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Home Loans? Sub-prime (bad credit), Need money, Mortgage Refinance, Or Want A Home Equity Loan and dont want to get ripped off or have hiden fees on your Home Loans?

Need A Home Loan , Refinance, Purchase, Or Make Home Improvements. Mortgage Rates Have Reached A All-Time Low Make Sure You Pick A Broker That Will find the right Home Equity loan at the best rate for you. We recommend that you conduct your own due diligence on mortgage brokers to find the one that is best for you. This site is a forum for users and should not be your only source of information about Countrywide Home Loan prior to choosing a lender.

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Date: Sat 02/24/07 4:34PM
From: Rex was Herer

Message: I am currently employed by Countrywide and have recently experienced vile sexual hara**ment and financial abuse. I recently filed an HR complaint that resulted in my boss’ termination. Thereafter, I was transferred for my ”protection,” given a position that I am lost in and did not want, and have been experiencing what I perceive to be (need to have my lingo legally appropriate) relatiatory actions on behalf of the management and executive

I need to check with my lawyer to see if I can name the region in this forum.

I hate the company. I have been treated like a nothing and a plague. Everything the company does is with pretense and calculation. The game is being played by evil, narcissistic greed mongers. They place no value on human rights or suffering.

It seems to be common belief that the region is corrupt and just a good ole boys’ club. I have heard that promotions and rewards are commonly believed to be based on long-term friendships, blackmail/bribes and (extramarital) sexual affairs. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence to support it; it just needs to be put together.

I was on a ”privileged” team that virtually made its own rules and put a perverted, abusive non-supervisor in a supervisory role with me, after
(allegedly) having had notice of his past abusive behaviors. He acted as if he were above the rules, because the region had reportedly covered some of his past incidents from HR and even rehired him after he was fired by the parent company: Northwest Mortgage.

I have recently hired a lawyer to deal with executive management. I cannot say here, what it is that I seek; but we are wondering if there are any similar stories in the region that anyone can share. I specifically want to know about HLCs in supervisory roles, retaliation following HR complaints, the encouragement or discouragement of HR reporting, and any incidents that were minimized by higher-ups. My lawyer works on a contingency fee. I would never share names unless I had the express permission of the source. Even if someone can give me an idea of where else to look, it would be greatly appreciated. We’ll do our own investigations. I want justice for others like me, and the company to face the consequences of their actions. I’m sticking around until it’s done
Left: July 26, 2006 By: In:

go file your overtime against these crooks. federal overtime is waiting...hahaha crooks at cfc.

Left: July 22, 2006 By: In:

new email is
ex-employees share stories, customers go to govt and fraud places to report.

Left: July 12, 2006 By: In:

if you were a
past employee
or current one
who was wronged
by this company
please email
me for help and
to share and join together...

Left: July 08, 2006 By: In:

Everyone go to the press and tell your story, write them, write the editors and call the radio shows. It is the only way to get it out. Let the world know what scum this criminal company is. Give me one person who has complained and had the company thank them and admit they found something....damn scum, GO TO THE PRESS!!! The lawyers their are scum, Iam an ex-employee and speak from truth, numerous employees crushed when they have complained of stuff, numerous customers crushed when they complained, dared to sue, go get lawyers etc..don't call the press, write them and tell them the scum at cwide and their actions, its the only way.

Left: June 13, 2006 By: In:

CHL = Enron

Left: February 13, 2006 By: In:


Homeowners need cash? Get a No-Closing Cost Home Equity loan only from Countrywide. That’s right, no application fee, no appraisal fee, no title fee, no underwriting fee, NO CLOSING COSTS.




No one can screw you like Countrywide can.

Left: February 03, 2006 By: In:

Left: January 20, 2006 By: In:

Left: January 20, 2006 By: roy In: tampa

Notice: Must Read

Sweat Shop Employees

Appraisal Overcharges

Wrong Doings

file your complaint

Left: February 03, 2006 By: jake In: cali

Improper Home Charges

Read then File a complaint

Left: February 28, 2005 By: In:

Below is a copy of an email sent to the owner aka whiner of this website on Feb 27, 2005 7:54 PM, CST


Countrywide is voted the best of the best places to work. Countrywide is also the number one servicer and lender. Countrywide makes dreams come true to those that work hard and understand what it is to be financially responsible.

No matter how many web sites you put up, no mattter how much you whine, you will get no where. Countrywide continues to be number one and you will not be able to do nothing about it. Individuals like you never prosper!

