will get you soon.
Florida State Police.

Left: May 16, 2005 By: Michael & Kimberly Davis In: Pensacola, Florida.

My hats off to your website. Countrywide would not give us a loan to purchase our house but instead they bought our loan out after only 3 months of paying for it. This is where our very stressful nightmare began. We were hit buy hurricane Ivan in September, our mortgage payment was 1 month late when they started foreclosure. We had no power or phone for 9 days. When we were finally able to call them we were told that our last payment had been returned to us. They explained that they could not except it because we were in foreclosure. Being that we were declared a Natural Disaster Area by George Bush, they would work out a payment plan with us under a forbearance agreement. Well I have been paying $1,600.00 every month via Western Union. That's over double the normal house payment. Now we are trying to refinance through a different company. They have sent us payoff balances for more than $5,000.00 over what we owe, We have never been able to deal with the same person since we have had the mortgage, it's the same old song and dance, 6 different people in 6 months. They have lied to us on a number of occasions. We caught this in writing were 1 person we made arrangements with and got documentation is no longer there and the next person tells us something totally different and sends us a different amount. And last but not least, After paying $1,600.00 per month we have come to discover they have been applying only $1,200.00 of our payment to the account, and tried to make the foreclosure fees $2,500.00 when we have the first document we were given showing a $350.00 fee. When we questioned them about this we get the same old "We will review this and get back to you". If anyone can point me in the direction of a class action suit against them, please do so.

Left: May 13, 2005 By: bob In: Miami

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Left: May 13, 2005 By: bob In: Miami

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Left: May 12, 2005 By: john In: nigeria

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Left: May 12, 2005 By: john In: nigeria


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Left: April 22, 2005 By: Anette In: Coconut Creek

I fell two months behind on my mortgage payment. I had representatives from Countrywide call me at 2 o'clock in the morning looking for money. One of them acutally suggested to sell drugs or my body if I had no other way to get money. I have been yelled at, hung up on, called names and harrased by employees of Countrywide. This loan is my 5th mortgage and I have never been treated this bad by a lender. On top of that, somebody called me from there the other day and wanted to see if I want to refinance with them. I told him, not in a million years. I am definately going to refinance as soon as my house is rebuild (I had a fire) and even if I don't save any money, I just want to get away from them.

Left: April 22, 2005 By: Tracy In: Clearwater, FL

Wow, I didn't think anyone hated Countrywide as much as I do.

I have a mortgage company in Clearwater Fl. and I will do anything to find a home for a loan before I use CW. The employees in the wholesale lending are the nastiest folks I have ever dealt with. I am huge on customer service (make or break any business) I am their customer and they treat my staff as if we were idiots.

Unfortunatley they have programs that other lenders don't quite have at this time. Other lenders are catching up though.

They are the leading lender. Why? The products they sell.

Just received a survey from CW last week...wonder why. I was so happy to get the survey and I busted them big time.

Tracy Byrnes

Left: April 21, 2005 By: William In: Palm Harbor


Left: April 21, 2005 By: William omanoff In: Palm Harbor


Left: April 08, 2005 By: Robert In: Florida

Countrywide bought my loan from Accredited Home Lenders. I continued to pay Accredited because Countrywide did not have my account number yet. Accredited sent the money to CW but CW lost it somewhere. They started dunning me and just before I was to go into collections, they found it and told me I was paid up 2 months in advance! I asked that they wire the money back to me and they refused. I was on hold for 19 minutes. CW Sucks!

Left: March 28, 2005 By: jerry In: manchester`

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Region United Kingdom

Left: March 15, 2005 By: the vaughn's In: port saint lucie

Well I was recently going to pursue a home equity loan from C/W, however after reading how they conduct thier business, I will take my business elsewhere!!! Thanks to this web site!! Thanks to all of you who don't want others to go through the horrible experience's you had to go through!!!! Has anyone notified the state attorney's office??

Left: March 13, 2005 By: Doug H. In: Lakeland, FL.

I have just bought another home and my mortgage broker placed me with First Magnus Financial Corp. Before the first payment is even due, I get a notice of loan transfer from First Magnus saying the loan has been sold to Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

So just for the fun of it I googled Countrywide Home Loans and found this site. Wow! I see many other people have been put in a similiar sitution of having their mortgage sold to Countrywide. The best advice I have seen so far is to buy a logbook to record names and dates, etc. Send all checks via certified mail. Record phone calls.

OK, so forewarned is forearmed. A few questions though. I searched on the various State of CA web sites to see if any type of state enforcement actions have been taken against them and could find nothing. Has anybody else found anything?

I did find some complaint lodged at one of the local BBBs. See:

Also, have their been any class action lawsuits that have actually proceeded? I did not find evidence of any by using the websites given.

Question to webmaster: Have you considered adding a forums section so in case an enforcement action or a class action lawsuit is filed everyone will be able to keep up with it. By a forum, I mean something like this:

If anyone has any info, reach me at: doughamp at yahoo dot com.


Left: March 11, 2005 By: SRC In: Tuskawilla FL.

Just a quick post to inform everyone that America's Wholesale Lender is OWNED by Countrywide, and they do not disclose that at any time when thier reps tell you that they are "Searching" for the best rates for You. You are going to Countrywide whether you like it or not
SR in FL.

Left: March 08, 2005 By: MATT BAKER In: ANAHEIM, CA


Left: February 28, 2005 By: In:

Below is a copy of an email sent to the owner aka whiner of this website on Feb 27, 2005 7:54 PM, CST


Countrywide is voted the best of the best places to work. Countrywide is also the number one servicer and lender. Countrywide makes dreams come true to those that work hard and understand what it is to be financially responsible.

No matter how many web sites you put up, no mattter how much you whine, you will get no where. Countrywide continues to be number one and you will not be able to do nothing about it. Individuals like you never prosper!

Loving Countrywide,

Anomyous Like yourself.

P.S. If you really supported this site you would not hide from who you really are. At least state your name coward!

Left: February 24, 2005 By: Garret Baldwin In: PONTE VEDRA BEACH

I have two loans with C.W. I have had no problems in the last four years. Untill now.
They posted a $1,610.99 payment to my account in July by mistake I called them so they could reverse the mistake. It took them till December to correct the problem. When they did the revesed everything back to July so they could reamortize my 15 year loan. When they did they droped off a month on one of my payments. When we made Januarys payment they applied it to December. I pay an extra principle reduction payment of $305.00 each month, they took that payment and applied it to late fees all the way back to Aug. they charged me 5 months of late fees. They snap that from the January payment showing me I was 30 days late for Dec. and January. Because I pay an extra $305.00 a month my payments cought up in Feb. I had my credit report pulled on Feb. 23 they have reported me 30 days late for Dec. and Jan. with $534.00 past due. This all came to a head in Jan. when I was contacted by there collection department that I was past due and they would take legal action against me. I contacted them over 6 times in the last 6 weeks every person I have talked top can see on there computer that they received every payment on time. They can not fix the problem even though they acknowledged it is there error. I had to fax all my Merrille Lynch bank statements to the RESEARCH DEPARTMENT to veify that it was there error. I did get a supervisor who is following up with the research department and says she will call me to let me know it has been corrected. They also stated that they would send a letter of apology and notify all three credit reporting agency's to reverse the two late charges on my credit. It has been frustrating trying to get this resolved every customer service rep has been frendly and can see the mistake but have been unable to correct it. I will give them 2 weeks to correct the problem if they have not then I will turn it over to my attorny and file a law suite to collect the monies owed and be compensated for reporting erronous information on my credit report which droped my crdit score form 796 to 706 because of the 2 30 day lates that they reported. I will inform everyone on the outcome to my story. Posted 2/24/2005

Left: February 22, 2005 By: Michelle Wilson In: Tallahassee

Terrible Customer Service
We have been in the application stage since 1/18/05 and today is 2/22/05. We missed the original closing date with Turner Heritage because countyrwide was dragging their feet and now we're going to miss the second scheduled closing becuase they can't get PMI. The GFE we received has been changed several times from 100% financing to 97% and now recently they are asking for 20% down a day before the closing. This is the most ridiculous series of events I've ever witnessed. The customer service was terrible. Procrastination, no-responsiveness, and very cocky attitudes are all we can remember. We have a meeting with Premier Bank in the morning. Please, please, please, stay away from this CW.