Loving Countrywide,

Anomyous Like yourself.

P.S. If you really supported this site you would not hide from who you really are. At least state your name coward!

Left: February 23, 2005 By: Heather In: Blaine MN

I have had 3 separate home loans with countrywide in the past 8 years. I also have my current home loan and a HELOC with countrywide. Everything has gone great for me with no problems. I think most of the people on this site probably have financial problems and issues beyone countrywide that have caused them difficulty.

Left: February 21, 2005 By: Marc & Tricia In: Northfield

My Wife and I just had our mortgage company purchased by Countrywide Home Loans. In the four years that I have had a mortgage, not once did I miss or was late on a payment. The first payment sent to Countrywide (23 days prior to due date) was never received and now we are facing our first late fee (hopefully not the first of many).

Left: February 20, 2005 By: Jeri In:

I am looking for assitance, my sad, sorrid tale of Countrywide is unlike any others I have read in these posts, and spanned about 4 years of hell. To make a long story short, in 2001 we had a series of unfortunate events that caused severe financial drain on our family, and Countrywide was going to forclose on our home of 16 years. We tried to correct the situation w/ COuntrywide, but soon our 165,000 mortage escalated over 200,000. I filled out the 27+ page documents for the suppossed "work out dept." (this should be called the "move em out" dept.) I wrote letters, sent in and had returned over 22,000 in payments and had to pay 3 years ahead in escrow.
I was fortunate enough to find an awesome mortgage banker that not only refinanced my loan to save(redeem) my home in time- but did it at 2% less than Countrywide when my credit was o.k.!
Here is my problem:
since refinancing in May, I have come to find that not only did Countrywide not report my payoff to the credit bureaus, it had been reporting me late for the last 10 months as well. My husband and I were denied credit 6 times while attempting to finance a car, college loan and charge card. I even was denied a position with a company due to the poor credit the background check revealed. Now, while waiting for my 1099 from Countrywide reflecting the 40,000+ interest and fees I paid them last year (so that I may use my refund to buy a car) On Feb. 3rd I recieved a 1099a- Aquisition or abandonment of Secured Property. Upon calling Countrywide, I find out that there is no record of my $209,000 payoff- and even though I obviously have proof of this.."too bad so sad" I begin to scream my way up through supervisors with no result.
The next day I have a supervisor call me back, then another, then some VP of something calls to say they are looking into the situation and I need to be patient. (ha!) Two days later I get a call from the presidents office saying that they found my payment and (surprise!) I didn't abandon my property! She was going to look into the rest and call me back with in 24 hours- that was 5 days ago.
I am guessing I am screwed. My credit that should be repaired by now is the lowest ever, and It is the 20th of Feb. and they still havent sent me a 1099 so I can file for my refund.
They way I see it, I made a few mistakes and they revieved over 40,000 in compensation for it. Countrywide makes several mistakes and again, I pay for it.
If anyone has any suggestions on how I might resolve this, or any type of recoure I should take- I would be very appreciative. I am also curious as to if this has happened to anyone else. You can email me at
Thanks for your help!

Left: February 09, 2005 By: AKC In: Minneapolis

My loan was recently transferred from Guaranty Mortgage, right at the end of the month. I called up Countrywide to ask if my automatic bank draft would be transferred, and they couldn't tell me! They said it might, but send in a check anyway. Disturbed by this lack of knowledge, I checked Countrywide out on the web, and found this site. After several long phone calls to Guaranty and Countrywide, including having my bank manager call up Countrywide to try to find out if they would draft my account, Countrywide and Guaranty both assured me that they would not debit my account. So in February I sent in my check (by registered mail) and they cashed it (two days late) and ON THE SAME DAY debited my account for the same mortgage payment. As a result, two checks bounced. When I called, they promised to fix the problem and pay the bank charges, and send back the extra mortgage payment, but we'll see if they actually do that. I don't want to have this headache every month, but I don't have any choice. How can customer service not know if they are debiting an account or not? How can they debit an account when they have not been authorized to do so? I got my loan through a University of Minnesota plan, originally, through guarantee, so there will probably be lots of other University people similarly frustrated.

Left: January 05, 2005 By: m j hanson In: st paul

always pay my monthly payment on time. I have never ever had any problems with countrywide. I am
very surprises hear all these folks do. I would think you folks have something in common that puts
you part from the others. maybe you don't pay your
loans on time or you all screwed something up. I don't know. I guess am lucky then.

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