Left: February 08, 2005 By: Dennis Rosa In: New Port Richey

- What a great site! I myself am a mortgage broker and recently opened up my own business called Suncoast Mortage Centers, Inc. in New Port Richey, FL. I have heard good things about Counryside in the past and I even considered taking on a job as an account rep with them at one time. Boy am I glad I decided not to take the job they offered otherwise I might be one of these disgruntled employees. I also considered lining up with them on a wholesale level so I could sell my loans to them. I have decided not to, I don't ever want my clients telling me I did them a disservice.

I would like to add that from time to time there are problems that happen but it seems that Countrywide has gained a horrible reputation for customer service. Many of the things I am reading in this site are very illegal and cause others like myself to be hurt as well. Lenders that do these types of things make it harder for us to earn a living. It causes mistrust to be spread throughout the whole industry.

Hopefully many of you will realize that there are very reputable companies out there and I work with several of them. If I am not willing to obtain a mortgage with them, then I do not place my clients with them, it's that simple.

My advice to you is to seek out a reputable company by asking freinds and family. Work with a broker, they have many options for you.

One unfortunate thing is that if you have a loan and Countrywide buys it, there is not much you can do except refinance away from them, but who knows, they might just buy it again. There is not much control that any of us have in that regard. Many of these so-called lenders are not holding the loan, they are selling them, and some times immediately. Do your homework and work with someone you can trust. It is the best route to take. Just for all of you who have posted on this site, I hope COUNTRYWIDE CRASHES AND BURNS!

Left: January 20, 2005 By: marquette brown In: fort lauderdale

Dear sir or madam,

I was a countrywide home loan customer and they let my personal Information out to my mother and anyone who called after my loan was paid in full.
Thats not all I'm outraged that let other people know about the bussiness we had between us countrywide and me the client.In the past I asked that they don't let anyone into my personal affairs.But they continully gave out my account information.And now I'm seeking to file a law suiet against they.

Left: January 15, 2005 By: edgar mc In: boca raton

i really like the fact that alot of companies incurrage using the inter net and their sites to pay mothly bills ,but so far with C.W. right around the due date their system is always down ,they say due to high volum of user's ? at all times of day and night? and i am not able to pay using the service .that means paying extra using the phone service, $15.00 more money out of my pocket, into their' this happing to you too?

Left: January 07, 2005 By: Susan Ulsh In: orange park

I have become a nervous wreck dealing with Countrywide. I have dealt with at least 10 other mortgage companies in my lifetime and never have had to deal with such disorganization, and miscommunication like this company. If I had the money, I would spend 10K to change mortgage companies. My situation is very similar to yours - repeated harassing letters and phone calls while they try to fix the mess they've made and continue to harass me about it. I just got off the phone with them and am literally shaking from having to repeat the same info over and over since November. I was so mad that I told them I would contribute my comments to your web site. Susan Ulsh

Left: December 23, 2004 By: Mike In: Boynton Beach

This has to be stopped, consumers have no protection against such predators home owners, vioxx cellphone companies Where does it stop!!

Left: December 03, 2004 By: Mark Zihmer In: Tampa

My loans went extremely well with Countrywide. I dont know why you had so many problems. Maybe it was a small accounting error that grew to larger than expected problems but given the quantity of their volume of customers, things do happen. Unfortunately as it seems you are one.

Left: December 03, 2004 By: Angela Small In: Pembroke Pines

My loan was paid off with Countrywide over one year ago, and despite numerous requests, they still have this account open on my credit report.

Left: October 12, 2004 By: ROBERT JONES In: SARASOTA

i refinace my house to get away from thim. the payoff was 79.000 thay got 114.000 and wonter more .thay stold money i had thim for 7 year crying whining about everything. thay got 7
years of paymount from me and got 100% OF THERE

Left: September 28, 2004 By: Ryan C. Fisher In: Fort Walton Beach

If you want horrible service and no access call Countrywide. The biggest and the worst!

Ryan C. Fisher

Left: September 20, 2004 By: Roy M In: Clearwater

I would like to let the world know that my mortgage company, whom I did not chose to be my lender, lacks credibility and common sense. Furthermore, they are sloppy, lazy and they conducted themselves in a very unprofessional manner in the handling of my home loan.
All of Countrywide's employees and so-called managers I contacted by telephone lied and misrepresented their ability to resolve the problems they caused with my loan. They misappropriated my funds and then stole the monthly payments. They then harassed me with over twenty phone calls threatening me with foreclosure and the loss of my credit power, while possessing the monthly payments I had made to them.
During these harassing phone calls, I was instructed to give the account numbers on the back of my copy of the cancelled checks to the representative. These were verified to be Countrywide accounts. I then sent them the copies of the cancelled checks (via certified mail) including return receipts, so that they could post the credits to my account. However, to my surprise each of the four times I sent copies, (I sent copies to two offices; Van Nuys & Simi Valley), I continued to receive threatening phone calls from Countrywide stating that my payments were never received and that I had not made any effort to send them copies as promised. I tried to handle the situation professionally; however, I was not treated with the same courtesy and respect by Countrywide.
Countrywide Home Loan makes a claim that they are number one in customer service and will handle your needs professionally. However, the clear facts are that their company and its employees lack integrity and are not credible in dealing with the public when it comes to a home mortgage loan and the proper accounting of such a loan. They have simply swept my problem under the rug and after all was said, I have still yet to receive an apology for all their mistakes and the valuable time they wasted in resolving this simple matter.
I had made over fifteen phone calls, written nine letters, (besides the four certified letters I already sent) and not once did I get a response from anyone from Countrywide to help resolve this nightmare. Therefore, in January of 2000, I filed a small claims action to get a fair hearing to resolve the matter of my lost monthly payments, six late charges, and my escrow deposit. It was not a surprise to hear from them until the day before my hearing on or about February 10, 2000.
I received a call from an employee who said that a vice president secretary wanted to know about my figures in relation to my small claim action to be heard the next day. Once again the conversation fell on deaf ears and I heard nothing about Countrywideís mistakes or for that matter an apology.
When indeed I met the representatives at the hearing, the conduct of their head accountant and VP adviser reinforced my previous experience with Countrywide; none caring, lacking common sense, no integrity or credibility. These two employees informed me at the hearing, that my payments, six late fees, and escrow account had been credited to my home loan a few days prior. I stated to them they had wasted my time and money in reaching a final and fair solution and their actions had also caused me to lose several daysí work. Their answer to that was a generous offer of $100 for all my troubles, totally disregarding what their company had done to me as an individual with all of their lies, disrespect and abuse. They did not show good faith or a sincere effort to correct their mistakes regarding my account. The hearing went no where, since I, according to the judge needed certified accounting of my figures. The case was dismissed in favor of Countrywide Home Loan.
I have congratulated Countrywide and their so called legal team on their skill in winning this case since now they can legally steal mortgage payments and misappropriate other funds with no worries or concerns for the rights of individuals.
Here you can see as the borrower, that this giant company will have no regards for you. They cannot fix a small common problem with a click of their computer mouse, yet they were willing to squander time and money to send three loafers on a 140 mile round trip to court costing them hundreds of dollars.
It is clear what Countrywide has accomplished with their unethical and dirty business practices. They have lied and misrepresented their so-called knowledge of handling simple home loans and displayed a gross disregard for the truth. Instead they will go to great lengths, including wasting manpower, time and money to cover up their mistakes.

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